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===========AFC West==============
@@@Columbus Explorers
Formerly: Los Angeles Chargers
2019 Record: 5-10-1
Playoff Record:
Coach History
2019 - Anthony Lynn
QBs Started:
2019- Phillip Rivers
2020- Marcus Mariota

The 3rd Ohio team in the uh western division! Mariota gets a second shot here and thats only cause draft pick Tua Tagovailoa is hurt already. Heres the good news, this team has a stud defense. Heres the bad news this teams offense is gonna be down 5 starts at go and a potential 0-5 no shot?

Prediction: 7-9

@@@Denver Broncos
2019 Record: 7-8-1
Playoff Record:
Coach History
2019 - Vic Fangio
QBs Started:
2019- Brandon Allen (1 Game)
Relief: Brett Rypien (2 Games)
Relief: Brock Osweiler (13 Games)
2020- Ryan Tannehill

Broncos decided to go with someone that did well last year and brought in Tannehill, ok makes sense. Brock Osweiler went 7-5-1 so he wasnt lighting the world on fire. The other big moves involved bringing in both Phillip Dorsett and drafting MZero to bulk up on WR. Unfortunately the defense consists of just Von Miller


@@@Kansas City Chiefs
2019 Record: 11-5 (Won Division)
Playoff Record: 1-1
Coach History
2019 - Andy Reid
2020 - Demetrius Turner
QBs Started:
2019- Patrick Mahomes
2020- Patrick Mahomes

Should the Chiefs be really worried? Tyreek Hill has an X Factor now meaning they have XFactors at QB, WR, and TE. This teams just jacked on O, and the D is just as stacked! Really my only question is with Reid retiring what will come of Turner and what his schemes will be.

Prediction: 14-2 Division

@@@Dublin Raiders
Foremerly: Oakland Raiders
2019 Record: 6-9-1
Playoff Record:
Coach History
2019 - Jon Gruden
QBs Started:
2019- Derek Carr
2020- Derek Carr? Steel Sheen?

Raiders traded for Jason McCourty - Win
Drafted a B8 Rookie QB - Win
Drafted a good rookie WR - Win
Moved to Dublin - Win
Cant Decide if to start new QB or not whose better than Carr? - Raiders

Prediction: 9-7 with Sheen, 6-10 with Carr

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