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Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver)
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Desmond Hume (LOST)
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User Info: VeryInsane

3 weeks ago#43

Kylo Ren (Star Wars)
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User Info: Hbthebattle

3 weeks ago#44

User Info: Raka_Putra

3 weeks ago#45
Harry Potter
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User Info: WickIebee

3 weeks ago#46
Impa (Legend of Zelda, if you want something specific, just the BotW appearance)
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.

User Info: HanOfTheNekos

3 weeks ago#47
Julian Delphiki aka Bean (Ender's Game series)
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User Info: scarletspeed7

3 weeks ago#48
Underleveled posted...
Shaun (Shaun of the Dead)
Shaun (Shaun of the Dead)
A movie that relishes carefully crafted comedic dialogue, Shaun of the Dead is at times less about its characters than the whimsical grotesqueness they encounter. In many ways, Shaun of the Dead is a mood movie. I think this precludes Shaun himself from being a truly deep, exemplary character but it doesn't preclude Shaun from being a delightful little dig into the meat of growing up and having to leave behind the trappings of immaturity.
Rating: 83/100

hombad46 posted...
Baby Yoda
The Child (Star Wars)
Amusing and adorable, Mando's most valuable possession proves difficult to rank. There is little to no actual substance to the Child, but that's okay. Babies in general are irritating and unwanted components in most media, so a child that simply hits its beats and gets out of the way is a welcome relief from the normally untenable children that drag good shows down.
Rating: 67/100

ertyu0078 posted...
How about the other tornadoman the one from mega man 9 then thow that one stinks compared to mines
Tornado Man (Mega Man)
Aside from the most hilarious headpiece in the history of Mega Man, I find no emotional engagement with the Robot Masters in Mega Man. They are simply obstacles to be overcome, and all of their characterization boils down to color and weaponry, mere pixels of difference between one another.
Rating: 36/100

JONALEON1 posted...
MJF (All Elite Wrestling)
MJF, by and large, falls into the pit of "YOUR HOME TEAM SUCKS", a tried-and-untrue method of engaging hometown wrestling crowds in launching vitriol at villainous characters that lack the wherewithal to scare up actual hatred for legitimate reasons. I detest this form of heel microphone work in wrestling - a character in a scripted drama is not reliant on constantly belittling sports teams or the intelligence of large swathes of a populous in order to achieve that negative connection between viewer and character. While I found the story of MJF's turn against Cody Rhodes to be very well-done, I've since walked away from his every promo feeling that the character is hollow, stalling for time. He lacks what makes a good villain a good villain.
Rating: 56/100

IfGodCouldDie posted...
Lenny and Carl(The Simpsons)

I included both because they are Lenny and Carl. If that's unacceptable just do Lenny.
Lenny Leonard (The Simpsons)
I have never and likely will never find The Simpsons enjoyable, and from what I can tell, Lenny is a minor tertiary character. Why do people enjoy The Simpsons? Every joke they attempt to tell feels so... I guess obvious is the word? Nothing ever takes me by surprise with The Simpsons. It feels like the most intelligent show that exists for stupid people. Anyways, by design, ugly and unappealing, much like all Simpsons artwork.
Rating: 22/100
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User Info: Murphiroth

3 weeks ago#49
Daisaku Kuze (Yakuza 0)

User Info: IfGodCouldDie

3 weeks ago#50
That's the kind of score I would have expected from someone that likes the Simpsons, so I am going to take that as a win.

Phoenix Person(Rick and Morty)
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