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User Info: 5tarscream

1 month ago#201
Playing: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
Reading: The Fires of Heaven

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#202
We really are gonna have no more Hall of Fame voters so I'm gonna announce the first class in the B8 hall of fame

QB Drew Brees (7 Votes)
Teams: Chargers, Saints

WR Larry Fitzgerald (7 Votes)
Teams: Cardinals

HB Frank Gore (6 Votes)
Teams: 49ers, Colts, Dolphins, Bills

HB Adrian Peterson (5 Votes)
Teams: Vikings, Cardinals, Redskins

K Adam Vinatieri (4 Votes)
Teams: Patriots, Colts

Didn't make the cut
LT Jason Peter x3 (Runner Up, Elligible Next Vote)
QB Eli Manning x3 (Runner Up, Elligible Next Vote)
TE Ben Watson x2
Coach Andy Reid x2
LB Terrell Suggs x2
HB Darren Sproles x1
HB Lesean Mccoy x1
TE Delanie Walker x1
LT Joe Staley x1

Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#203
Week 16
Lions > Eagles: Darius Slay picks off Wentz twice and holds off the Eagles 13-10
Falcons > Cowboys: Ryan pitch a 4TD massacre here, Starscream 3 tac
Saints > Bucs: Alvin Kamara wins this with 100 yards rushing and 2TDs, Quick Fastbreak 2 for 14 yards, Jukkie 1TD2INT
Ravens > Skins: Mark Ingram 130 yards and a TD leads the Ravens barely past the skins
Bengals > Steelers: Justin herbert throws for 1 and rushes for 1
Patriots > Dolphins: Patriots kinda limp by, Stan 9 tackles
Browns > Texans: Baker Mayfield throws for 2TD
Raiders > Explorers: Sheen throws for 2TDs in 1 point win
Cardinals > Giants: In an otherworldly QB duel Nick Mullens defeats Devlin Hodges
Jaguars > Bears: Foles pitches a shutout, Beavis 4 tacs
Panthers > Broncos: Newton hits Mzero for the game winner, MZero 3 for 52 yards TD
Seahawks > Bills: Josh Allen played a perfect game but was no match for Russell Wilsons 20 yard game winning run
Rams > 49ers: Goff throws a game winning OT TD, jc gamer 4 for 35 yards TD, KCF 4 tacs 1INT
Packers > Titans: Rodgers throws for 2TDs and Titans roll over
Jets > Chiefs: Jets backup soundly wins, Mahomes throws 0TDs and his 2nd pick of the year
Saints > Vikings: Brisett throws for 3TD in win, Cousins threw for 400 yards and 0 scores

Rams Aaron Donald sets new single season record for Sacks

1.Chiefs 11-4 (AFC West Winner)
2.Ravens 11-4 (Clinched Playoffs)
3.Jets 10-4-1 (AFC East Winner)
4.Texans 9-6 (AFC South Winner)
5.Browns 11-4 (Clinched Playoffs)
6.Broncos 8-6-1
=In The Hunt=
7.Bills 8-7
8.Steelers 6-9
9.Jaguars 6-9
10.Dolphins 6-9
11.Patriots 6-9
12.Colts 6-9
13.Bengals 5-10
14.Raiders 5-10
15.Titans 5-10
16.Explorers 4-11

Jets take the East and the Patriots dynasty officially ends in Madden
Ravens and Browns clinch playoff spots
And the final wildcard comes down to Broncos and Bills

1.Packers 10-4-1 (NFC North Winner)
2.Giants 10-5
3.Saints 10-5
4.Rams 9-6
5.Cowboys 9-5-1
6.Panthers 9-5-1
=In The Hunt=
7.Falcons 9-6
8.Seahawks 9-6
9.Lions 7-7-1
10.Eagles 7-8
11.Bucs 6-9
12.49ers 6-9
13.Vikings 6-9
14.Bears 5-10
15.Redskins 4-11
16.Cardinals 4-11

Packers take the NFC North
East will be Giants if they win, Cowboys if Giants lose and they win
South will be Saints with win, Panthers if Saints lose and they win
West is Rams with win, Seahawks if Rams lose and Seahawks win
If Cowboys or Panthers lose and Falcons or Seahawks win they could steal wildcards
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#204
Key Week 17 matches
Jets @ Bills
Jets playing for a bye week, and Bills playing to survive

Saints @ Packers
Packers win they lock up the #1 seed, Saints win they get the NFC South

