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Week 6
Patriots > Giants: Brady to Sanu was the combo that dominated
Panthers > Bucs: CMC was responsible for all the scoring
Dolphins > Redskins: The Skins made a 21 point comeback but lost in OT
Vikings > Eagles: Imagine my defense choking 2 weeks in a row, and we dropped passes and fumbled a bunch. LIFELIKE
Chiefs > Texans: Nothing stopped the Mahomey in this game
Jaguars > Saints: The Jaguars arent winless but the Saints continue to live in this bizarro world where they suck
Seahawks > Browns: Wilson throws for 3TDs, Browns took a nap
Ravens > Bengals: Ravens put on an airshow in ohio
Rams > 49ers: In a low yardage, low scoring battle the Rams came on top with a late Goff TD
Falcons > Cardinals: Calvin Ridley 144 yards receiving and 3TDs
Cowboys > Jets: Dak Prescott rushing TD was the only TD in a game of FGs
Titans > Broncos: Titans want to run the ball, 4 rushing TDS across four different HBs
Steelers > Chargers: Steelers switched to Duck Hodges and beat the Chargers
Packers > Lions: Rodgers led a comeback to win 23-21

Steelers bench Mason Rudolph for Duck Hodges
Colts and Seahawks last remaining unbeaten
Switch: 0675-3724-0313