2 months ago #21
5th Anniversary Details are up. Best summary stolen from reddit:

SP1: You get 5th anniversary SSGSS Goku upon login during the campaign.
SP2: You get stickers that allows you to change the looks of the cards. Can finally remove diamond background.
SP3: You get skill balls through "Training with Whis" event that allows you to further enhance characters through the potential system.
SP4: You acquire new characters from playing the events, and it says one of the new character is someone who gave Goku a hard time, so it's probaby referring to Zamasu. The other 2 characters are referred as being popular characters in their rare form/apperance, and probably referring to kid broly/goku.
SP5: You get tickets during the campaign that allows you to do a 1x55 card multi summon. the 55th character will be a guaranteed LR.

Not sure if all of this is coming to global at the same time or not. Isn't our anniversary celebration usually in June or July?