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User Info: ViolentAbacus

1 month ago#181
No More Heroes (Wii)

I loved it. All the boss fights felt really unique, and it never really did the same thing twice. They also all varied in difficulty and threw some unexpected things at you. The #2 and #1 ranked fights were probably the hardest for me. I got the true ending, and felt fairly satisfied. No real complaints with this title.

Probably will be posting infrequently until around April, going to try to play less games until Animal Crossing comes out and get back into reading... We'll see how that goes though, since gaming is pretty much my only hobby until it warms up.

User Info: GOGZero

1 month ago#182
Akane (Switch)

You are Akane and you have to take down all of the Yakuza until you die.

One hit/shot is all it takes to kill anyone (except for the Tank enemies and the boss needs two hits)
The same can happen to you as well.

Game is a very fun and stylish arcade arena twin stick shooter.
Some nice pixel art and a thumpin' soundtrack that fits the mood.

There are objectives/achievements that are worth doing. You get awarded with many different Swords,Guns,Boots to help your mobility, Gear that can give you enhanced abilities and cosmetic colored Trails that you leave behind as you dash (trails come from Akane's cigarette).

You have to be careful as you are slashing with your Katana cause it uses Stamina. While you recover your Stamina, you can run away and use your guns as your stamina recovers. Ammo recovers over time and also when you kill enemies.You can only stand still to shoot your Gun. You can also deflect slashes and shots with your Katana. You also have two special moves when you fill up the adrenaline meter. Dragon Slash allows you to draw a straight line and when activated, you go through the line and slash all in your path. Dragon Slayer is your smart bomb/nuke that allows you to slash up all the enemies in one go.

There is a boss enemy that appears for every 100 enemies you kill. This boss also levels up as you go further and he even uses different attacks you have to look out for.

Despite the game being an arcade game where you can see how long you last and make a high score until you die, it does indeed have an ending to be earned. The Final Scene is unlocked after you complete every objective/achievement in the game and it shows why Akane is fighting the Yakuza.

My personal best is
Kills: 551
Max Combo: 220
Boldness: 628

Jaws (NES)
While it can be a little repetitive, It's fun and not as bad as it seems. 🦈
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User Info: KCF0107

1 month ago#183
OneShot (PC)

One of maybe two RPGMaker games that I have played that are worth a damn
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User Info: paperwarior

1 month ago#184
New Super Mario Bros Wii
I still pulled all my hair out getting all the Star Coins but I enjoyed it a ton more than the first game.
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(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: metaIslug

1 month ago#185
Pac-Man World 2 (PS2)

I don't know whether to call this game good or bad. The boss fights are terrible, the camera is very often bad, and the game practically demands you do 1-UP farming.
So the way it works is, in this game you can continue from a checkpoint as long as you have lives. If you don't have lives, you start from the beginning. Now, these levels are hard, and long, and the boss fights are brutal. So, I went online and found a way to farm 1-UPs. But I just keep thinking about who would play this game, and it's obviously kids. And I'm just like, would a kid ever know to farm 1-UPs or where to farm them? No. I just don't get why you would make a Castlevania hard Pac-Man game. Cause it really is like that if you don't farm 1-UPs.
Part of me is like "f*** yea, a tough as nails 3d platformer. That's so uncommon" but it's also a kids game. And frankly, even ignoring that it's for kids, the game has way too many bugs, it has 3D Sonic camera awkwardness, the boss fights are awful and alot of the difficulty comes from fighting those issues. Oh, and don't bother trying to 100% levels. Just don't. Without going into detail it asks you to collect -everything- in one run of the level, and it's absolutely infuriating. Do not bother

So should you play Pac-Man World 2? NO... unless you're down for hard platformers and even then you must know to farm 1-ups and to ignore 100%-ing levels. Then there is some enjoyment, and I would say at its best it's really cool. It's just the cool parts are sandwiched between a lot of garbage
Long post but this one really pissed me off

User Info: paperwarior

1 month ago#186
I did the 99 lives combo after running out in a late world and ended up using like half of them by the end. I was breaking even for a while but then worlds 7 and 8 hit. Star Coins are no joke.
"God Hand is the ultimate expression of the joy of humanity, specifically the punching part of the joy of humanity."-Shigeru Miyamoto

User Info: Simoun

1 month ago#187
Portal 2 (PC)

Was planning to play a few mods and I felt nostalgic so I beat the original one again
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User Info: Simoun

1 month ago#188
metaIslug posted...
So should you play Pac-Man World 2? NO

The first one on the PS1 already pissed me off. And one of the boss fights in that game was MarioKart with a bad camera.

I prefer the Ms Pacman games, which should've been what the Pacman games were, in the same vein as the Frogger remakes
It's not so cliche anymore when it's happening to you.

User Info: GOGZero

1 month ago#189
Save the Ninja Clan (Switch)

You play as 3 Ninja and must...Save the Ninja Clan from the evil White Ninja!

An action/platformer that is kinda similar to Super Meat Boy.

There are 30 levels and 3 boss fights. There are also many secrets to find in the game and the narration from the "Game Manager" during these secrets are pretty funny when you do find them and the Game Manager gets annoyed at you for trying to "break the game" and sends you off to the next level.

The 3 Ninja have different abilities. Yellow Ninja can Double Jump, Blue Ninja can sprint really fast and the Red Ninja can do a teleport smoke ball that does a short dash which gives you temporary invincibility that allows you to pass through objects and can also extend your jumps. Kunai is not only used to attack enemies, they can also be tossed at a wall to be used as platforms.

Cute little game. Fun and challenging.
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User Info: 249USDollars

1 month ago#190
Crosswords Plus (3DS)

I bought this hoping for a nice crossword game with real clues to play during the down times at work. Instead I get s*** with repeating clues and touch screen controls that think that S's are I's.
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