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User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#241
Some of these bad ovr players landed with Star potential, which means after 500 downs they either flip as a Star and get crazy good or fizzle away

Bears Draft
RD 1 QB Emmanuel Griffin (Star Potential)
RD 2 RG Dalvin Vance (Star Potential)
RD 3 Mack Godwin CB (4th CB)
RD 4 Troy Stallings HB (Likely Bust)
RD 5 Tre Wootton CB (Likely Bust)
RD 6 Anton Lindsey RG (Likely Bust)
RD 7 Jaylen Saunders MLB (Likely Bust)
The Bears are rolling the dice on this QB but who knows who they actually start

Bengals Draft
RD 1 WR Stanley (Star Potential)
RD 2 HB Thurmond (3rd string)
RD 3 LOLB Leary (Star Potential)
RD 4 DT Blade (3rd string)
RD 4 CB Archer (Likely Bust)
RD 5 LE Bronson(Likely Bust)
RD 6 LG Daniels (Likely Bust)
RD 7 HB Crawford (Likely Bust)
RD 7 TE Connolly (Likely Bust)
A potential WR star and a LB star is really good for this draft

RD 1 LT Saunders (Backup)
RD 2 HB Green (Likely Bust)
RD 3 LOLB Worthen (Likely Bust)
RD 4 LE Chisholm (Likely Bust)
RD 5 FS Collins (Likely Bust)
RD 6 RT Cobb (Likely Bust)
RD 7 LG Ellison (Likely Bust)
RD 7 HB Pounds (Likely Bust)
Mostly 3rd, 4th or practice squad boys, the LT has a shot

RD 1 TE Tyms (3rd String)
RD 2 WR Woods (4th String)
RD 3 LT Rushing (3rd String)
RD 4 LE Kincade (Star Potential)
RD 5 QB Hartman (Likely Bust)
RD 6 WR Blackwell (Likely Bust)
RD 7 LOLB Stamer (3rd String)
Bucs found some depth but in RD 4 they may have found the next stud Left end or a bust

Cowboys Draft
RD 1 WR Mickens (3rd String)
RD 2 TE Colon (Likely Bust)
RD 3 WR Barkley (3rd String)
RD 4 DT Morse (Star Potential)
RD 5 WR Richmond (Likely Bust)
RD 6 RE Morrison (Star Potential)
RD 6 DT Cannon (Likely Bust)
RD 7 QB Ramsey (Likely Bust)
They may have the new WR3 or WR4. The DT Morse has a star potential but is so low in ovr he likely doesnt make the team. The real hit is the RE potential found in rd 6

RD 1 RE McKinley (2nd String)
RD 3 CB Herman (4th String)
RD 4 RG Mcintyre (4th String)
RD 5 CB Farr (3rd String)
RD 6 HB Bradley (Likely Bust)
The phins continue their magical offseason and grab possibly a good bench DE and a starting RT

RD 1 WR Kitchen (4th String)
RD 2 RE Craft (3rd String)
RD 3 QB Steele (Likely Bust)
RD 4 WR Day (Likely Bust)
RD 5 RE Sullivan (Likely Bust)
RD 5 MLB Gotson (Likely Bust)
RD 6 LE Lacy (Likely Bust)
RD 7 MLB Saucedo (Likely Bust)
RD 7 RG Elliott (Likely Bust)
49ers fire your scout team, for this many picks this is kinda bad even in this draft class

RD 1 FS Greenwood (Starter! and Star Potential)
RD 2 CB Riddick (3rd String)
RD 3 SS Harper (3rd String)
RD 4 CB Pleasant (Likely Bust)
RD 5 FS Sullivan (Likely Bust)
RD 6 RE Lehman (Likely Bust)
RD 7 LOLB Holloway (Likely Bust)
Jags actually nail the 1st rd to my shock. And picked up some bench depth. After rd 3 though lol

RD 1 LT Hopkins (2nd String)
RD 2 MLB Mohr (3rd String)
RD 3 CB Allison (Likely Bust)
RD 4 QB Snelling (Likely Bust)
RD 5 WR Heinrich (Likely Bust)
RD 6 DT Bauer (Likely Bust)
RD 7 RT Rutherford (Likely Bust)
Jets find some LT depth and thats kinda it

RD 1 RE Oneill (2nd String)
RD 2 ROLB Jerrett (3rd String)
RD 3 LG Gilbert (2nd String)
RD 5 LE Henley (Likely Bust)
RD 6 LT Gentry (Likely Bust)
RD 7 RG Barlow (Likely Bust)
Pats get some line depth

RD 1 CB Bynes (Major Hit! Star Potential)
RD 2 HB Hixon (Star Potential)
RD 3 WR Cobbs (Star Potential)
RD 4 MLB Dockett (Likely Bust)
RD 5 HB Moore (Likely Bust)
RD 6 TE Barner (Likely Bust)
RD 7 ROLB McClain (Likely Bust)
Raiders may have won the draft

RD 1 C Culver (3rd String)
RD 2 TE Madden (Star Potential)
RD 3 MLB Boyd (3rd String)
RD 4 CB Peoples (Likely Bust)
RD 5 ROLB Bradshaw (Likely Bust)
RD 6 CB Hudson (Likely Bust)
RD 7 LG Morency (Likely Bust)
Saints may have a Star TE but hes currently a 3rd stringer so uh we shall see if they commit

