5 months ago #5
FE: Finally beat the daggum Dmitri paralogue. How dose my bleb taste, Hubert. And then I did a rare beast hunt where the enemy stole my kill on the rare beast. I dunno I just haven't super been feeling this one even now that I'm past the level that was giving me a hard time.

CHIKARA Aniversario Orange: Same music video as the night before, but it's a good'un so I don't mind. Dark Breed do some sort of ritual with Bryce, and carry a box of incense to the ring. Seems like the start of something. Hallowicked over Equinox in a solid opener with a silly finish- distraction rollup from UMB. (***) We have replaced Carolina Jim with a guy who messed up Bryce's last name ono. Rorshach puts away Private Eye in a decent short match. (**1/2)

Higurashi: Moe oni Jesus helping our friends band together to resist a corrupt military organization fills me with DETERMINATION. Not the biggest fan of Rika having a thing for Akasaka but whatever.
Radiant wings as the skies rejoice, arise, and illuminate the morn.