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Lightning Strikes posted...
I will say that I think the first two Dead Space games are excellent.

For what it's worth, I'm not about to argue with anyone who does like Dead Space 2. I think it's a pretty good game, really, but it just didn't quite click for me. You're actually not the first person I've seen make that comparison with the Alien films. When it comes to those, I think I actually like Aliens a little better, so it might be less about the line between horror and action and more about the execution for me. I think one of the most important things about Aliens is that Ripley is pretty cool and I like characters like Newt and Vasquez. That's an interesting point, though, maybe that film wouldn't have worked as well for me if I hadn't seen Alien first. Dead Space 2 didn't leave me too eager to check out the first game, but maybe I'll give it a shot one day.

Yeah, I agree with you, this game feels a little less "safe" than most of what EA puts out these days.

BetrayedTangy posted...
Yeah the pacing is sort of the center of my main issue with it too. I admittedly haven't played many other survival horror games, but it definitely didn't feel like one. Outlast for example never even gives you a weapon.

It seems like denying the player any means of fighting at all is more of a modern trend in survival horror games, since Amnesia and SOMA did that too. The games I have the most experience with in this genre are the first two Silent Hill games and RE4. Silent Hill still gives you guns, but I think the 'feel' of its combat does a better job making your character seem vulnerable and unsuited to fighting, since it has very clumsy controls, which is useful for horror. Dead Space 2 does definitely control more like an action game with a strong main character.

I had the same experience with some of the later sections. I guess this game has a little bit of a problem with enemy variety too, because I felt like it could only escalate the difficulty in the last few chapters by throwing more and more enemies at you, which made some of the fights a bit long and tiresome. I could mostly just spray and pray in a lot of encounters, but to be fair I was exploiting the game's mechanics. I took one look at that hardcore mode and thought "nope, never playing that," but I can see it being a fun challenge for people who really like the game.

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