Broncos @ Raiders
Broncos need to win to stay alive

Rams @ Patriots
Rams need the win for the West title

Falcons @ Panthers
Loser is out if my math is right

Dolphins @ Chiefs
Chiefs win they get #1 seed

Texans @ Ravens
Texans actually have nothing to play for they are locked in as Seed #4, Ravens win they have a shot at #1 seed or bye

Bengals @ Browns
Browns with a win and Ravens loss can take the AFC North

Redskins @ Cowboys
Cowboys need a win to either get wildcard or the East, a loss can eliminate them

Seahawks @ Giants
A seahawks win keeps them maybe alive, Giants can actually finish anywhere from Seed 1 to eliminated

Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: Fastbreak

1 month ago#205
As much as I love the saints I dont think we beat two teams in one week lol someone else beat the Vikings
*Fastbreak Intensifies*
*ScareChan Intensifies*

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#206
Fastbreak posted...
As much as I love the saints I dont think we beat two teams in one week lol someone else beat the Vikings

That was the colts whoops
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: 5tarscream

1 month ago#207
Urgh losing to the Falcons with the division lead open is such a Cowboys move
Playing: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
Reading: The Fires of Heaven

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#208
The B8 Player of the Year Award, You can vote for 3 players but NOT yourself! PM me all votes, voting ends when offseason starts

QB SteelThisSheen (Raiders) (15 Games) [Ranked 15th QB]
314/434 for 3480 yards, 27TD 11INT, 72% Completion %, QB Rating 105.9, Sacked 19 Times
47 Rushes for 188 Yards

QB Jukkie (Bucs) (15 Games) [Ranked 34th QB]
274/455 for 3267 Yards, 22TD 18INT, 60% Completion %, QB Rating 81.8, Sacked 34 Times
26 Rushes for 104 Yards

HB ShatteredElysium (Dolphin) (1 Game) [Not Ranked]
14 Rushes for 52 Yards 1TD, Long 8 Yards

FB PandaMaster (Jaguars) (16 Games) [Not Ranked]
22 Rushes for 89 Yards 2TD, Long 7 Yards, 3 Catches for 24 Yards

WR Fastbreak (Saints) (16 Games) [Not Ranked]
75 Catches for 635 Yards, 4TD, Long 24 Yards

WR Maniac64 (Bucs) (10 Games) [Not Ranked]
35 Catches for 379 Yards, 2TD, Long 24 Yards

WR MZero (Broncos) (16 Games) [Ranked 14th WR]
76 Catches for 968 Yards, 5TD, Long 34 Yards

TE Ringworm (Titans) (15 Games) [Ranked 13th TE]
54 Catches for 625 Yards, 3TD, Long 25 Yards

TE JcGamer (49ers) (16 Games) [Ranked 30th TE]
41 Catches for 397 Yards, 5TD, Long 23 Yards

LOLB Lolo Guru (Jaguars) (16 Games)
44 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 3 Deflects, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 Fumble Recovered

MLB MysteriousStan (Patriots) (16 Games) [Ranked 31st in Tackles]
94 Tackles, 3.5 Sacks, 3 Deflects, 1 Forced Fumble

ROLB WarThaNemesis (Broncos) (16 Games) [Ranked 21st in Sacks]
66 Tackles, 7 Sacks, 2 Deflects

DE Arti (Ravens) (16 Games)
34 Tackles, 5 Sacks

FS KCF0107 (49ers) (16 Games)
69 Tackles, 2INT, 4 Deflects

*InElligible* FS Menji (Jets) (0 Games)
No Stats

SS Beavis666x2 (Bears) (16 Games)
77 Tackles, 1 Deflect

SS 5tarscream (Cowboys) (9 Games)
46 Tackles, 1 Deflect, 2 Forced Fumbles

K Fbike (Bengals) (16 Games) [Ranked 4th Best Kicker]
14/16 Field Goals, Long of 54 Yards, 39/40 Xtra Points

Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#209
Week 17
Bills > Jets: Bills secure a win will it be enough?
Titans > Colts: Keenum pulls down a solid game, will he start next season?
Packers > Saints: Rodgers throws 5 TDs in a 42-39 win, this locks up the #1 Seed
Broncos > Raiders: Broncos get the win and eliminate the Bills
Cardinals > Vikings: Cardinals win puts #1 pick in jeopardy
Patriots > Rams: Patriots win in OT to hurt the Rams
Explorers > Jaguars: Foles was on fire but the Explorers snuff the Jags out
Panthers > Falcons: Panthers barely hold off the Falcons, was this Ryans last game?
Chiefs > Dolphins: Dolphins started Sam Ehlinger but lost to the Chiefs
Ravens > Texans: Texans had nothing to play for and it showed they just laid down here
Bucs > Bears: In a game about nothing Jukkie trashed the bears
Bengals > Browns: By the time this game started the Ravens locked up the north so they just laid down
Lions > 49ers: Lions win in OT in a pointless one
Cowboys > Redskins: Cowboys take care of their business
Giants > Seahawks: But at the same time the Giants took care of theirs
Eagles > Steelers: Eagles shut out Steelers in a game about nothing

