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User Info: NFUN

2 months ago#1
Yakuza 0 - Pledge of Demon
Nominator: @PSI_NESS
Score: 8.5/0
I'll let you in one a little something.

The VGM ranking game, it's not like boxing. The ranker who is slow isn't the loser. The guy who can't tough it out to the end, he's the one who loses.

Eh? Don't ya think?

In the ranking game there are no KO's.

I'll tell you what, Board 8. To me, a year or two don't mean s***. Having Mycro or cako beat me in their rankings? Couldn't give a f***...

As long as I'm alive, I'll keep getting back up for more.

pretend you didnt see the other thing
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(edited 2 months ago)
(message deleted)

User Info: PIayer_0

2 months ago#3
cautious optimism
-Abraham Lincoln

User Info: Snake5555555555

2 months ago#4
Nice I got a tier
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User Info: -hotdogturtle--

2 months ago#5
Wow, my nominations were horrible. This was so long ago that I don't even remember doing any of those.
Hey man, LlamaGuy did encrypt the passwords.
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User Info: NFUN

2 months ago#6

it is i

it returns

for real this time

it's all rated. there's writeups. everything is ready to go.

no fakesies

ok one small fakesy. it's not technically *all* done... but i've just gotten to the block of songs i really enjoyed, and, for obvious reasons, i'll be more motivated to get through those quicker. i decided, as today is my 5-year anniversary of joining b8, now was as good a time as any to start this topic

rankings will start... two weeks from now?

remember the system I had last time? The multiple metrics, supposed to represent the dual nature of how much I "like" a song, and where I felt it deserved to place in the rankings? turns out, that just made it impossible to sort anything and caused nothing but pain. So, I have once more devised a new system for rating songs. Listen closely folks, because here it comes:

"Personal": How much I like a song

"Deserved": Binary value of whether or not it was a good nomination

That's it. That's my method. No more futzing about with whether songs were memorable, if I had heard them before, how to deal with the inevitable glut of songs that I "enjoy" but don't actually care about. Nope, either a song deserved to be nominated for a ranking, or it didn't... that's an overly harsh way of putting it, don't worry. As it's *my* metric, it's arbitrary, and pretty inconsistently given out. It basically boiled down to how I felt while listening to it, whether I was "glad" it was nominated. This has a mutable meaning depending on where the song placed. For songs I didn't greatly enjoy, it indicated that the song was "unique" somehow, or noteworthy. Strange songs that brought something new to the table, strong examples of their genre, the types of things I might consider nominating for somebody else if I wanted a representative of the song's "type" were the type of entries that got this designation, derived from a method related to my tastes but independent from my enjoyment. For songs that I did like a lot, it was a metric more-or-less indicating that I hadn't heard the song before, and it wasn't extremely similar to a cookie or generic example

As you should be able to tell, my weakness in doing large rankings is dealing with songs that I don't find noteable at all, the famous "aight/10" tier. I've also a weakness in how I scale songs, being pretty susceptible to the phenomenon of some score ranges having very little members. I'm also not as analytical in these things as you might expect. So, I'm going to be doing this a little weird. First off, even though this topic was around for more than two years, most of the scoring was done over a few months, after I had abandoned attempting to make this rigorous. I don't generally do very detailed writeups, and many will be even sparser than usual. You can ask me to do a more in-depth writeup for any song if you want.

