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User Info: NFUN

1 month ago#11
wow i can't believe you cut weyoun. i was looking forward to see how weyoun 6 compared to weyoun 3
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User Info: ChichiriMuyo

1 month ago#12
At least Weyoun is better than a couple characters I could name.
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User Info: SaveEstelle

1 month ago#13
Weyoun is definitely cool and he will return eventually
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User Info: SaveEstelle

1 month ago#14
#59 Chakotay
"Akuchi Moya. It means no worries. For the rest of this show."

The first problem with Chakotay is that he's a nothingburger with few exceptions from season 3 onward. The writers realized how poorly he was written and went Occam's Razor on themselves, making him increasingly invisible as the show went on. The second problem with Chakotay is that for the seasons he truly existed as a character he sucked. I suppose technically that ought to be listed as the first problem but there's no going back. Speaking of no going back, I cannot return to my youth, when I recognized Chakotay was being written poorly but believed that he would come into his own as the seasons went on. That was a foolish hope for foolish Voyager fans who foolishly believed in love.

Chakotay is a Native American and a Maquis. Both of these things are perfectly fine additions to the crew taken on their own and though the "Native American as a Maquis" is a bit on-the-nose we can just go ahead and blame TNG's "Journey's End" for that one and pretend Chakotay's from that planetary tribe for continuity purposes. But also, who cares in the first place, because Chakotay's Native Americanism is all over the place. One episode he represents a certain belief system; the next he's on another edge of the spectrum. Sometimes -- oftentimes -- everything he cites is completely made-up nonsense. As a white guy this is problematic. Imagine being a Native American! And as for his role in the Maquis, the tension between Starfleet and the Maquis additions to the crew has a short handful episodes very early on where the writers act like they know how to do this sort of thing before admitting that they can't and it goes away. Until a neat episode near the end of the second season where they try to make it seem like the crew did a ton to get over that but they didn't. But I digress. The third problem with Chakotay, you see, is that he's far less interesting as a former Maquis than B'Elanna Torres, leaving his own lines flaccid.

The fourth problem with Chakotay is his actor. Robert Beltran tried to act early on to mixed results -- sometimes he was genuinely decent. But as his writers gave up, so did he. Beltran began earning paychecks just for showing up, and sometimes even that was not necessary. By the final seasons, Chakotay was about as relevant to most episodes as Harry... or less. Beltran is outspoken about his negative experiences with Star Trek: Voyager, and to a point I can appreciate that. But the fifth and final problem with Chakotay is that Robert Beltran was such a loser by the time his easy-money television show was ending that he dared executive producer Brannon Braga, who was dating Seven of Nine's actress, Jeri Ryan, to hook Chakotay up with Seven. Braga took the bait, resulting in one of the stupidest, least-earned, altogether lacking in chemistry, last-second romances in Star Trek canon.

It has been nearly nineteen years since Seven of Nine got together with Chakotay for ??? reasons. I pray this is nullified at long last in the weeks to come, as Seven will be a pivotal member of the upcoming Star Trek: Picard.

Chakotay sucks.

Hi! I'm Quinton.
Did you know that Emilia Clarke will be my wife in 2023?
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Anagram

1 month ago#15
- Bad Tier -
I’ve divided my characters into tiers. This is Bad Tier. These are characters who actively make their shows worse by being in them.

59. Neelix
I’ve made a Star Trek character ranking like four or five times now, and the only placement that always remains the same is Neelix. Not even Star Trek Discovery is capable of unseating him from his throne in last place – though we’ll get to that later.

The only positive thing I’ll say about Neelix is that I think the core concept of the character is interesting: an alien who agrees to support the Federation people and provides a new perspective opposite their own. You know who also did that? Quark. You know who’s way higher on this list? Quark.

Neelix is annoying, possessive toward his girlfriend (who, spoilers, is also low on my list), and adds nothing really to the show. It would be one thing if he had some kind of critical skill the ship needs to survive, but his skill is cooking. He’s supposed to be charismatic and make people open up to him, but he’s written so horribly that after a while, even the characters start complaining about him. Not enough to boot him off the ship, though. I can’t understand who thought this character would be positively received.

His bumbling is responsible for multiple episodes of conflict – there’s even an episode where he almost destroys the ship by buying diseased cheese. Yet Janeway not only keeps him aboard, she gives him important diplomatic and managerial tasks. There’s an episode where Neelix orders a guy to pick up bones scattered in front of a mysterious cave they haven’t explored on a planet of hostile primitive aliens, the guy gets killed, and no one blames Neelix for it.
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User Info: greengravy294

1 month ago#16
So are you going to say who the eight people are or do I need to use deductive reasoning

User Info: SaveEstelle

1 month ago#17
greengravy294 posted...
So are you going to say who the eight people are or do I need to use deductive reasoning

The latter because I wasn’t 100% certain if that claim was correct and I had hoped no one would be intuitive enough to inquire but along came a gravy, the color of emeralds, being smart
Hi! I'm Quinton.
Did you know that Emilia Clarke will be my wife in 2023?
(edited 1 month ago)
thank you
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User Info: banananor

1 month ago#19
tag, and taking a seat in the peanut gallery.

i’ve watched a lot of star trek in my time, but not enough to participate in a ranking like this

You did indeed stab me in the back. However, you are only level one, whilst I am level 50. That means I should remain uninjured.

User Info: ZenOfThunder

1 month ago#20
i was stuck on a 4 hour plane ride and i flipped through the channels and saw voyager was on and of course it was a chakotay episode

then a neelix episode

then another chakotay episode

f*** u bbc america
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