RD 1 ROLB Lewis (3rd String)
RD 1 MLB Burge (3rd String)
RD 2 HB White (3rd String)
RD 3 LOLB Brewer (3rd String)
RD 4 LE Burgess (Likely Bust)
RD 5 HB Rudd (Likely Bust)
RD 6 DT Thompson (Likely Bust)
RD 7 LOLB Palmer (Likely Bust)
If you like 3rd stringers with not much else, Titans got you
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#242
Preseason Week 1
49ers announce that JC Gamer is on the trade block
Giants sign HB Alvin Kamara
Eagles sign HB Saquan Barkley (he was staring me in the face)
Titans sign QB Kirk Cousins (tentatively new starter)
Colts sign LG Greg Van Roten
Colts sign K Robbie Gould
Bills sign LB KJ Wright
Dolphins sign SS Jaylen Watkins
Dolphins sign WR Will Fuller
Patriots sign CB Daryl Worley
Jets sign FS Malcolm Jenkins
Explorers sign RG Kyle Long
Explorers sign CB Quinton Dunbar
Packers sign SS Brandon Jones
Packers sign QB Jeff Driskel
Bucs sign K Matt Prater
Cowboys sign LB Chris Worley
Giants sign TE Lance Kendricks
Giants sign HB Kareem Hunt
Giants sign WR Kenny Stills
Giants sign DT Malik Jackson
Redskins sign TE Ricky Seals Jones
Rams sign QB Kyle Allen
Seawhawks sign QB Case Keenum
Eagles trade DE Avery to Colts for SS Khari Willis
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#243
Preseason Week 2
Colts sign SS Derrick Kindred
Saints sign SS JJ Wilcox
Browns sign QB Kelly Bryant
49ers trade TE @jcgamer107 to Packers for RD 3 4 and 6 picks
Saints trade SS Chauncy Garnder Johnston to Texans for RD 3 and 5 picks
Redskins sign LOLB Taco Charlton
Bengals sign LE Carlos Dunlap
Bengals sign HB Marlon Mack
Jaguars sign CB Josh Norman
Cowboys sign CB Jalen Mills

Ravens HB Mark Ingram will return Week 2 of Reg
Browns TE David Njoku done for the year
Bucs HB Ronald Jones out til week 5
Dolphins DE Chase Young out til week 3

honestly shocked JC Gamer got traded so fast

Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#244
Preseason Week 3
Jaguars sign TE Jake Butt
Ravens sign HB Jamaal Williams

Eagles HB Miles Sanders out til week 3
Falcons MLB Deion Jones week 3
Jets WR Robby Anderson Week 2
Packers DT Kenny Clark Week 4
Patriots MLB Donta hightower Week 4
Patriots SS Pat Chung week 4
Raiders LB Jordan Jenkins out for the year
Redskins TE Jordan Reed out til week 6
Saints MLB Alex Anzalone out til Week 13
Steelers HB Jaylen Samuels out til week 4
Bengals WR AJ Greenn out til week 5
Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill out til Week 5/6

Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#245
Preseason Week 4
Bengals resign Fbike to 1 year deal

Eagles DE Derek Barnett Week 5
Falcons WR Calvin Ridley Week 6
49ers LB Kwon Alexander Week 6
Jaguars CB AJ Bouye Week 6
Panthers MLB Luke Kuechly Week 4
Patriots WR Nkeal Harry out for the year
Patriots TE Oj Howard out til week 6
Seahawks HB Chris Carson 3 weeks
Steelers HB John Conner out til week 2
Titans TE Circle @Ringworm out for the year with a torn pectoral :(
Vikings HB Dalvin Cook out til week 2
Bengals HB Joe Mixon out til week 2
Bengals TE Tyler Eifret out til week 2
Cardinals TE Austin Hooper out til week 4
Colts DE Genard Avery out til week 3 (ho ho ho)

Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#246
The Time before Week 1
Dolphins sign QB Nick Mullens

Eagles HB Jordan Howard out 5 weeks
Giants HB Alvin Kamara 6 weeks
Giants HB AJ Dillon 6 weeks
Packers HB Aaaron Jones 6 weeks
Broncos HB Phillip Lindsay 8 weeks
Broncos HB Royce Freeman 2 Weeks

OK either tomorrow or tuesday or something, this is my order of upcoming
X-Factor updates who got powers and who lost them
Review of the Top players per position
Where B8 players fall in rankings and if they are starting
Starting QBs for 2021
Reviewing Each Teams 2020 and the bad predictions I made
Week 1

Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: Fastbreak

1 month ago#247
Did we get bumps for those votes from before
*Fastbreak Intensifies*
*ScareChan Intensifies*
How many downs per game is it roughly? Like 40-50 per side of the ball?

User Info: Maniac64

1 month ago#249
Hopefully Jukkie and I can carry the Bucs this year
"Hope is allowed to be stupid, unwise, and naive." ~Sir Chris

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#250
Fastbreak posted...
Did we get bumps for those votes from before

ShatteredElysium posted...
How many downs per game is it roughly? Like 40-50 per side of the ball?
I estimate yes

Switch: 0675-3724-0313
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