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User Info: Wanglicious

1 month ago#21
i repay this nun by breaking some pots, getting some stuff out of 'em, and onwards to the cutscene. after it's done she tells me that i've munched on a pep pip, interesting place for that boilerplate line but alright. i can't pinpoint this guy's accent. it's like a New York accent crossed with something else. also if we're looking for a disguise wouldn't it be easier to just cut his hair or something? well, he joins the team so here we are together! okay let's see...

Swords: same as my swords but with a smaller immediate grid and a longer darkened one? uh... okay, moving on then.

Knives: status effects, super damage based on status effects, and dual wield. also his starting weapon, as if it wasn't painfully clear the game is telling you to use this.

Boomerangs: AOE, the weapon. i do like this conceptually, especially as it offers the first way to kill metals. but AOE weapons do tend to suck so... we'll see.

Guile: steal, evasion, stats. simple enough.

i'll do a few fights and try things out. main things i'm figuring out are expected, knife is solid for DPS but against groups you want boomerang. fortunately you can just switch in the middle of combat so it's not a big deal. when those kobloid archers call for backup it's boomerang time. anything else, knife. start with knife for extra deftness.

(here's where i got the info on respec'ing in topic)

so... let's see.
either way, i know i want to go Knife for dual wield. that's just an obvious thing and doesn't appear to restrict on weapon type at a glance. even if it did, the DPS would be dramatic with status effect stuff. and i do love me status effects - i'm an EO fanboy. between that and Pokemon, status effects controlling a fight is something i've grown used to and when DPS is affected by them directly, well... yeah. poison? i like poison and it's continuous. sleep? i like not dying. doesn't seem like this game is following a sleep -> 100% crit chance system but it keeps you safe. or lets you do 6x damage with the right skill. i expect bosses to hold some resistance to it and gradual resistance after initial application but i can wait for that horse. speaking of which, i'll get mine eventually i assume, once i'm done going back to town and stuff seeing how i can't go south anyway. for now, Erik gets a +5 damage to daggers, the first skill and something that makes it even more obvious the game wants you to do this. i am curious on Half Inch though, it's Steal. i like Steal. now that i've got a little more attack outta him, maybe i'll do that next, depends on what my party looks like when i get 6P or 8P.

...taking a better look at my grid (on a level up) i realize that swordmastery ain't even a thing i can do anyway for a long time. in order to get there i need to unlock quite a bit: either greatswords hitting harder, including single target damage, or dragon slash.

dragon, totally. dragon is needed for metal too. that unfortunately is all in the sword tree and it won't take much to hit a little harder with a greatsword. which i'm still doing fine with. nonetheless, i figure i'll get that first sword skill after all, Flame Slash. if i ever need to switch in battle, i will. i test out that skill and it ain't too bad in combat, 25-33% more than my usual hits. which is to say i already hit significantly harder anyway and when i'm pepped up, i do OHKO enemies. back to exploring and i swear to f***ing god these tree stumps keep getting me.

hey wait, why is Erik carrying the Soldier Sword. gimme that s***, you ain't using it. that'll actually close the gap even more between these two weapons. also these little blue transparent things are really weird. i seriously hope the game addresses them sooner than later. i find a treasure chest with a Red Eye near one so woo. maybe that's what they are, markers for treasure? well, i continue exploring the map and find myself to the end of it with a rope, picking up random items along the way. at the top of it there's a shiny flower, i chop it, get more items. i then go down to the other side, find a chest with a seed of strength, cross yet another bridge, find myself a mine thing, get more items, and beat up enemies. i learn Sizz, hang onto my skill points, and mosey along, eventually going from facing cubs who i one shot as a super saiyan to facing Great Sabercats, who hurt but give decent EXP and gold. before going to those i finally use my skill points to go with the parry bonus and +5 extra damage so i can whack things harder. i know i just said i was going sword for dragon slash but that can be prioritized after this bit and besides, it'll be helpful for swordmastery later. for group damage i've now got Sizz, off what i assume is my weaker stat, so yay, i can ignore that greatsword move. the strong hit though, i dunno. nice boss killer.

