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  3. Got Dragon Quest 11 S today (Playthrough topic)

User Info: Kinglicious

1 month ago#1
Thanks again, @DoomTheGyarados
I'll get started tonight.

The King Wang.
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User Info: greengravy294

1 month ago#2
I'm still waiting for my copy from Chris

User Info: Wanglicious

1 month ago#3
home, back on main account.
food first but let's see how long this is gonna take.
"Maybe it's a tentacle, molesting the planet itself. - Aschen Brodel.

User Info: ninkendo

1 month ago#4
oh ya go my Luminary

User Info: LordoftheMorons

1 month ago#5
Congrats to Advokaiser for winning the CBX Guru Challenge!

User Info: turbopuns3

1 month ago#6
Oh snap I forgot to check the mail today...

User Info: turbopuns3

1 month ago#7
Empty :(

User Info: Moonroof

1 month ago#8
I just beat this game last month. Takes about 75 hours if you include all side quests and such. Really good game. Slightly better than DQ8.

User Info: tcaz2

1 month ago#9
Moonroof posted...
I just beat this game last month. Takes about 75 hours if you include all side quests and such. Really good game. Slightly better than DQ8.

I... don't think you actually finished the game. Did you play part 3? The 'post game content' actually contains quite a bit more story.

That or you speed ran it.

There's no way the game takes less then 100 hours.

User Info: Wanglicious

1 month ago#10
alright, sorry for the wait, let's get to it. headphones on as i know there's orchestrated music and f*** yes i'm a sucker for orchestrated music.

DQ11's opening is gorgeous. i'm going into this almost completely blind, i know a few characters through FFBE but that's all. took a look at the Draconian Quest Settings and most of these sound like they're not for a first run. but one option stands out: Townsfolk Talk Tripe.

that sounds interesting. getting lied to? to what extent, how much will this impact the game? i'm kind of curious so on it goes!

3D mode.
English. normally would play subbed but let's try out the dub since i'm writing about it.

opening scene is nice, although i can't help but get usual RPG flashbacks of "this man is going to die for saving me, isn't he?"

this blond girl's accent is... off. it sounds like an American trying to a different one. and i just won 1 milli-- oh. so that's how the lies in this game work. just a nice extra bit on top of their usual speech patterns? yeah, i'll keep that. anyway, as we go around the area - with me jumping over fences because screw the beaten path - i find out my birthday has been kept hidden and matches up with this girl, probably because my foster dad is unoriginal. well alright.

she totally dropped the accent on "Monsters!"
though i'm using a sword i wonder if i should've gone Greatsword. too late now for this fight, fortunately i've a good doggo to help. he'd better not die.

found myself a Pot Lid while going around the temple thing, so that's what we're looking at; damage with greatsword or sword 'n shield. former for now. walking along, wall along the opposite side of doggo path, free herbs. slapped down a few slimes with the greatsword for a bit, leveled up, learned Frizz, switched to sword. dog couldn't always OHKO when he was doing it but i could so i figure the extra bit of strength worked. seems they need 6 damage and that's consistently the min on level up with sword, so pot lid it is. Frizz can be saved for later. level up also healed me so that's nice. ...then i run into some Needler and they need 2 hits so back to GS. going off the beaten path from doggo got me an herb and gold in random pots - which really makes me wonder who the hell came into this dungeon with pots to put by the water. tried to see if me standing under some dripping water changes anything, nothing. tried with her, doesn't. alright, moving on.

we find a kid who was obviously going to be here based on his mom and find Smog! ...Frizz it is. nice to see Gemma be able to restore MP but it seems physical attacks work fine, so fire for one, smack for two, alright. tons of EXP for that and then the game rewards my exploration habits by having me find a Pink Pine on the floor, woo. up the vine we go as the game sign tells me to watch my step? so i can fall? yes i can! alright so my attempts of suiciding off a cliff aren't completely a mistake in this game. cutscene time.

the bird tries to take my childhood farmer option and make her his waifu/dinner (depends on the fanfic you're reading) so i zap him with lightning. we then go to a cutscene where she wants to jump my bones more than ever and we admire Square Enix loving Xenoblade Chronicles. i get another Pink Pine on the floor and fortunately the game just fast travels me out the cave so i can meet up with people again.

talking to NPCs, it appears my days in this game are over. i've been found to be a murderer by the village detective but it's okay, because one of the kids said he'll take over my role of hero so i don't need to worry. that's a relief, i didn't want to deal with a megazord of slimes either!

...or all those things are lies.
i get back to the NPCs and somehow a chubby guy with pebbles for eyes and a boomerang pretending it's a mustache is this chick's grandpa. i see she takes after the other side of the family.
after the cutscene's done i'm in town and can't get out because the S&M bodyguard with the thickest accent in the game so far won't let me. an NPC tells me that home's on the path with rocks so naturally i go to the side, up a ladder, destroy a bunch of pots and barrels even if Gemma wants to stand on them, and get some items, including a seed of agility. i then jump off the cliff because i'm pretty sure fall damage isn't a thing.

an NPC who is a ghost and talks to ghosts shows that they can lie multiple times. good to know.
exploring around town finds me a red door that says it's locked tight. guess that's for later and my village isn't going to be burned down. or at least, not for the full game. as i explore, breaking everything i can, including things that are of no use like walking through pumpkin that we probably need, and then confess to it all in church. as usual, the pro-Christian message of the game stands out: you can break into people's homes, rob them, destroy your town's food supply, but if you pray you too can be God's hero.

i'd like an SMT crossover one day, just for the eventual confusion of prayer. then again the last time we tried this we got a game about idols so i mean...

anyway, i find out that in addition to ghosts, there's a shocking truth: my mother's a fairy and happens to be Gemma's grandpa. f***, i really must've taken after my mother and this is going to be a really awkward hookup. fortunately the reincarnation of a bird i once saved is one of my fellow villagers and maybe we'll go out there finding a weapon that attacks on its own. that last one honestly didn't even catch me as a lie until the game told me.

Cypress Stick, bunch of gold, and a feather later, i completed an in-game achievement and go home. i'm half expecting my dog to go meow meow at one point. cutscene time.

...my foster mom's got a great accent. native Scot? or somewhere close to it? as she's hitting this accent really well.
and i'm apparently the reincarnation of the Luminary. okay so maybe that guy saying he was my bird wasn't lying after all. anyway, i can't sleep, raid my home as i break everything, and go out to move the plot along. ...the Luminary... too? as in there's other ones? or is this another role of mine? well, whichever way she meant, she runs off crying because she knows we ain't hooking up and settling down to raise some chicken after all.

i then put on Bebe's uniform from Pokemon Sword and am off to be a trainer. this reminds me, wasn't there a translation patch for some DQM games?
...yep, Joker 3 and the DQM remake both were just a few years ago. good to know, my collection is happy to accept them.

anyway, an NPC saying he's a horse later (and more people having apprentice at first sight vision - i see this is a typical line) i check the shop, buy nothing, get blocked by a dog to see my would've been ex, find out another guy left this town before me around my age. no clue if that's going to matter. also did the feather quest since i picked it up by accident anyway and got another Pink Pine off another roof. as i leave i get reminded of my grandfather yet again and i'm refusing to believe he's dead. i also get not-Epona before Gemma gives me a charm, tells me she's waiting, and i'm off.

seems like a good spot to end this post.

"Maybe it's a tentacle, molesting the planet itself. - Aschen Brodel.
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