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User Info: xp1337

3 weeks ago#21
Looping back to Nyx, tbqh the most infuriating thing may actually be how her entire character throws out the idea that "hey this kind of curse is a thing that can happen in this setting" and on one talks about it/revisits it/cares.

I guess in the most peripheral sense you could say the "curse" at the crux of the Invisible Kingdom is kinda in the same ballpark but let's not talk about that.
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User Info: TsunamiXXVIII

3 weeks ago#22
Dark Young Link posted...
Lol right?

Also Hayto x Mozu might not be so bad, in the sense they look roughly the same age and you can mentally go "Yeah, they didn't do anything until they were 18+" Course that still involves pushing two children together and going "Go bang in a couple years." .

Though really Fates should have just had the child characters have their own postgame adventure. It's not problematic at all if the shota character has a child when the game advanced XX amount of years and they're an adult. Time travel only really made sense in Awakening....

*continues to pray for FE4 remake*
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User Info: SantaRPidgey

3 weeks ago#23
Aw I like Forrest. Little straight guy who likes fashion and likes to be pretty. Compared to Oboro, I really feel like his love of clothing is really expanded on and fits his personality and doesn't feel forced.

He's a pretty good character, which makes him top tier in fates

User Info: MegamanX

3 weeks ago#24
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User Info: Raka_Putra

3 weeks ago#25
It's a guy?
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Much like Lucius is, yes.

(Well. Lucius doesn't crossdress but...)
(edited 3 weeks ago)
I don't think Forrest cross dresses really either, he just wears maribelle clothes and likes to take care of his appearance
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User Info: MegamanX

3 weeks ago#28
49th Odin

In a game with limited time to know characters it annoys me when another has to THREATEN that characters life to get them to drop an act. I know people in the world really like Owain/Odin but I'm not in that camp. Selena needs to literally threaten him to even not put on an act. Even worse his shift into the mage arts have completely neutered him as a fighter.

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User Info: Kenri

3 weeks ago#29
At least it's an act with Odin. With other characters it's just The Way They Are.

But yeah he's not great. Definitely the worst of the Awakening trio.
Congrats to BKSheikah, who knows more about years than anyone else.
I just don't understand why they they decided to give Odin such a garbage attack stat in this game.
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