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What should I read/listen to/watch next? - Results (18 votes)
Next webcomic: Gunnerkrigg Court
16.67% (3 votes)
Next audiobook: The Colour of Magic (or something else fantasy)
5.56% (1 vote)
Next audiobook: The Adventure of the Sinister Stranger (or something else mystery)
0% (0 votes)
Next audiobook: A Dance with Dragons (or something else fantasy)
11.11% (2 votes)
Next anime: Wandering Son
0% (0 votes)
Next anime: Sailor Moon Crystal
11.11% (2 votes)
Next anime: Tenchi Muyo Universe
11.11% (2 votes)
Next LP: Chip and Ironicus play No More Heroes
11.11% (2 votes)
Next LP: (resume) Simosimo plays Wrestling MPire HD 2019
5.56% (1 vote)
Next LP: RoahmMythril plays Mega Man Battle Network
27.78% (5 votes)
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Welcome to the TOMPIC! In this, I will liveblog various things that I'm watching and reading and playing and doing, and sometimes people even are interested! There will be mostly unmarked SPOILERS for anything I'm doing! It shouldn't be too hard to avoid them, though, and I try to tag some of the biggest reveals anyway, as well as stuff that I've been spoiled on before the current point in the writeups.

The poll will officially run until one of the relevant categories has an opening. The winner at that time will be my next selection from its category. Feel free to keep voting even if you come late- it'll still have some influence on future decisions, and on the poll when we get to TOMPIC 11! Unless it gets purged first and I have to try to go from memory on what it said several months ago. Like that would ever happen! Audiobook selections may vary based on what my library has available

Things are going pretty slowly these days, even by TOMPIC standards- I've got plenty of time to do stuff but not plenty of energy. Maybe being done with school will help.

So what is getting posted here, starting with what will probably last the longest?

Pro wrestling slot: CHIKARA
We're still pretty early on, although I skipped a chunk of the very earliest stuff. At the rate I am going, I am very unlikely to ever catch up even if Maniac or somebody gives me a very condensed list of essentials, but that's just how it goes when I watch wrasslin'. Loving it so far. The mix of flying and comedy and chains is right up my alley, and they even have a bunch of tournaments and stuff. And, I am told, cool long-term storylines, but I haven't seen them yet.
What's next: Theoretically this could keep going until I'm dead. If I drop it ever, it'll most likely be for NJPW (especially if they start posting Stardom) or a hypothetical AEW Network, or Stardom if they ever finish uploading their back catalog. What's a WWE?

Let's Play Stardew Valley
Hey I'm out of school so theoretically I will be able to do this more often! ....Probably won't though, let's be real, between my wife also living here and my headspace being pretty sub-optimal for recording these days.

"Western show" slot: Being the Elite
I'm almost 80 episodes in, and enjoying that we're getting more and more storylines and skits. Gonna be real weird when I catch up to the start of AEW and don't actually keep up with AEW. (I love AEW so far but I am not shelling out 50/month for cable and another 50/month for PPVs >_>)
What's next: That's far enough in the future I haven't even thought about it, and nothing on my list jumps out at me, so I betcha I'd just grab something random off Netflix or Youtube.

Steam slot: Trails in the Sky SC
I got through FC and wanted a break but dang I couldn't just leave it like that, y'know? It is very likely that we will keep riding the Trails train until I'm all the way caught up- it'll just take me until 2030 probably.
What's next: Chrono Trigger per the previous topic's poll, but I gotta finish two of my current three games first, and Higurashi's the only one really close to getting there.

Fiction slot: Les Miserables
I am a big fan of the show, despite the Russel Crowe one being the only version I've seen all the way through. The book is a similarly good time, especially now that I'm past the extended Waterloo and convent tangents. Slow but steady.
What's next: Maybe Romance of Three Kingdoms. Maybe a mystery. Maybe whatever comes after Three Body Problem.

Vidja game slot: Fire Emblem Three Houses
I was grooving hard on this one and then hit a wall trying to do Dmitri's Paralogue. I got past it eventually but it left a bad taste in my mouth (and so did his whole character arc to date, actually) so I am rapidly running out of motivation even as I near the end of my first route.
What's next: Might be Fate/Extella or Touhou Gensou Wanderer. Might break down and buy Golf Story or Goose Game or Animal Crossing. Who knows, really?

Vidja game slot: Smash Bros Ultimate
I want to at the very least finish World of Light (getting near the end) and I'd really like to finish all the challenges (about 2/3 done) and get all the music (probably pretty close) too. Getting all the spirits might be more than I want to grind, though.
What's next: See above

Let's Play slot: Metal Gear Solid 4 (Chip and Ironicus)
Have been faithfully trudging through the series, but I'm getting a bit tired of it and I'm still fuzzier on the plot and characters and details than I wanted to be by this point.
What's next: Probably something from the poll, even if it doesn't win

Anime slot: ARIA the Animation
Not to be confused with the scarlet ammo one, this is a cozy feel-good show about cute girls and gondolas. I'm midway through the second of three seasons and quite enjoying it. It's even starting to kinda be less episodic and fluffy with the whole cat world thing!
What's next: Depends on the poll. My anime tastes can vary from day to day, so all bets are off if nothing wins.

Temporary slot: Friendship is Magic
There are a handful of things that get to jump the line when there's new content out, and mainline Pony is one of 'em. I've been falling behind on this last season, but I'm still going! It's not as consistently great as it used to be, but still has enough good moments to keep me happy.
What's next: Nothing.

Audiobook slot: Elantris
I slam through audiobooks on CD in my car. Works well when I drive places, but that requires me to be working, which requires it to not be summer and/or not have a pandemic going. I'm pretty close to the end I think but I have no freakin' idea what was going on.
Next: See the poll.

Steam slot: Disgaea 2
It didn't connect with me as well as 1 back in the day, but it's really growing on me this time around, so maybe this'll be the time I actually finish a game in the series other than the first! We're approaching the end, I'd imagine, and I still haven't decided whether or not I'm gonna do some more cycles for more endings.
What's next: See Trails. Once Chrono Trigger is in the mix and there's ANOTHER slot, I'll do another one of my patented STEAM BATTELS.

Temporary slot: Higurashi chapter 8
Pretty dang close to the end, I'd imagine, and it's been a crazy ride. There was actual gameplay oh no! I definitely savescummed a bit to erase my mistakes.
What's next: Nothing

Webcomic slot: Between comics
Every time I catch up on or finish a comic, I go back and see what previous ones have been doing in the way of updates! We bailed on Homestuck Epilogues/2, so it's time to work on old stuff (mainly Girl Genius and Order of the Stick as other ones die off) and pick a new one.
What's next: Gunnerkrigg if it wins; maybe Megatokyo or something if it doesn't)
Radiant wings as the skies rejoice, arise, and illuminate the morn.