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User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#1
Signups will remain open until Week 17 of year 1 concludes then I cant edit anymore
Post 2 will be actual stuff not signup related

NO LIMIT on any position, pick what you desire.

QB: Most attention since well its a QB league and madden reflects that as well, Have a good team but your QB is trash? Madden will make you fail

HB: The bust or Star position. Madden loves HB by committee but if your a star like Tom Bombadil was you will be the teams focus

FB: You will block, and if your lucky the team might give you a few runs or catches. The AI just doesnt know what to do with a rushing FB

WR: A flashy position that gets news updates. BUT if you arent the star you might get buried. Maniac64s WR was wasted in Washington as a decoy, put up good numbers in Tampa in his first year there but didnt become the star til the other guy got hurt. Betrayed Tangy has been the guy for his team. Its a tossup with high reward

TE: Thank a lot of real nfl teams for going 2 TEs because Madden has followed suit. Teams are willing to stack two stars at this position (See Chargers Hunter Henry and Korayashi) which makes a great team but you wont tear up the stat sheet.

G C and T: As important as this position is, we will only hear from you during the probowl and season end reports

DT or DE: Tackles, Sacks. While these positions dont make the news there is the yearly sack race.

LOLB MLB and ROLB: Tackles, Sacks, sometimes INTs. Thes guys are generals of defense or sultans of stopping the rush. Important, deadly in an actual game if great, but not flashy if thats what you seek

CB: In a pass heavy league you are gonna allow catches and TDs, but theres the interception race. Flashier than the previous two positions but has the issue with WR of a lot of players starting

FS SS: The real generals of the D, the jack of all trades. By Madden standards these are the flashiest players

K: Ill see you for season ender stuff and probowl

P: The above but even less exciting

Madden 20 signups so far
QB SteelThisSheen
QB Jukkie

HB ShatteredElysium

FB PandaMaster

WR Fastbreak
WR Maniac64
WR MZero

TE Ringworm
TE JcGamer

MLB MysteriousStan
ROLB WarThaNemesis

DE Arti

FS KCF0107
FS Menji

SS Beavis666x2
SS 5tarscream

K Fbike
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#2
So welcome to the B8 Madden 20 franchise, I will be playing out my games as the Eagles. Meanwhile our B8 Rookies will join us in year 2 as the premiere greatest draft class of all time. Madden 20 is a bit different and more crueler with OVRs as they revamped the system. In previous games blow 70 OVR was beyond trash, now a lot of backups are in the 60-70 range. Low end starters in the 70s, Good starters in the 80s and the elite in the 90s.

The other big change is the SuperStar X Factor, The top 50 players in the league get a superhuman ability that can be activated in game.

Zach Ertz for instance if he catches 4 passes in a row will then catch every single pass thrown to him

Deshaun Watson has an ability that prevents him for throwing an INT ever if hes ever throwing on a run (dont know off hand what activates this one)

Von Miller if gets 2 sacks in a game, he becomes a Fear Monger. If he gets within a radius of the QB afterwards, the QB will panic and run into sacks or throw INTs 100% of the time

Yeah they are pretty nuts.

The other thing to note here is we are starting with 2019 Week 11 rosters...and pre-existing injuries are on. So this is a franchise starting with a lot of wounded warriors. The Broncos for instance will start with Brandon Allen as their starting QB. Andrew Luck is gone, Antonio Clown is gone, and Myles Garrett was slapped with a fake injury to mirror his suspension.

Few Notes on QB Starters
Giants Eli Manning (This was a QB battle between him and Daniel Jones both rated by madden as like 69OVR)
Broncos Brandon Allen (Flacco and Lock injured)
Panthers Kyle Allen (Cam injured)
Steelers Mason Rudolph (BigBen injured)
Dolphins Ryan Fitzpatrick (Rosen is rated so low)
Titans Ryan Tannehill (Mariota rated lower)

Preseason Week 1
Chargers trade HB Austin Ekeler to the Bears for FS Sherrick Mcmanis and a 7th RD pick
(???? Why???)

Preseason Week 2
Broncos trade SS Will Parks to Dolphins for a 4th, 7th, and 7th rd pick

Preseason Week 4
Bengals trade DT Andrew Billings to the Patriots for a 3rd, 4th and 7th rd pick

Seahawks trade DT Poona Ford to the Ravens for CB Brandon Carr, a 4th and a 6th pick

Major Stars lost in preseason
Vikings HB Dalvin Cook (Season)
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#3
Trying this way out to report on games let me know your thoughts. Open to ideas

Week 1
Packers > Bears:In a losing effort Austin Ekeler leading receiver for bears
Panthers > Rams: Kyle Allen hits DJ Moore for winner
Redskins > Eagles: Fumbles kill the Eagles
Jets > Bills: Jets Jamison Crowder catches 3TDs for 172 yards
Falcons > Vikings: Ryan throws 3TD
Dolphins > Ravens: Ravens make 17 pt comeback but wasnt enough
Chiefs > Jaguars: Jaguars only score was a safety until late in 4th qtr
Browns > Titans: Browns Baker Mayfield throws 4 TDs, Titans Tannehill throws 3 INTs
Colts > Chargers: Brissett 2TDS in win
Seahawks > Bengals: Bengals were shutout until 4th
49ers > Bucs: Winston imploded with 3INTs
Giants > Cowboys: In a true bit of fantasy, Eli Manning throws for 250 yards and 3TDs in 2019
Cardinals > Lions: Kyler Murray throws for 3TDS in debut
Patriots > Steelers: Brady throws for 3TD in thrashing
Texans > Saints: Brees squeaks win with 3TDs
Broncos > Raiders: A very low stat win despite it being a 30 point win

Broncos QB Brandon Allen is hurt for 11 weeks, so they sign an old friend BROCK OSWEILER (unsure if he starts)
Jets QB Sam Darnold is hurt for 7 weeks
Switch: 0675-3724-0313

User Info: ertyu0078

1 month ago#4
What ever titans crushed the browns

User Info: Ringworm

1 month ago#5
Dolphins > Ravens? Seriously? I see this is still throwing up crazy results. At least there were no ties.

I don't mind the format you used for updates, it's pretty clear.
~ Ringworm ~
Congrats to Advokaiser - Guru champion - CBX

User Info: beavis666x2

1 month ago#6
Nanomachines: The cause of and solution to all of life's problems.
Who won the Texans Saints game? Says Texans but the bit after it makes it sound like the Saints won

User Info: Maniac64

1 month ago#8
That Xfactor thing sounds awful and all but game breaking.

Can you turn it off?
"Hope is allowed to be stupid, unwise, and naive." ~Sir Chris

User Info: Lolo_Guru

1 month ago#9
I'll stay LOLB.

User Info: MegamanX

1 month ago#10
ShatteredElysium posted...
Who won the Texans Saints game? Says Texans but the bit after it makes it sound like the Saints won

I need to double look

Maniac64 posted...
That Xfactor thing sounds awful and all but game breaking.

Can you turn it off?

Nope they added this as a next level Normal > Quick > Star > Superstar > X Superstar

From what the game said only 50 X Superstars exist, most teams have 1-2. Some have 0.

Also Stars also have abilities 1-2, they are more minor

So example

Zach Ertz
X Ability: If you complete 4 passes on a drive without an incompletion, Zach Ertz catches everything. you need to do this each drive to activate it

Superstar Ability: In Out Elite
eceivers with this ability run sharper routes and catch more consistently while running in and out routes.

Superstar Ability: TE Apprentice
When lined up at tight end, players with this ability have access to four additional hot routes during pre-play adjustments
Switch: 0675-3724-0313
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