whatever, dragon slashing is cool so i'll get on that soon enough.

oh yeah, boomerangs are totally s*** right now.
like they're really just useful when it's 3+ enemies, otherwise please no. even then they miss too much.

it also appears this guy's got a skill to finding treasure on a map. well alright, tells me there's one more. hmm. i get to the end and still don't see anything in a treasure - i do pick up a butterfly wing and some buzzleberries - so... the church? i double back and see a chick in a weird outfit telling me to go pep up and use Real Decoy. i see, so pep powers are extra skills. as i look around..a aha, a well! and inside... a treasure! and after taking it he tells me there's only one treasure in the area. ...ah so i'm reading the skill the wrong way, he just tells you all the treasure on the map, not all the available treasure. and it changes depending on region, so the well was one because there was one in it. still useful but now i gotta keep track too. either way it got me some freebies and a Pointy Hat, which means my next party member is probably a mage. for now i'm wearing it through.

...not sure what's the fastest way to pep up so i continue fighting to make it.
and continue fighting.
f*** it where's the sabertooth, i pick up another beast bone along the way. after two of those i finally get pepped up and get to use it. the fact that it needed both of us worried me a bit but whew. Real Decoy does really nice damage for this point of the game but uses up all your pep. i go back to the "soldier" and basically get told that dual and triple techs get unlocked depending on my party. i then get a gold chain which raises my HP, which is great considering i'm way behind Erik on that. Gemma's charm out, gold in, let's move to town.

but first...
one fight, Erik hits LV9.
Half Inch first. DPS skills can wait.
new pep skill, itemized kill.
i try it a few times, it fails a lot i see. stat dependent? eventually a Platypus gives me a Hearty Hide. checking the monster guide after that... so it's the top item. i assume there's one common one rare. this is quite useful to find actually, wasn't sure this menu was here at first.

so we get to town, the downtown area. he robbed the Red Orb, not to be confused with the Red Eye i've got over here. he's a genius for burying treasure in trash it tell ya, a friggin' genius.

the treasure's missing because somebody took it, didn't they?
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Half Inch is life, yes.
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User Info: Wanglicious

1 month ago#23
that's good to hear.
alright, so left off with just getting to the downtown area:

as i check the shops... hey. Erik, you're from this place. why is your dagger s***tier than the dagger sold in this store? you literally live here and you're a thief! there's an option to getting a better greatsword too but ehh... the only purpose this has is to count in my item list really. f*** it, why not, i've got 1600 gold anyway. as i break some barrels i also find myself some horse manure! hell yeah, literal s***.

what else we got? slave labor working in a bar, a drunk who's obsessed with Roxy, and kids playing hide and go seek. as i continue exploring i realize i'm probably doing this again because the hide and seek kid totally took it and he's in that chimney area that i can't get to. well, whatever, for now i get the treasure that's a little hidden and out the way, a Drasilian Guinea. as i skip over the trash i pay a guy for some good advice, which is apparently grocery shopping in real life as i really do need to get some bananas and orange. thanks, i guess? it's literally juicy info. as i look at the armor shop i see i can get some boxer shorts that are better than the armor i'm wearing and almost as good as leather armor.

man, those are some seriously good boxers.
i buy it for Erik. you're welcome, rogue.
i also see a random sorceress walking. yep, mage next.
alternative spot i'm finding that kid: the other area has a staircase.

no seriously Erik's accent is killing me. it's a twisted New York accent. anyway i've basically explored everything i can, i think. so i just go along.

he's looking for only redhead in town?
you've got my interest.

...i am no longer interested.
down the ladder we go. as i move along i see a red door, i take it these are a continuous thing.

Erik's a tea leaf?
this girl's accent is crazy good too. crazy as well but i'm okay with that. and it seems we're going back to town anyway, cool. we just need to get past a guard who the game already told us how to: get a hot chick and a dog, good to go. so we're off to steal a dog, woo. unfortunately i guess we're good people because we're going to listen to a loli with a thick as f*** accent who goes BOSH in a random sentence as she demands a berry and holy water. you know, i don't think holy water is the most drinkable item but what do i know.

