2 months ago #159
Finished Dead Space 1.

Rumors of this game's slow pace are greatly exaggerated. Within the first hour you're facing two enemies at once, and about halfway through it starts getting ridiculous. I would open a door and be instantly spotted by three enemies, with more on the way. In that situation it's best to back out and funnel them through the door, which will often cause them to straight up bodyblock each other. Kind of spoils the horror.

The dismemberment mechanic was neat, though it lead to some of the enemies feeling more goofy than scary. Specifically, the thin enemies with the giant glowing weakpoint that explodes, which was good for a laugh every time, and the wall-clinging enemy with the tentacles you have to shoot in a cross pattern, which could've been in Skyward Sword. Personally, I'm on board for the sequel just ditching the horror and ramping up the crazy enemy designs. I'll start it soon.
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