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User Info: scarletspeed7

4 weeks ago#51
Snake5555555555 posted...
Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver)
Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver)
Taxi Driver is a riveting, almost emotionally-draining, film. I, for one, immensely respect every part of the movie and every aspect of acting and directing that bolsters this script to a timeless elite tier of greats. But, if I'm to be honest, I don't particularly like the character of Travis Bickle. I don't give him many thoughts. When I think of Taxi Driver, I think of this objectively great film that doesn't resonate within me. I recognize and understand what aspects of the character make him great - objectively, he is - but, personally, I don't care as much as others, and in some ways, that makes me like the character less. Overpopularity often breeds contempt in me.
Rating: 72/100

LordoftheMorons posted...
Desmond Hume (LOST)
Desmond Hume (LOST)
From the moment he first laced up his running shoes, Desmond proved to me to be a nuanced story of wrestling with responsibility. It took the fate of the world to tether Desmond to the demands of the world around him, and after years of running away from life, he suddenly had reason to run towards it. In my mind, the love of Penny and Desmond is the most beautiful on LOST. There's something transcendent in their conversation during The Constant, a time-crossed tale of starcrossed lovers, and their season 4 reunion really pulls at my heartstrings. Ultimately, Desmond is one of the best characters on a show full of best characters.
Rating: 89/100

VeryInsane posted...

Kylo Ren (Star Wars)
Kylo Ren (Star Wars)
Kylo Ren has his defenders - and that is deservedly so. Many people find it easy to separate the writing from the characters in Star Wars, or to selectively canonize personalities in their own minds. As for me, I was never enamored with the greasy, pale face of Kylo Ren until his conversation with Han in Episode IX. That single moment ended up being the only one that captured the essence of something spectacular. Prior to that point, I found Ren to be a rudderless piece yanked around by a studio and two directors as the trilogy began to spiral out of control, and after that scene, the people at LucasFilm saw fit to begin pulling the character in every conceivably direction in the final act of the film once more. But for one brief moment, I saw something brililant in Ren.
Rating: 64/100

Hbthebattle posted...
Pepsiman (Pepsiman)
A product placement character with no personality, wholly reliant on design in this rating. Too bad that design is one fiercely atrocious eyesore.
Rating: 11/100

Raka_Putra posted...
Harry Potter
Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
A story like Rowling's long-running narrative on the legacy of Voldemort requires a firm foundation with a character like Harry Potter. But Harry Potter himself is hard to classify as a particularly exciting star. This, I think, goes to a lack of exploration in the darkness within Potter's own soul. Touched and tainted by a piece of Voldemort, there are occasional hints at the potentiality for Harry to get in contact with the evil within himself, but I think by and large, the family-film nature of the books makes it impossible to dig too deeply. And maybe you would be sacrificing the inherent heroic purity of the character by doing so. But, ultimately, Harry is a safe protagonist, lacking danger, mired in the tradition of fantasy stars. I guess, you know, that's okay.
Rating: 69/100

WickIebee posted...
Impa (Legend of Zelda, if you want something specific, just the BotW appearance)
Impa (Legend of Zelda)
From the fat matron to the spry ninja to the ancient, withered gnome, Impa has gone through a host of redesigns. I have to subtract points for all of them except that sleek Sheikah, a version of the character that displays a certain air of coolness in the face of the inky-black evil of Ganondorf. As someone who has logged hundreds of hours in both Hyrule Warriors and its latest Switch edition, I imagine that my mind fills in gaps in the character which exist, but I see within Impa the capacity to provide tutelage to Zelda both with wisdom in governing and in fighting, making her a valuable asset with a clear definition of duty.
Rating: 70/100

HanOfTheNekos posted...
Julian Delphiki aka Bean (Ender's Game series)
Bean (Ender's Game)
Have I ever mentioned that I hate children? Blame Ender and his even more irritating sister. But don't blame Bean, a character that does his best and is forced to live in, well, you know. Bean is twice the man (although half the size) of his more well-known counterpart, and that means he deserves better.
Rating: 67/100
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User Info: Underleveled

4 weeks ago#52
The Scarecrow (The Wizard of Oz)

User Info: Xeybozn

4 weeks ago#53
The Stanford Tree
Congrats to 2019 Guru champ Advokaiser!
Vector (Resident Evil)
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User Info: trdl23

4 weeks ago#55
Elim Garak (Deep Space Nine)
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User Info: Anagram

4 weeks ago#56
Daphne (Scooby-Doo)
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User Info: Lopen

4 weeks ago#57
Jafar (Aladdin)
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User Info: HanOfTheNekos

4 weeks ago#58
Wow, no mention of how awesome Bean is in his half of the series.
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User Info: hombad46

4 weeks ago#59
Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)
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User Info: Great_Paul

4 weeks ago#60
Bear Bro
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