...aww, that's sweet. she fed the dog and gave him some holy water to protect him. okay this kid's good, i like her. we scare the guard and i tell the girl, i'm a nice guy like that. soon as we're in NPC by the stairs tells me that there's a rooftop i can get to and it's by a purple dot. well that's obvious. i check by the main part of town anyway and yeah, worthless, so up we go. i also check a treasure count, Erik found 11. interesting.

i find Derk's house and there we go, cutscene.
this guy was always helping us? well okay. still doesn't mean i forgive him so i go around and bust the few pots he has, getting myself a mini medal along the way. bastard holdin' out on me. i also talk to his... wife? and she compliments Erik's fingering skills? uhh...

Derk, i ain't sure about this one.
anyway, i leave, we talk, plot happens, i'm going to the forest that i wanted to earlier. i leave through the main staircase because f*** the police, get stopped from leaving through the main gate because plot, and as i make my way downtown i be sure i look around a bit first - which helped since i found myself a pot with a seed of strength.

as i go back to the slum i talk to the girl and she cursed me with a night of farting. yeah, that got capped.
also the dog is still bugging that guard.
i buy myself a leather armor anyway since 4 points is a notable enough difference and leave town. there's plenty more to do but can't be done just yet. i save at the church and run on down. traveling salesman is at the front, he's... selling me everything from the last town, actually. taking a better look at the boomerang being sold, credit where it's due, that's a significant upgrade. the knife is just 2 points but that thing's 7. it's also unfortunately the most expensive thing in the shop.

but that's fine.
i buy, it means boomerang or dagger the strength is the same to begin with. dagger goes a little more due to the +5 bonus but still. between this and my spell i should be able to clear crowds well enough and considering how much i focus on exploration, i'm probably gonna get higher levels anyway. we're going back to Cobbletown, aka, home, so i fully expect to see the place burned down before i get my 3rd party member.
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User Info: Wanglicious

1 month ago#24
anyway, this dungeon/woodland area has 9 treasures.
...man, boxers was a waste, dancing devil dropped it immediately.
first treasure: mini medal!
as i go to a direction clearly with a treasure at the end, i spot a monster cow. ...okay no it's just a cow. that gives the weather. you know all those NPCs saying they were something else? yeah, this is literally that but played straight.

second treasure: empty. "oh."
we get to a camp and a cutscene plays, at which point he somehow whips out an item at least half his size from nowhere. dude, where was that thing. did you have that thing with you when you were in prison? this thing lets me craft just about anything, why didn't you use it then? and again, where were you hiding this tool?!

i make myself a new dagger for him, confused as to why he just didn't do it this entire time. i then make a new sword because why not. with these perfectionist pearls i decide to rework the most important equip i've got: boxers. yeah baby.

i look down from the campsite and see a gigantic f***ing troll. ...so that's why this is 9 treasures. a bridge was busted earlier too. multiple troll cyclops are roaming around down there so uh... "I see." i go to the woodcutter's hut, find treasure #3: recipe book for scale stuff. as i do this, i'm reminded that the game really loves swords because between the free sword and shield here... yeah, it's a very notable gap. at +2 the sword is the same power as my greatsword and i get to keep an extra 9 defense with 5 evade? yeah, that's worth losing the extra 5 points at the moment, especially since i can use my sword skill that does far more damage than that. i'm sure greatsword will get something later but damn man. i feel bad for Erik and give him the gold bracer as i don't need all that extra defense right now, i can wear heavy armor, he can't, and i just forged myself some. anyway, back to the story.

there's a bridge we can't cross and a doggo following me around. i'm fine with that. we get to a part on the map with a plant for my hand to touch so i do and a cutscene reveals the current plot: an old man loving the woodcutter life and a wild tricky devil appears. i want to strangle this thing with its own tail. it then uses tricky beam and makes him into a dog, which honestly is an improvement in many ways but i dig-- he's why there was an empty treasure chest?

f*** this guy, he's dead. i will fill that treasure with his beating heart. meanwhile Erik tells me to go back to find it, in case we missed it. dude, we didn't miss s***, where were you just 5 minutes ago? so apparently we have to lose the dog to get across the bridge. an unfortunate route here but it's the only way i'm staying out of jail. as i get to the treasure chest i see the cow again. the fact that he's giving me weather makes me think this is going to be relevant at some point, maybe some treasures that are accessible without the rain or some areas needing water. but whatever, i've got a purple ass to beat. cutscene, he's lame as f***, Erik mentions it, he gets mad and the Saibaman cosplaying as an imp attacks.

