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User Info: MegamanX

8 months ago#1
Wow a 500 post topic!
If you want to join simply request to be a rookie in the next season

New QB Starters
Jaguars: Gardner Minshew II (yes they decided this before Foles got hurt. He gets the chance to play at age 26)
Jets: Jacob Eason (by injury but still the Eason gets the call again as Darnolds been hurt every year)
Steelers: Devin Austin (the rookie gets the call over last years star Jmar Smith)
Titans: D'Eriq King (the backup of last year gets the fulltime job)
Dolphins: Kyle Allen (Due to injury the career backup gets a strange chance to start)

Week 1
Ravens > Jets: Lamar Jackson picks on the Jets who are starting Jacob Eason, Menji 2 tac
Skins > Titans: Dwayne haskins obliterates the Titans throwing 5 TDs, Ringworm 6 for 45 yards
Bears > Lions: The Bears outlast the Lions, Beavis 8 tac
Eagles > Giants: The Eagles completely shut down the Gnats
Browns > Saints: The SB champs had the Saints on their heels the whole game
Dolphins > Broncos: Kyle Allen gets his first win as the Dolphins start, Shattered Elysium 15 ruishes for 62 yards 1catch for 25 yards, Mzero 4 catches for 30 yards, War 3 tac
Jaguars > Colts: Gardner Minshew gets his second start here as the jaguars franchise starter and wins!, Panda Master 3 rushes for 18 yards, Maniac 4 for 52 yards, Guru 6 tacs
Raiders > Chiefs: Sheen rushes into the endzone for the winning score in OT!, Sheen 293 yards 2TD, and 4 rushes for 14 yards TD
Falcons > Rams: Matt Ryan still has it as he beats the Rams in OT
Packers > Bills: Aaron Rodgers semi still has it? (3TD and 3INT oof), JC Gamer 2 for 15 yards TD
49ers > Explorers: JimmyG leads a 1 point victory, Stan 9 tac 1FF
Patriots > Vikings: Mitch Trubisky goes off throwing 4TDs, Fastbreak 3 for 36 yards
Cowboys > Texans: The cowboys ended the Texans lives throwing up 42 points, Starscream 8 tackles and TWO INTERCEPTIONS. CRAZY
Bucs > Panthers: Jukkies Bucs win by a field goal, Jukkie 226 Yards 2TD 4 rushes for 13 yardsa,
Steelers > Bengals: Steelers rookie QB Devin Austin wins his first start throwing 3TDs and they even got a safety
Seahawks > Cardinals: Seahawks beat the cards by 10

Bills QB Josh Allen will miss 7 weeks due to an Ankle injury, the Bills have signed QB Nick Mullens

Screaming Starscream NFC Def player of the week
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User Info: Ringworm

8 months ago#2
Not a great start, but did have a year off.
~ Ringworm ~
Congrats to azuarc - Guru champion - GotD

User Info: StealThisSheen

8 months ago#3
Ooh, good start!
Seplito Nash, Smelling Like the Vault since 1996
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User Info: beavis666x2

8 months ago#4
I tackle
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User Info: MysteriousStan

8 months ago#5
Oof a 1 point loss sucks

User Info: ScareChan

8 months ago#6
*Fastbreak Intensifies*
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Oh hey I actually got HB1 snaps and the Dolphins managed to win a game!

User Info: KCF0107

8 months ago#8
I am not Stan. How dare you.
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy
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User Info: MegamanX

8 months ago#9
KCF0107 posted...
I am not Stan. How dare you.
guilty as charged
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: Fastbreak

8 months ago#10
*Fastbreak Intensifies*
*ScareChan Intensifies*
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