2 months ago #10
Oh damn has it really been two weeks already? I feel like I'm finally starting to understand the game lol.

Quick Update from me, I had actually tried King 3 more times. First was a reattempt with Egypt, followed by the Aztecs and finally with Russia. I felt like I was doing much better on Egypt Round 2, but after fending off The Ottomans, China declared war on me, while the Ottomans rebuilt their army resulting in a swift loss. My run as Montezuma was even worse, my spawn wasn't great and Elizabeth got war hungry pretty quick so I just called it and did some research. Leading to a nearly successful run as Russia. This time I spent more time choosing good city locations as well as building my army. Thankfully it paid off because I was able to easily fend off Rome and Mongolia. However since I feared retaliation I continued to focus on my army, which was a mistake. Because meanwhile Songhai and Germany were rapidly building their Tech. I quickly put a huge focus on Science but it wasn't enough and I lost shortly after building the Apollo Program, but having done more research I'm ready to give Russia another go.