Half Inch first.
...he doesn't have anything worth stealing? god, how worthless is this guy?
attack, flame slash
repeat, occasionally heal, SSB Gogeta gets unlocked, then i do, then Itemized Kill. he's gotta be with something right?
no, no he was not.
well that's the end of that miniboss. guy turns back to a human, he fixes the bridge real quick, and tells me about the world tree and how i'm one of the chosen few. he also points out the most important part: my great hair. this man understands the importance of hair.

after crossing the bridge the first enemy i run into are boars with witch hats. okay, these things are adorable. Sham Hatwitches? hell yeah, excellent design. i explore, fight, and eventually find another hard ore to mine and a nearby treasure chest, that's #4, assuming the blank one counted. it's raining and it doesn't appear there's anything left so that's all for now, i'm out.

in this next open area, 4 treasure chests. that's more reasonable.
oh hey i remember this place, right at the start when i was blocked due to those trees. cool. as i run home i wonder: if i ring the bell, does the horse come? yes she does. he? i don't remember if they gave it anything. meanwhile i wonder where Erik went while i was on this. is he canonically running at full speed to try to keep up with the horse so that, if i decide to fight, he can fight too? how nice of him!

i make my way back home and it's surprisingly not on fire.
first NPC i talk to and... they've all forgotten me instead for now huh? didn't know this was a surprise Men in Black game. can't save yet, priest is busy, old lady says she's taking over too the journey, well that's nice. and then i talk to her and she wants me to strip, that's not so nice. their memories regressed? hell of an MIB flash. well, i go home first and... there's a loli crying. uhhh okay, so they're all just YOUNGER now instead? even the dog is younger! and the horse giving birth, that's the one i've got, isn't it? i am intrigued. so much so i'm ignoring roof shiny objects to follow this girl.

so uh... time bubble?
the f***, he disappeared. hm... so a world correction? upon realizing that this existence is artificial, his awareness doesn't allow him to exist in it anymore/forces the world to push him out of it. or along the latter's theory, there's only so much time this bubble is allowed to exist before the world corrects it. basically reality will crumble on anything artificial inside of it once it's aware. yes, i'm basically using the logic of a reality marble on this.

i get back to the square and... now they fade off too as my hand glows. hm...
oh hey we're back to the present. oh hey my hometown DID burn down. so okay yeah, time bubble by the world tree. i like it, i like it a lot. i also regret not checking other areas out - like was the Tor even available? well, too late now. i go to the church and save with a traveling priest who explains the obvious. inside the church there's a treasure chest with a recipe and a blue glowing thing on a desk. okay so this is totally related to the time travel ability somehow, this thing exists for SOMETHING but no clue what. i go back to my old home and what the hell, my old bed still looks comfortable? IT'S SURROUNDED BY RUBBLE.

"hey, everyone i've known for my whole life is dead or imprisoned, including my mother and childhood friend who i absolutely would've married if not for this adventure, but my old bed is still in great condition, guess i'll take a nap!"

motherf***er is a psychopath.
"Maybe it's a tentacle, molesting the planet itself. - Aschen Brodel.

User Info: Kinglicious

4 weeks ago#25
More tonight. Yesterday went out.
The King Wang.
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User Info: Wanglicious

4 weeks ago#26
back to my hometown:
there are 2 treasures.

