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User Info: KamikazePotato

3 weeks ago#321
Blackquill is okay. Honestly every prosecutor is living in the shadows of Edgeworth and Von Karma. First game really knocked that out of the park.
Black Turtle did a pretty good job.

User Info: MrSmartGuy

3 weeks ago#322
I had forgotten what topic I was in; thought I was in Anagram's topic and I was like UHHHHH GUYS?????
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User Info: Paratroopa1

3 weeks ago#323
Fortunately there are no more AA games on my list so no chance for this topic to derail again

User Info: LeonhartFour

3 weeks ago#324
well I doubt I'll be able to talk about many of the games that are left so I have to go for it!

User Info: Paratroopa1

3 weeks ago#325
I actually don't mind I just think it's funny that this topic could briefly be confused for the anagram topic

User Info: TsunamiXXVIII

3 weeks ago#326
Won't be quoting everything for obvious reasons.

Paratroopa1 posted...
Zelda 1 Randomizer, Zelda 2 Randomizer, Pokemon Randomizer, Super Mario Bros 3 Randomizer, etc.

Realistically speaking, Zelda 1 Randomizer might well be my favorite gaming experience of the decade, or at least really close. The 10's have been the decade of the randomizer, starting with Pokemon Randomizer somewhere around 2011 I think? The whole concept of taking these old games and shuffling all of the data in them to generate new levels and to put every enemy and item in a brand new location has completely breathed new life into a ton of games that I have loved for years, turning each game into its own little roguelike of sorts - having to learn each seed as you go, exploring and experimenting, testing your abilities on the fly in brand new situations that never existed in the original game. I'm someone who doesn't really enjoy speedrunning games where it becomes about really rote memorization and super-precise optimization of every little thing, so randomizers have been big for me, as I specialize in general knowledge, on-the-fly planning, and figuring out what to do in new situations. Zelda 1 Randomizer has in particular really been an addiction for me though, as the levels lend themselves so well to being rearranged and feeling like a new experience every game, and I've made a little bit of a name for myself speedrunning it. I think the randomizer communities will only continue to grow as the randomizers themselves get more robust and awesome, and I look forward to playing them into the 2020's. I kept them off the list because, well, they aren't really entirely new games, and there's something depressing about listing Zelda 1 Randomizer as one of my favorite games of the decade when it's a thing that generates romhacks for a game from 1987. I have enough actually new games that I liked.

Yeah, thanks again for introducing me to rando, and by extension, speedrunning. Hopefully I'll be on stage at a GDQ before long.

Leonhart4 posted...
ZTD was great, but it didn't quite deliver on what VLR built it up to do.

Yeah, agreed. The ending was especially stupid, because it didn't even use the Schrodinger's Cat mechanics that the series had been using so frequently.

I didn't realize VVVVVV was this decade. I thought it was older!

Also, heck yeah, four birdfeeders here too.

Three Houses does not have any animal-people, but it's still probably the best Fire Emblem game to have been released outside of Japan (still no Genealogy of the Holy War, though).

Paratroopa1 posted...
Before I continue, I just wanted to give a few quick hits for all of the games that I had seriously considered on this list but eventually cut. It's not a completely exhaustive list - if I sat here talking about every game I played this decade that I liked we'd be here all day. These are just the most notable ones.
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked
Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Nice, nice. I never played the original Devil Survivor, either. And HGSS was so good! FRLG was basically just RBY with the improved mechanics of Gen III and a little bit of bonus content in the postgame, but HGSS really improved upon GSC in the story department. Also, Voltorb Flip was my go-to time waster for years.
Paratroopa1 posted...
Where do I even start with it. Do I talk about the annoying characters that are impossible to take seriously or care about, who frequently have no impact on the plot? Do I talk about the writing that is more frequently cringe-worthy than it is funny, with awful anime cliches galore? Do I talk about the completely nonsense plot where nothing anyone does makes sense and barely wraps up competently? Do I talk about the frustrating minigames that do more to break up the action in a bad way than they do to provide variety? Do I talk about how disappointing most of the murder plots are compared to Ace Attorney? Do I talk about how much I hate Monokuma?