1.Chiefs 12-4 (AFC West Winner, #1 Seed)
2.Ravens 12-4 (AFC North Winner)
3.Jets 10-5-1 (AFC East Winner)
4.Texans 9-7 (AFC South Winner)
5.Browns 11-5 (#5 Seed)
6.Broncos 9-6-1 (#6 Seed)
7.Bills 9-7
8.Patriots 7-9
9.Bengals 6-10
10.Steelers 6-10
11.Titans 6-10
12.Jaguars 6-10
13.Dolphins 6-10
14.Colts 6-10
15.Raiders 5-11
16.Explorers 5-11

Broncos make their first B8 playoffs!
Browns make their first B8 playoffs!

1.Packers 11-4-1 (NFC North Winner, #1 Seed)
2.Giants 11-5 (NFC East Winner)
3.Panthers 10-5-1 (NFC South Winner)
4.Rams 9-7 (NFC West Winner)
5.Cowboys 10-5-1 (#5 Seed)
6.Saints 10-6 (#6 Seed)
7.Falcons 9-7
8.Seahawks 9-7
9.Lions 8-7-1
10.Eagles 8-8
11.Bucs 7-9
12.49ers 6-10
13.Vikings 6-10
14.Bears 5-11
15.Cardinals 5-11
16.Redskins 4-12

Giants make their first B8 playoffs!
Panthers make their first B8 playoffs!
Rams make their first B8 playoffs!
Saints make their first B8 playoffs!
Defending Superbowl Champ Cowboys made playoffs
Redskins lock up #1 Draft Pick
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#210
Any B8 Players that wish to Change Teams (no guarantee where you go) let me know

The QB Rankings are super interesting this season, lots of new players

2020 (Last Year Rank)
1.Dak Prescott DAL (7)
2.Patrick Mahomes KC (1)
3.Devlin Hodges NYG (2) [So this confirms the weird fluke but also that Steelers screwed up]
4.Lamar Jackson BAL (5)
5.Deshaun Watson HOU (9)
6.Russell Wilson SEA (3)
7.Cam Newton CAR (--) [Cam returned to Carolina with FURY]
8.Teddy Bridgewater MIA (--) [For as bad as this team did they may have their QB]
9.Aaron Rodgers GB (16) [A real bounceback year for Rodgers]
10.Jake Fromm NO *R* (--) [Rookie Fromm dominated the league in his rookie year]

Middle 11-22
11.Baker Mayfield CLE (10)
12.Mitchell Trubisky CHI (15)
13.Matt Ryan ATL (8) [Likely the end?]
14.Jacoby Brissett IND (13)
15.Marcus Mariota COL (--) [Relief hard to say if he'd stay here playing a full]
16.Steel Sheen *R* DUB (--) [Rookie sheen had good numbers]
17.Kyler Murray ARI (11) [I'd imagine he'd have finished around here had he stayed healthy]
18.Tua Tagovailoa *R* COL (--) [Tua didn't play the whole year but played strong]
19.Sam Darnold NYJ (19)
20.Jacob Eason *R* NYJ (--) [Actually surprised by this one]
21.Carson Wentz PHI (26)
22.Tom Brady NE (14) [Likely the end?]

Bottom QBs
23.Josh Allen BUF (4) [Allen collapsed this season]
24.Justin Herbert *R* CIN (--) [The Rookie flashed numbers but got in his own way a lot]
25.Ben Roethlisberger PIT (--) [Likely the end?]
26.Dwayne Haskins Jr WAS (--) [About where I figured]
27.Jared Goff LAR (25)
28.Nick Mullens ARI (--) [Shockingly did good in relief]
29.Matthew Stafford DET (32)
30.Kirk Cousins MIN (20)
31.Nick Foles JAX (17) [Foles crashed hard to earth this season]
32.JimmyG SF (23) [A huge setback year]
33.Ryan Tannehill DEN (6) [A huge regression but the team around him so great that he was carried into playoffs?]
34.Case Keenum TEN (33) [Keenum def not the answer at QB]
35.Jukker Jukkie *R* TB (--) [Everything that could have gone wrong did]

Switch: 0675-3724-0313
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