...hm. i did find one in the cathedral, is there another i should know about that i didn't get to earlier? i see an open chest behing Gemma's house and assume "yes" as i move along. i do take a quick check towards the Tor to see if anything is around and no, nothing. treasure count in Tor was 1 and i remember getting 1 so alright. i summon my horse and am off to the emerald coast, 3 treasures. before going forward i forge a Templar's Uniform +2 and give it to Erik, just in case he'll need the extra defense.

i investigate the rock, find a box with letters, where my mom tells me i'm a prince, am the Luminary, and they probably got backstabbed by the king from another kingdom that they trusted. "whoops."

i don't get why she's asking for forgiveness considering she literally saved my life by running but alright. and... oh interesting, this time bubble affected this timeline directly. that can change things drastically, could easily see some plot points where it's "this place is in ruins" and it changes to "not anymore~"

i get a keystone to open the door of departure, whatever that means. testing the game, it does let me get through to the Heliodor region, the guard blocking this way is gone. but i'm just gonna move along. while fighting, Erik gets to LV10 and learns Rubblerouser which gets us a new pep: Scorched Earth. this pep, i find out in the next fight, just needs Erik. cool, single tech learned.

i also run into goblins and my inner Goblin Slayer tells me to burn them alive. i do it to the first, don't the second, and he counters me. yeah, Goblin Slayer is always right, i burn the next. i then fail at stealing from a Leafy Lampling for so long i just give up and kill it. before going to the Kingsbarrow i explore for a bit, spot a fisherman's place, kill a couple new enemies, and notice that there's a dock with a ladder and water i can't reach. so i'm getting a boat off of this land to go into the next one, got it. i kill a crab that is featured in the crab rave and get a better idea of Scorched Earth: it's a debuff that can lead to a notable amount of damage after. i don't know if the trigger is enemy movement or if it's me using a fire/earth skill, just know it busted out 30 damage on a crab after being cast, which at this point is quite a bit. moving on.

Kingsbarrow: 2 treasures
...well then.
is this where i meet my next ally or is this going to be a boss, i wonder.
one of the corpses does have a sign telling me to the alter, the orb, making me believe boss battle, then. but there's some monsters in here which i assume is to help pep you up. as i explore, find nothing but a shiny object on the first outside section, i eventually have a devil use that skill Erik learned. so it's continuous damage at the start of turn, got it. also this rate for Half Inch is pitiful, i haven't stolen once since i last wrote i did.

fortunately enemies ARE dropping items and a little jingle tells me that i just found myself a rare one on the devil: wing of bat. so normal drop, no new sound, rare drop, jingle. game is throwing MP healing items at me with these drops too so i'm getting pretty loose with Sizz, Flame Slash, and Heal. the second Exterior finally gets me what i'm looking for: treasure chest! Strength Ring in this one, which... hm. yeah, Erik.

simple reason: Boomerang still can kill things well and he's probably getting to LV11 soon, where he'll put things to sleep. before going downstairs i check the end of the corridor and find another treasure chest, Templar Uniform. useless for me since i made one but hey, nice to have a spare i guess. i get to the Lower Level, 0 treasures. so boss fight soon. Erik is pepped, i should be soon, good position. but in the lower-lower level, 3 treasures. alright, let's see, the map does look kinda empty though.

oh hey, Monster Mounts. i can ride it/its mount if i beat it? i can ride a tiny robot? sold!

and there we go.
Seed of Defiance, recepie for feather caps. there's a door at the end so that's probably the Orb, which is #3. as i go to forge i see i leveled up in it too, got extra focus which i still don't know what it does, and learned double edged bash. i make a +1 feathered cap and put it on for myself, giving Erik the Pointy Hat. and... nope orb has nothing to do with that, treasure was by the door, 2 phials of magic water. "spam Flame Slash," understood game.

y'know Erik, for a rogue you're making a mistake talking to them first. you're supposed to just shank 'em from behind, don't give them an opportunity to get their wits about 'em while clipping wings.

Scorched Earth.
Flame Slash.
put one Grim Gryphon to sleep, neat tha the tick damage of Scorched Earth doesn't wake it up. don't know if hitting does either because i pep up and yeah this fight's over.

