2 months ago #134
Week 3
Bucs > Panthers: The Bucs had 0 issue beating the Panthers, this also marked Jukkies first win and Maniacs first TD!
Ravens > Steelers: Willie Snead catches 2TDs in win
Redskins > Bengals: Haskins found Paul Richardson Jr twice in this win
Falcons > Packers: In a very close game, Rodgers was driving for the win and got intercepted
Vikings > Bears: In a semi sloppy game the Vikings came out on top with a short Cousins TD pass, Beavis 2 tacs
Browns > Jets: Njokus 2TDs put the Browns into the win column
Chiefs > Broncos: MZero did go 7 for 99 yards and a TD, but the hero was Quincy Enunwa for the chiefs who caught the game winning TD
Explorers > Raiders: Sheen threw a TD but still looking for win, Explorers had the game wrapped in Qtr 1. Also Explorers went BACK to Marcus Mariota starter wise
Seahawks > Cowboys: River Cracroft the hero again catching game winning TD in OT
Titans > Jaguars: Titans just crushed the Jaguars, Ringworm 4 for 38 yards
Lions > Saints: Fromm imploded with a 4INT game, this was a 1 point win for Lions. Fastbreak 5 for 29
Rams > Dolphins: Goff throws 2TD and Bridgewater imploded for Dolphins
Bills > Patriots: In this franchise the Bills just have the Pats number they win again
Colts > Texans: Colts WR Alshon Jeffrey has 100 yard 1TD game in win
Giants > 49ers: Duck Hodges OBLITERATES the Giants with 5TD 0INT game, Sterling Shepard 157 yards and 2TD, JC Gamer with a 6 for 54 1TD game in loss
Eagles > Cardinals: Wentz threw for 4TDs in this massacre

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray hurt his arm on a scramble will miss 4-5 weeks
Eagles HB Jordan Howard will miss 4 weeks
Chiefs Patrick Mahomes signs record breaking 7 year 304Mil Contract
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