Or... do I talk about the good? Do I talk about the great premise of people trapped in a place where they have to kill each other to escape, which hooked me immediately? Do I talk about the bright, almost psychadelic visuals and energetic soundtrack, which provide this game an undeniable sense of style? Do I talk about the wonderfully-delivered voice acting performances, which make said annoying characters tolerable and almost funny at times? Do I talk about the few times some of the characters really break through and make me interested in them, or the few times that the plot really had me hooked on finding out what the mystery was? Do I talk about how undeniably clever some of the murder plots are, occasionally even rivaling Ace Attorney in ingenuity? Do I talk about how, despite all of this game's bizarre flaws and frustrations, how I was hooked from beginning to end and wanted to see the story through no matter what, and how fun it is to play with a friend, laughing at all the game's funny s*** and stupid s*** alike, discussing the murder plots and coming up with crackpot theories for what's going to happen?

You don't talk about it at all, of course. Yes I'm still salty about being ostracized on this board for allegedly *giving* spoilers to a pair of games I've never played.
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User Info: TsunamiXXVIII

3 weeks ago#327
LeonhartFour posted...
Virtue's Last Reward is so good. It's easily my favorite of the trilogy. I can't even talk much about it here because of spoilers, but yeah, it's like a less absurd Danganronpa.

and heck yeah Zero Jr. was great

He really was. I'm still partial to 999 over VLR, though. It's just so much crisper; VLR was where they started really expanding it and making it a crazy mindf***. 999 was insane, but it was a manageable insane.
Also known as Cyberchao X.

User Info: TsunamiXXVIII

3 weeks ago#328
Paratroopa1 posted...
And one last honorable mention before I get to the top 10, one "game" that I had meant to mention somewhere, probably in the same post that I talked about randomizers, but I forgot, so I'll pay it tribute now:

Honorable Mention



Not really a game so much as an event; not really an event so much as a bizarre hallucination we all had for a couple of weeks back in 2014, but maybe one of the most important things to happen on the gaming part of the internet, ever. If you missed it, it's really one of those you-had-to-be-there things. Never seen anything like it, probably will never see anything like it again, but for the two weeks that this happened it was pretty much all I thought about. The idea of everyone controlling a game of Pokemon all at once is brilliant. Put into practice, it is beautiful, maddening chaos, so much that the rules had to be changed halfway through to allow for people to vote on which input to use to get through the more harrowing parts of the game. I got more suspense, more excitement out of watching this play out than I've ever gotten watching any TV show. And this did feel something like a TV show, waiting to find out what would happen in each new episode; would we beat the next gym, or would we get stuck on a narrow ledge for 12 hours? Would we catch a new Pokemon, or release all of the ones currently in our party? The constant thrill of not knowing what was going to happen next despite it in theory all being in our control was fascinating, and the fact that all you had to do was type inputs into a window to help participate made it all the more fascinating. I was there! I was there at sometime around Pewter City, all the way through the end. What a fascinating journey that gave us so many great stories and a wealth of memes so pervasive that even Jeopardy's twitter account invoked them when talking about its Pokemon category. You just had to be there. Some of the future TPP playthroughs were also great, but they've lost their edge since, since sadly the newer games are far too easy to control via the twitch plays method. But the original playthrough of TPP is legendary. It's not the best game released this decade, but it might be the most interesting game-related thing to happen.

Yeah TPP is fun but everyone's gotten lazy with it now and I think most of the people want to just get the games over with so they can get back to playing PBR.

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User Info: Naye745

3 weeks ago#330
yeah while i still hold original pokemon crystal as my favorite pokemon game, heart gold/soul silver are (i think) legitimately the best pokemon games ever made. surprised they aren't on the list!
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