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User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#251
I'm on to something here. Got to check some videos before I talk more about it.

User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#252

User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#253
After checking (no I didn't spend a week doing it), I am fairly certain that Shannon = Kanon.
Or more accurately, Kanon is a part of Shannon. Some evidence I dug up:

  1. 'I am one yet many'. One means Shannon. Many means Shannon, Kanon and Beatrice.
  2. In episode 6, the couples must take part in a test, and only one pair can succeed. This is because one member of each pairing are actually the same person, you can't have Shannon loving 3 people at once. There is also that duel between Shannon and Kanon and how they are in the way of the other.
  3. Will told Shannon to fetch Kanon in the chapel, but Shannon acted weird and implied Will should stop asking. Presumably this is to not give away that they are the same. In fact, I don't think they ever appeared together in the chapel part of episode 7.
  4. The timing of Kanon's arrival to Rokkenjima, as mentioned a few posts ago.
  5. When Genji was talking about the portrait, both Shannon and Kanon were shown, but he said 'you should try it too Shannon' as if Kanon wasn't here. Iirc it is the only time Kanon showed up in Clair's story.
I'm sure there are more hints but this is enough for now.

User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#254
Few other stuff worth mentioning

-Eva never told Ange what happened on the island because it would be about her parents being killers and her mother talking all sorts of s***. For all her abuses that's at least a decent thing she did.
-Battler wasn't shown to be killed on Rokkenjima after walking away. The assumption is that he died in the blast, but maybe there's a catch?
-Shannon being 3 people at the same time makes things super weird. Like, did she love Jessica, George and Battler at the same time? Is she bisexual? And this is all incestuous? What is even wrong with her?

User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#255
handsomeboy2012 posted...
I went back at checked.

So at first I thought there were 17 humans (Kinzo is dead after all) on Rokkenjima, and adding Erika makes 18, and since they killed Erika it is back to 17.

But I appear to have misunderstood because they said 'Even if you join us all that's only 17' meaning there are 16 without Erika...
Oh yeah, this line, there are in fact 16 people on Rokkenjima, which makes sense if you consider Shannon and Kanon being one single person. It also opens up a whole lot of possibilities for solving the murders in games 1-6, like pinning the crimes on some person X.

User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#256
I have always referred her as 'Shannon', but upon further thought is that really accurate? Sure people call her Shannon but it wasn't very clear what Yasu looked like. Maybe 'Shannon' is yet another part of Yasu just like Kanon and Beatrice, and Yasu's true appearance is just like Lion.

It's going to be very difficult to rank Yasu without knowing the full picture. For this episode I'll continue to take Shannon, Kanon and Beatrice as separate characters. Everything about Kinzo's illegitimate child will be attributed to Shannon for now. So the only additions are Lion and Will (Clair is just Beatrice)

User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#257
Character Rankings after episode 7
(and comparison with last time)

37. Bernkatsel (-2)
36. Evatrice (-2)
35. Kinzo (-3)
34. Chiester Sisters (-1)
33. Gohda (-4)
32. Amakusa (-7)
31. Cornelia and Gertrude (-7)
30. Erika (-3)
29. Maria (-3)
28. Featherine/Hachijo (-7)
27. Seven sisters of purgatory (+1)
26. Genji (+4)
25. Zepar and Furfur (-2)
24. Sakutarou (-2)
23. Nanjo (+8)
22. Gaap (-6)
21. Kumasawa (-1)
20. Kanon (-1)
19. Lambadadelta (-5)
18. Krauss (0)
17. Kyrie (-10)
16. Hideyoshi (-1)
15. Shannon (+2)
14. Jessica (-1)
13. George (-1)
12. Virgilia (-1)
11. Ronove (-6)
10. Lion (new)
9. Rosa (0)
8. Battler (-2)
7. Rudolf (+3)
6. Dlanor (-4)
5. Eva (+3)
4. Will (new)
3. Beatrice (0)
2. Ange (+2)
1. Natsuhi (0)

Will and Lion were a lot of fun.

User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#258
This Yasu + Kanon + Shannon + Beatrice business is still a bit opaque for me, I think I got most of it right, only problem is where 'Shannon' stands in this. My take is that Yasu looks that same as Lion, is called Shannon as a servant, and Kanon/Beatrice are her other personas... something like that. It's hard to describe.

So 'one' should mean Yasu and 'many' should mean the others in 'I am one yet many'

User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#259
A short review before moving on

The majority Episode 7 is a slow burn. There's the whole WW2 Kinzo story, some interviews with the family members, and then 9 whole chapters about Clair/Yasu, and I thought I'm getting another situation like parts of episode 4 that make me sleep.

I enjoyed this a lot though - to start with, Will and Lion are much more bearable than Maria, they play off each other well and had some great banter. Also as Clair told her story, I could 'follow' it and better understand what is going on. It's like I have been wallowing in the mud for a long time and suddenly there's a real sense of progression and purpose, and it was pretty satisfying even if not much has been explicitly confirmed yet. I never felt I'm wasting my time or that the backstory is too long. For me episode 7 is where I start to connect the dots, and that makes me biased towards it. I suspect that quite a lot of people don't like the long exposition though.

Of course every episodes needs some action and the Tea Party delivered on that; I'm been waiting for the family to murder each other since the very beginning. Not a big fan on how Kyrie turned out however, I never liked overly evil and heartless characters.

(Whew It's kind of hard to put what I think about this episode into words)

Episode ranking: 3>4>>>7>>6>5>1>>>>>2

User Info: handsomeboy2012

1 month ago#260
A big issue I had about episode 6 is showing the wedding scene at the very beginning, so I’m just waiting for Battler to fail as I go through the episode and it’s difficult to get very invested when you know how it will go.

Thankfully episode 7 shook it up. Lion’s world is a interesting way to tell the story, and the Tea Party ‘truth’ + reveal that Lion will also get killed was something I didn’t see coming at all. Overall an enjoyable and intriguing episode.

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