Here are my general tiers for scoring:

TIER "I hate you arti." [0, 4): Songs that I just don't like. Maybe they had moments, but on the whole, please spare me

TIER "Snake5x10" [4, 5): Songs that I *almost* can say I enjoy. They're here because still too much of them I don't like, I just kind of dislike them a little the whole way through, or they're too "insubstantial" for me to even really notice

TIER "5" [5,5]: Songs that aren't. White noise. Not even music to me

TIER "ASANO WHY" (5, 6): Songs that I *almost* generally dislike. They're here because there are more-or-less substantial parts of them I like or I like them just barely the whole way through. Something is holding them back from getting into the higher tiers

TIER "Pablo" [6, 7.5): Songs that are... there. I like them... I guess. They're aight. I don't like them *that* much. I don't dislike them either. Elevator music in enjoyment--even if they're aggressive and grab your attention, I can just kind of pretend they're not there. I tend to want to skip them before too long out of boredom or disinterest

TIER "slorsp" [7.5, 9): Songs I would confidentally say I like. I'd be happy to hear them in a guessing game, and would likely save and listen to later. This is the transition point for Deserved assignment

TIER "bagner" [9, 10]: Songs that I'd consider favorites. Outside of other considerations, these are definitely VGMC support-worthy, and I thank you for nomming them. If you get a song I haven't heard in here, consider yourself a winner

And here is where the weirdness sets in: Pablo songs do not have proper scores/placement. Sure, I've internally scored them, and this may be revealed or used to determine their release order, but it's very *very* sketchy (I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with them--maybe I'll split them into two tiers instead). I cannot consistently rate songs with an absolute value because I do not care about them enough to, and there's just far, *far* too many to concretely rate relative to one another. They just don't fit into my natural scoring tendencies well. It's like trying to write with somebody else's handwriting--you might do well at first, but eventually you look back and realize somewhere along the way it morphed back into yours. Songs I rated a full point apart could've just as easily had their scores reversed (I really just ended up compressing everything in this tier to 7-7.4 at a certain point). I really can't do much about this if you ever want this topic to finish, just as I can't distinguish from sight, without a reference, small variations of shades of grey. Here, and earlier, Deserved songs get shot to the top of their tier. I may not like them too much, but at least they Are. You'll have to live with my very DETAILED and INFORMATIVE writeups to give you real information about how I felt about the song. Or, just accept that you contributed to mediocrity, the cardinal sin of artistry

In the other tiers, scores, with songs more-or-less properly ranked in reference to one another, *are* concretely given, and are ranked like in a normal ranking. For the highest two tiers, being Deserved gives a song .5 bonus points. Yes, that means in theory a song can get 10.5. I'm sad that my well-calibrated old scoring system that keeps the max reasonable isn't in use. Oh well. We'll see if anything actually gets that high

Alright I think that's it. I'll post some number of songs per day that will day until we reach some milestone and/or unstated arbitrary conditions after which point(s) I'll post some other number of songs per day unless I decide to keep posting the same number of songs per day. I will ping you when I rank a song unless you tell me not to, in which case I'll probably forget and still ping you but I'll try not to. Also, a few nominators who only nominated a couple of songs each and who I just can't contact lost their noms and I instead gave them to Scholteheim. I forgot who these people are. I could check, but I'm sure none of you will miss them either. Don't worry, none of their songs were particularly good anyway. One of them nominated Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts. Can you believe that? It's like they were trying to get last!

Anyway here's the sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19yUaznS4nLUnJ555Kn3yohZnggjug_wmLq_IBc_DS-w/edit?usp=sharing

Let's go

ps i'll gladly take suggestions to fix my s***ty genre labeling in the document

pps you can make predictions if you want... but only the top 200 songs will count for it. winner gets a game or a soundtrack or something, themed around a top song. we'll hash it out when we get there
You shine, and make others shine just by being near them.

User Info: Arti

2 months ago#7
Snake5555555555 posted...
Nice I got a tier
azuarc may not know the strength of songs in VGMC, but he conquered the guru in Game of the Decade 2! Congrats!

User Info: azuarc

2 months ago#8
Those are what I nominated, huh.
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User Info: Bane_Of_Despair

2 months ago#9
hey what the f*** how do I not get my own tier
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I really messed up this contest, but azuarc gave it a Breath of fresh air

User Info: NFUN

2 months ago#10
TIER "Bane has s*** taste" [0,0]
You shine, and make others shine just by being near them.
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