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User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#91
Preseason Week 1 Headlines

-Eagles TE Dallas Goedert will be out til Week 2 or 3
-Bengals DT Geno Atkins lost his superstar factor and now his season, hes done
-TRADE! Patriots send CB Jason McCourty to DUBLIN RAIDERS for DT PJ Hall
-Giants sign WR Emmanual Sanders
-Giants sign QB Devlin Hodges

Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: StealThisSheen

1 month ago#92
Let's do this, Raiders
Seplito Nash, Smelling Like the Vault since 1996
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User Info: Jukkie

1 month ago#93
Lol Jucker Jukkie, I love it.
* B8 LNC *
*****es be crazy!!

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#94
Preseason Week 2 Headlines

-Eagles lose WR JJ Arcega Whiteside for the year
-Patriots WR Julian Edelman caught 3 TDs
-Rams SS John Johnson III out for the year
-Cardinals sign QB Nick Mullens
-Bills sign QB Kelly Bryant (Titans already cut him lmao?)
-Vikings sign QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
-Broncos sign WR Phillip Dorsett
-New Raider Jason McCourty immediately fractures his foot will miss 6-8 weeks
-B8 Rookie @ShatteredElysium tears his Hamstrong, will miss 3 weeks of regular season
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#95
Preseason Week 3 Headlines

-Seahawks HB Chris Carson out for the year
-Redskins Rookie WR Tee Higgins will 3 weeks
-Seahawks sign QB Tyrod Taylor
-Seahawks cut QB RG3
-Bucs release QB Paxton Lynch
-Bucs QB Tua Tagosomething will miss first 5 weeks of the season with collarbone injury
-Falcons will not have Calvin Ridley or Julio Jones for first 2 weeks
-B8er and Jets FS Menji Menji has been lost for the year with an acl tear
-Patriots CB Jonathon Jones out for the year
-Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett will miss first 5 weeks
-Titans HB Lamar Miller will miss first 3 weeks
-Broncos HB Phillip Lindsay will be out 7 weeks
-Browns WR Odell Beckham will miss first 4 weeks
-Cardinals HB Austin Ekeler out for the year

Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#96
Preseason Week 4 Headlines
-This seriously confused me but the Seahawks traded @WarThaNemesis2 to Denver this week
-Steelers sign WR Allen Lazard
-Patriots HB Sony Michel will miss 12 games
-Rams WR Cooper Kupp to miss half the year
-Bengals HB Joe Mixo to miss 7 weeks

Starting QBs
NFC North
BearsMitchell Trubisky
PackersAaron Rodgers
LionsMatthew Stafford
VikingsKirk Cousins

NFC East
EaglesCarson Wentz
GiantsDevlin Hodges (out of nowhere?)
CowboysDak Prescott
RedskinsDwayne Haskins Jr

NFC South
SaintsJake Fromm *R*
FalconsMatt Ryan
BucsJameis Winston
PanthersCam Newton

NFC West
RamsJared Goff
SeahawksRussell Wilson
CardinalsKyler Murray

AFC North
RavensLamar Jackson
SteelersBen Roethlisberger
BrownsBaker Mayfield
BengalsJustin Herbert *R*

AFC East
PatriotsTom Brady
BillsJosh Allen
JetsSam Darnold
DolphinsTeddy Bridgewater

AFC South
TexansDeshaun Watson
ColtsJacoby Brissett
TitansCase Keenum
JaguarsNick Foles

AFC West
ChiefsPatrick Mahomes
Explorers Marcus Mariota
RaidersDerek Carr
BroncosRyan Tannehill

B8 Status
QB SteelThisSheen (Raiders) [Not starting, Derek Carr is]
QB Jukkie (Bucs) [Not starting, Winston is]

HB ShatteredElysium (Dolphin) [Injured]

FB PandaMaster (Jaguars) [Starting]

WR Fastbreak (Saints) [#2 WR]
WR Maniac64 (Bucs) [#3 WR]
WR MZero (Broncos) [#3 WR, they suddenly signed phillip dorsett]

TE Ringworm (Titans) [Starting]
TE JcGamer (49ers) [Starting due to Kittle injury]

LOLB Lolo Guru (Jaguars) [Starting]
MLB MysteriousStan (Patriots) [#2 MLB]
ROLB WarThaNemesis (Broncos) [Starting]

DE Arti (Ravens) [Starting RE]

FS KCF0107 (49ers) [Starting]
FS Menji (Jets) [Injured]

SS Beavis666x2 (Bears) [Starting]
SS 5tarscream (Cowboys) [Starting]

K Fbike (Bengals) [Starting]
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: WarThaNemesis2

1 month ago#97
Okay so I got traded from an ex-AFC West team to an actual AFC West team, but not the right one.

Just gotta go to the Chiefs then I can head to Columbus or Dublin!
Not a stinky alien. :(
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User Info: 5tarscream

1 month ago#98
I guess this could be worse.

User Info: ScareChan

1 month ago#99
so the Saints signed 3 QBs to replace Brees and then went with a rookie they drafted after me?

I am actually super down for that. Hot rookie to rookie chemistry coming up.
*Fastbreak Intensifies*
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User Info: MysteriousStan

1 month ago#100
Oh god. This is the worst.
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