Half Inch also revealed neither had anything worth stealing. c'mon man, ya killed everyone and failed to do that? Scorched Earth does fade away after i think 5 turns but by then he was one Flame Slash from death. easy fight thanks to that move, continuous 24-30 damage just wrecked 'em hard. despite getting 330 EXP nobody leveled up but that's fine.

Erik gets the orb which is basically the size of his head, tells me everything's going to be OK while being a bit cryptic on "everything," which continues the game's breadcrumbing mystery. like how these monsters went "oh yeah we'll get in HIS favor" or whatever.

as i leave the place in my robot, enemies avoid me entirely. cool. with that, and a few fights along the way, it's time to go. i leave my robot behind and check for treasures again, which comes back as zero.

...wait a sec.
i do not understand how that skill works at all anymore. so it DOES go down based on treasures you find? but the range isn't particularly clear too? well, whatever. i go to camp to settle in for the night and save. as i do i also wonder where the f*** this new guy came from, just standing by a table. that's kind of creepy, he didn't exist anywhere else but exists here? rest until dawn and we're off again.
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User Info: MetalmindStats

4 weeks ago#27
Wanglicious posted...
Scorched Earth does fade away after i think 5 turns but by then he was one Flame Slash from death. easy fight thanks to that move, continuous 24-30 damage just wrecked 'em hard.
Yeah, Scorched Earth is wonderful at this point in the game, and stays good pretty much the whole way through. Also, physical attacks such as Flame Slash will wake up a sleeping target, but magical attacks such as Rubblerouser/Scorched Earth won't.

Wanglicious posted...
as i do i also wonder where the f*** this new guy came from, just standing by a table. that's kind of creepy, he didn't exist anywhere else but exists here?
He's a merchant. I believe there's a merchant at pretty much every camp once you choose to use it, but maybe the first camp doesn't have one until later on?
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User Info: skullbone

4 weeks ago#28
Don't get too caught up on treasures. There are some you can't open for a very long time but they're still included in the count I believe.

User Info: Wanglicious

4 weeks ago#29
got it, i won't focus obsessively on treasures then. still will check though!

i get on my horse, talk to the fisherman since he's pink, and mosey along until a cutscene happens. Hendrik, one of the two king's right hand men, comes at us. there's random horses in the wild that we get on, confusing as to why or how they got there but whatever, it's needed for the plot. my horse gets shot in the ass, Erik saves me, glow stone glows, his horse gets shot in the ass, we enter teleporting chamber and are officially in a new land.

3 treasures.
a priest is standing outside for reasons neither of us can know and a merchant is selling similar items, also for reasons unknown. new monsters, woo!

She Slimes, making me look at the boomerang intensely as i know its first skill is slime killing. fortunately these things are weak and i can boomerang + Sizz 'em to death so whatever. as i continue moving i spot a volcano i can't help but wonder if i'm going to explore inside. i also make sure i kill the random bongo drongo on screen who i just keep reading as "Bongo Dongo" which is far more amusing.

there's also a spot that's clearly meant for something in the future, looks like a small sound mount spewing water so possible hot spring i guess? and there's another one. hmm. they are surrounded by monsters though so maybe a side quest. first town we get to, we're told we smell like ass and need to take a shower. well damn.

oh god are they all speaking in haikus?
f***ing hell.
okay maybe just the guy trying to get me in the shower and definitely the guy telling me what this city is. also the shopkeeps. yeah no, residents are haiku speakers. this is horrible.

well, it's a new town so you know what has to be done: explore and rob people blind. mini medal, 100 gold, recipe, other random items, hell yeah. i do the recipe immediately and manage to forge myself a +3 Bronze Armor. Perfection flashes on the screen as the jingle plays, woo. it gives me an extra 10 defense, goddamn.

i go up one of the ladders and cutscene involving a loli. hey wait i think i know this one from FFBE. Veronica? good mage in there. as i look around, lore of a dragon in a mountain that was defeated.

