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ctesjbuvf posted...
Are you archiving the stuff from the other topic?

Also perhaps add the lists of games so people can see the order and show that you also went through the first Mass Effect, Portal and God of War.

Okay, good idea. Tangy made a spreadsheet with the list of games, so I guess I'll just repost that: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gkGULHXG4fDkeOzVPjzMzuzsBRCRZDmIYTtfN30H5Cg/edit#gid=0

As for archiving the topic, I figured I'd leave that up to that site which shall not be named (gameFAQs but with log) for convenience's sake. The previous topics will always be available there if you just search for my name.
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