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User Info: SeabassDebeste

3 weeks ago#11
k, i'm in

so these 100 are theoretically your favorites, right?
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User Info: LeonhartFour

3 weeks ago#12
SeabassDebeste posted...
k, i'm in

so these 100 are theoretically your favorites, right?

More or less! I mean, I could probably quibble with the order a bit, but it's close enough!

Arti posted...
I would like to hear your thoughts on 428 but looks like it just missed the cut, oh well

Actually, if there are any games outside of the top 100 you guys want to know my thoughts on briefly, I will oblige!

428 is a really unique twist on the traditional visual novel format. It kind of threw me for a loop that it was basically live-action people the whole time, but once I got used to it, I really started to dig it. I like how the characters all intersect and interact with each other at various points, and how even the slightest decision change can unleash a butterfly effect on other characters. I love the fact that there are so many bad endings. Kano in particular seems to get the worst (and funniest) ones. He and Minorikawa were my two favorite characters. It had a bunch of cool twists throughout. I think the ending gets a little too dark and self-serious at times, but it still managed to keep things fresh with a couple of new twists.

That being said, having to go through routes repeatedly to try to find the right chain of events can be a little monotonous at times, especially if you're trying to get all of the endings. I did follow a guide to get the Platinum because there was no way I was trying to do all that on my own...!

User Info: ZenOfThunder

3 weeks ago#13
Manual tag
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User Info: Drakeryn

3 weeks ago#14
classic topic classic tag
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User Info: transience

3 weeks ago#15
jeeze, not even DK can compete with this kind of a massive dump. let's take it apart

#314. Street Fighter
#315. Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

you're basically calling these the worst games ever made here, and I kind of like where your head is at!

#292. Xenosaga Episode III
#293. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

aw man, XS3 isn't *this* bad, at least not when you've got the other games higher. something about Smash 3DS being in this spot really cracked me up so I had to mention it.

#278. Mega Man 1

just posting this one to say how odd your MM rankings are. MM8 is bad, yeah, but then MM5 is somehow lower and MM1 is above them. kinda scared to keep going here.

#274. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
#275. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

hey, at least you have them in the right order. I kinda like how LTTP is apparently the 275th best game of all time and yet it's still under Ocarina. have to believe there's some contest bias going on here, though I wouldn't claim it with any level of seriousness.

#267. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

I'm seriously surprised that you actually think this game is this low. even for me, this game makes it into the top 200.

#237. Final Fantasy V

FF5 is apparently the worst FF you've played enough to rank? we need to get you in on that fiesta, though you don't play rpgs for gameplay.

#233. Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

just a sidenote that I really loved this game.

#291. Mario Kart DS

this one is from way earlier but I had to comment after seeing how long it took for another Mario Kart to show up. DS is one of the few ones that I would call better than mediocre!

#164. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All

okay this is weird, but only because I *know* you like this game more than me and I rate it much higher. hmm!

#138. Ori and the Blind Forest

aw, I thought this would end up higher for you. I didn't expect it below super metroid, but I didn't expect super metroid to be that high either.

anyway, I stopped commenting somewhat but mostly because the interesting thing became where things ranked compared to others and that picture is really incomplete without the top 100. maybe I'll comment more when you get to the real games. nice effort so far.

User Info: LeonhartFour

3 weeks ago#16
I mean, I'd say once it gets past the top...150 or so, it's probably just a crapshoot and I was just picking on gut reactions! I can probably find something nice to say about 95% of the games on this list! The 300s is probably where I'd say the games are mostly all pretty bad!

And yeah, if you've ever played the original Street Fighter, it's pretty atrocious, and MK Mythologies is terrible on every level.

I just didn't like the way Smash played on 3DS. I bought it there since I never bought a Wii U, and it just never felt right to me. I couldn't handle it.

And I'll never forgive Xenosaga Episode III for how it ended...!

And I actually recently replayed all the Mega Man games on the Legacy Collection (including playing 9 and 10 for the first time!), so those are all relatively fresh in my mind. I think MM1 is just a poorly designed game for the most part. It's really rough around the edges. MM8 is a hot mess that gets exacerbated by how terrible the voice acting is. 5 just felt lazy and uninspired all around. I wouldn't say any of them are flat out terrible though!

Mario Kart DS, I just never liked. Too much snaking and a Mario Kart game without viable multiplayer is a game without much of a shelf life for me!

LTTP and Punch-Out are fine, but I have no strong feelings for them. They're games I experienced way after the fact. I can appreciate how well made they are, but they don't strike any sort of chord with me personally.

Trying to rank AA and FF in particular is really difficult for me! I think there's a part of me that tries to prevent ranking the ones I like the least really highly just so they don't dominate the top part of the list! I do like all of the FF games I've actually completed, and even AJ isn't that bad, no.

Super Baseball Simulator was a lot of fun! I loved the rocket bat that would instantly send anyone who caught a ball straight back to the wall.

Ori was really fun! I can't really say anything bad about it, but I'm not sure Metroidvania is a genre I'll ever really love like a lot of people do!
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: transience

3 weeks ago#17
rocket bat was top tier, I think my entire team used it and I won like 75-3

User Info: AxemRedRanger

3 weeks ago#18
Super Munchers is that much better than Number Munchers huh
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User Info: LeonhartFour

3 weeks ago#19
AxemRedRanger posted...
Super Munchers is that much better than Number Munchers huh

he gets a cape!

User Info: Dr_Football

3 weeks ago#20
Looking forward to No Mercy ranking
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