...dragon slash soon it is, got it.
even as i check the armor shop, it's clear that the girl is getting recruited soon since there's a dress in the shop neither me nor Erik can wear. there's also a greatsword that's +10 my attack but eh. maybe. i check with the Miko, nothing new, and finally done exploring with most stuff i check the bar out and get a new quest from a guy in the back: making a gold ring. he then gives me a recipe for 'em, that's pretty nice. i lack the gold ore but can somehow purchase it. ...from where? who's the merchant? how is this magic happening? fortunately there's a chest next to him with the ore so i guess i'll do that, wants a +1. he gets it, i get extra pearls and Erik gets a new boomerang. an NPC warns me of a ghost in the bath house, i don't care. blue for men, red for women, to the re-- damn. i change, how 'bout now? nope. Erik also talks about the loli a bit, says she's too young. between that and her cryptic talk, i'm half convinced she's at least 100 years old. we hear a voice and he's thinking it's a ghost. dude, why do you think that's a ghost, we just were talking about the loli missing her little sister. also among the monsters we face one is literally Smog. after he realizes he was dumb and that's the plot point, he says he'll do what he can to help.

back in control i find a Holy Water in a shiny thing in the corner and am really, really worried about what goes for holy water these days. a sauna for sweaty dudes should not be capable of producing that. very worried.

for some reason an S&M guy can be here, fully dressed no problem. yo wtf is this. i then find a chick who says if i pay her $20 she'll give me some puff puff. ...there's no punchline here. uh... sure?

and so we fade to black, puff puff happens, and she says the customer is appreciated. i'll bet. if there's one thing two guys who leave the sauna with a little girl can use, it's some puff puff.

i enter the ladies bath and the one chick inside is shocked. so i continue this pathway to the exit, the lady in the front is shocked, calling me a bold, ugly cuckoo and tells me to leave.

the game then gives me an achievement for that. see, i knew we understood each other. clearly the game was just being transphobic, yeah that's it. by the way, is anybody going to have a problem with the fact that i'm with a random little girl who i didn't enter this bathhouse with? anybody? okay guess not. also despite being told to leave it's not like i can't go back in so uh... some seriously strange hospitality in this joint.

Veronica's in the front gate, tells me that's not her sister, the kid (Connie) tells us she lost her dad. we're assuming she still, by the way, no clue if that's true either. anyway Veronica was indeed her name and she joins so we can go to the bar. and probably the party soon after this. cutscene happens, more haikus, she talks to bartender, looking for one Serena, who left this place listening to voices. uh, i dunno barkeep, i think that's a sign of "she drank too much." but apparently it's true and she went off to save Veronica, who was kidnapped by monsters.

surprise Goblin Slayer storyline, let's do this. s*** gettin' dark real quick all of a sudden.

for reference, i'm gonna assume Serene is a tall, big boobed blond bombshell and is this girl's little sister. that gonna sum this up?

f*** off Connie, you ain't coming along anywhere. i get that you're sad that daddy always leaves you alone and doesn't love you but don't latch onto me instead please. i leave town, get into a fight and see she's in full NPC mode while joining battle. as i find myself some sparkly iron ore i go back to town, maybe i'll get that greatsword after all.

...but there's no need because the iron ore was a test to get a new recipe which lets me make it. cool. i can make it or a weapon as strong as the sword i'm using right now, meaning once it's +2 or +3 it's stronger by a few points. i don't bother doing anything for now as i explore. i fight a bear, an Ursa Minor, who also knows how to pep up by focusing. somehow there's a bell thing and i ring it to see what happens and... yes! somehow my not-epona horse also traveled through the gate or just can travel through space and time to find me! seriously this is one loyal steed right here. other horses get shot in the ass and collapse but my girl right here? she'll run over any monster and not give a f*** about things like logic. shame she cares about gravity though but that'd be cool. what if instead of a boat on water i just rode her across the sea? it'd make as much sense as to how the f*** she showed up here.

at the crypt now: 8 treasures.
"Maybe it's a tentacle, molesting the planet itself. - Aschen Brodel.

User Info: Snrkiko

4 weeks ago#30
i enjoy this thread
it reminds of my first time
this game is so good
And theeen, we do stuff like, 'Persona!' with our Personas and beat the crap outta Shadows...
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