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Hello again, board 8! Six months ago, I set out on an ambitious project: to play every single game that was featured in the GotD 2020 bracket to completion. Half a year later, I'm still less than 10% of the way done, but at least I haven't given up yet.

In case you missed the first thread, here's the idea:

- I will play every game in the bracket for GotD 2020, in order of North American release date.
- While I reserve the right to quit any game at any time, I will try to finish every single one.
- For games with no well-defined ending, I will play them for two weeks.
- I will play almost every day, and post an update every session.

For my own convenience, here are a few important posts from the last thread:

pjbasis posted...
If you even make it to 20 games this was a resounding success

kateee posted...
i give this a 0% chance this will finish

but tag

These are actually the kinds of posts that give me the most motivation to keep on at this. I guess I appreciate the challenge.

Because I'm a masochist, I've added a few extra games to this task, and those are as follows:

Evillordexdeath posted...
God of War 2 - After Super Meat Boy
God of War 3 - After Dead Space 2
Nier - After Minecraft
Danganronpa 1 - Feb 11, 2014 (After DK Tropical Freeze)
Ground Zeroes - March 18 2014 (After Stick of Truth)
Trials in the Sky - July 29, 2014 (After Shovel Knight)
Dragon Age - Rainy Day Game

And that should be enough recap! Right now I'm in the middle of playing Civilization V, which I'm supposed to be done with on Monday, and then I'll be able to play the games I teased in this topics title and wrap up the year of 2010.
I'm playing every game from GotD 2020! Games Completed: 10/129
Currently Playing: Sid Meier's Civilization V