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User Info: NBIceman

1 month ago#1
Every party member from a game that’s been released in the US, anyway.

Despite being a regular visitor of Board 8 for more than five years now and following umpteen ranking topics during that time, I’ve never done one myself. But that changes now! And to ease myself in, I decided on a subject that necessitated playing through 14 JRPGs that bottom out at 40 hours for a thorough run and that are so famously polarizing in pretty much every way that every single spot on this list, positive or negative, is inevitably going to piss somebody off. So to make sure everyone still has some fun with it no matter what, I’m gonna throw in a prediction contest - with a prize!

To join, just make your guess at the Top 10. You can do that here in the topic or through a PM if you don’t want others to meta-pick; either way is fine with me, but if you do go the PM route I’d recommend you to make a post and let me know about it anyway because PMs seem to be getting eaten sometimes on GFAQs these days. Scoring will work based on how far off you are for the individual 10 characters. If you put Character A in the #5 spot and his actual spot ends up being #2, you’ll get 3 points. If you’re way off and his actual spot is, say, #46, you’ll get 41 points. Lowest total score wins. In the unlikely event of a tie, whoever got the higher number of Top 10 characters correct will take it, and if that still doesn’t solve it, we’ll go to whoever got the most positions exactly right.

The winner gets a $25 Steam gift card. If you somehow manage to get every Top 10 character, I’ll bump it to $40. If you’ve hacked into my computer and have the whole Top 10 in the exact correct order, I’ll go to $50. What do you have to lose, right?

The ranking will start next Tuesday, so predictions will close on Monday, February 24th at 11:59 PM EST. I will post the complete list of the 95 characters you’re working with in the next post just to make sure there’s no confusion about who may or may not qualify.

Just a couple other things to note:

  • Yes, I really did do a fresh playthrough of every one of these with this list in mind. I did every sidequest, saw every scene, watched every skit, even read the damn in-game synopses where applicable. If there’s a line of dialogue in a game, I saw it. So while I can almost guarantee everyone reading is going to disagree strongly with at least one thing on this ranking, trust me, it’s not because I didn’t do my due diligence in putting it together. I also did the writeups immediately after finishing the respective games to make sure everything was fresh in my mind. That also means this project has no chance of joining the long ranks of unfinished ones on this board; everything’s done, I just have to post it. Hooray!
  • I tried to avoid talking about spoilers as best I could, but they’re sometimes necessary. So I will try to use spoiler tags for specific plot events when they’re needed - you can still follow along with the ranking even if there’s games you plan to get to in the future. Plus, as these writeups are generally fairly long, I’m including a TL;DR at the end of all of them, and all of those will essentially be spoiler-free.
  • I know there’s fan translations out there for some of the other games in the series, but I wanted to keep things official or else I’d be opening up a whole can of worms with translation differences (both in fan works and in official releases) and so forth. The exception is that I used the PSX version of Phantasia for reasons that are probably obvious to series fans and that I don’t feel the need to go over unless someone’s really confused by the decision.
  • I didn’t take into account any supplemental material. The manga one-shots for Abyss, the Leia novel thing for Xillia, the Zestiria anime - those sorts of things weren’t included in my rankings. Even I have to draw the line somewhere.

That should about cover everything, but if anything about the prediction contest is unclear just ask. Hope y’all enjoy.
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User Info: NBIceman

1 month ago#2
Phantasia (6)
Arche Klein
Chester Burklight
Claus F. Lester
Cress Albane
Mint Adenade
Suzu Fujibayashi

Destiny (9)
Bruiser Khang
Chelsea Torn
Garr Kelvin
Karyl Sheeden
Leon Magnus
Mary Argent
Philia Felice
Rutee Katrea
Stahn Aileron

Eternia (7)
Farah Oersted
Keele Zeibel
Rassius Luine
Reid Hershel

Symphonia/Symphonia 2 (11)
Colette Brunel
Emil Castagnier
Genis Sage
Kratos Aurion
Lloyd Irving
Marta Lualdi
Presea Combatir
Raine Sage
Regal Bryant
Sheena Fujibayashi
Zelos Wilder

Legendia (8)
Chloe Valens
Moses Sandor
Norma Beatty
Senel Coolidge
Shirley Fennes
Will Raynard

Abyss (6)
Anise Tatlin
Guy Cecil
Jade Curtiss
Luke fon Fabre
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
Tear Grants

Vesperia (9)
Estellise Sidos Heurassein
Flynn Scifo
Karol Capel
Patty Fleur
Rita Mordio
Yuri Lowell

Hearts (8)
Beryl Benito
Chalcedony Akerman
Gall Gruner
Hisui Hearts
Ines Lorenzen
Kohaku Hearts
Kor Meteor

Graces (7)
Asbel Lhant
Cheria Barnes
Hubert Oswell
Malik Caesar
Richard Barona

Xillia/Xillia 2 (10)
Elize Lutus
Fractured Milla
Jude Mathis
Leia Rolando
Ludger Kresnik
Milla Maxwell
Rowen Ilbert

Zestiria (8)
Alisha Diphda

Berseria (6)
Eleanor Hume
Rokurou Rangetsu
Velvet Crowe

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User Info: Drakeryn

1 month ago#3
another place and time, without a great divide, and we could be flying deadly high

User Info: Murphiroth

1 month ago#4
Ya go my Berseria crew.

Didn't like Zestiria much overall but I did like the party.

Vesperia and Symphonia are the only others I've played and it's been too long to accurately rate them.

User Info: Shonen_Bat

1 month ago#5
Did the prediction thing.
Hello again.

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#6
I really want to read this but I've only played a few tales :|
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User Info: Mega Mana

Mega Mana
1 month ago#7
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User Info: NBIceman

1 month ago#8
MegamanX posted...
I really want to read this but I've only played a few tales :|
Well, like I said, I'll be spoiler tagging whenever necessary, so if that's what you're concerned about I wouldn't say it's a big issue. A few writeups might end up looking like classified government documents, but they're the minority.

Alternatively, I figure I'll be adding to this in the future as more games in the series come out, so you could always just catch up down the line once you've played more of the entries or something if you like.
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User Info: Xiahou Shake

Xiahou Shake
1 month ago#9
That is a wild amount of gaming specifically for the sake of this topic. Tag, I legitimately can't wait to read through this.
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User Info: IhatethisCPU

1 month ago#10
each and every one of my predictions is gonna be wrong but I did it
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