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User Info: Raka_Putra

1 month ago#241
Kiyo is so crazy it's amazing. It does feel refreshing to actually have a psychopath in the cast. That haven't really happened before.
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User Info: The Popo

The Popo
1 month ago#242
Raka_Putra posted...
It does feel refreshing to actually have a psychopath in the cast. That haven't really happened before.

Live action Hungry Hungry Hippos though, now that was a sport. ~Aeon Azuran

User Info: tcaz2

1 month ago#243
Yeah but she never actually did anything with it and reformed by the end/in UDG. All her stuff is in the past and is never acted on in-story.

Kiyo is 100% unapologetically crazy with no redemption or anything.
Honestly, as soon as they said that the second killer wasn't going to be executed, I figured it was just deflection towards the two killers being the same, and Kiyo was quite clearly Tenko's killer anyway.

And I must be the only person who never struggled with Seesaw Effect, even though they never should have added Effect to the word.
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User Info: MrSmartGuy

1 month ago#245
I got Seesaw immediately since the only letters there to start were S, E, and A. Got Effect as soon as I saw E, F, and C.
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User Info: ZeldaTPLink

1 month ago#247
Watched the Rantaro scene again (I didn't save after the first time) and noticed he's recording the video to himself. Duh. So he had a more active role in making this game happen, though he wasn't necessarily the mastermind. I know think ressurecting him may backfire.

Himiko is now positive. I wasn't expecting that.

Oh so the writing on the rock keeps being increased each chapter. Interesting. I'm not good at anagrams, though.

Only Monophanie did the catchphrase this time. Monotaro.EXE has stopped working.

You can always count on Kokichi to make the killing game procceed against all common sense.

We find Tsumugi's lab. A promise of relevance for Tsumugi, finally?

We get to her her skills as a... bartender.

I've come to realize nobody dies in this game if their lab is not revealed yet. Unless their name is Rantaro. It might be too late to realize this, though. We have like... 5 labs left to find?

Oh hey, Shuichi's Lab. Took long enough. It has a real Baker Street feel to it.

So Keebo gets a lab too. And it's connected to Miu's. Of course.

Keebo hates the sci-fi theme of his lab because he would rather be human instead. Cute.

Only labs left to find are Kaito's, Kokichi's and Rantaro's. Of course, all the people who are hiding things. I guess the silver lining is that Kaito is not very likely to go down in this chapter. Nor is Kokichi. Arguably my two favorite characters right now.

Hot take: Kokichi entered the Monokuma room in the basement and learned the entire plot. He's now this game's Nagito.

So they remembered the meteorites. And some dudebros protesting that people deserve damnation. That's politics for you: there will always be some a******s who side with the meteorites.

So I guess the theme is that the player sees at the start of each chapter what is going to be shown in the Flashback Light of the next chapter.

Kokichi is bringing up how everything is possible in this verse. It's almost impossible to call this game's twists when he guesses them first. If I call time travel or alien invasion Kokichi will probably do that faster than me (and thinking of it both those things are possible here too).
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Umbreon

1 month ago#248
ZeldaTPLink posted...
there will always be some a******s who side with the meteorites.

I mean to be fair....

This is a mobile account, forgive any errors. ~DYL~

User Info: kevwaffles

1 month ago#249
Not sure if I'm ready to side with them, but I was always a big fan of the meteorite tax plan myself.
"One toot on this whistle will take you to a far away land."
-Toad, SMB3

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

1 month ago#250
Did some save scumming and got 100% on the monomono machine, for the first time in 3 games. Yeah!

Free time with Tsumugi. She's mad that I don't think she's plain. Lol.

I just had to watch stuff bear incest on TV. Because.

Gonta is sad he's useless so he has made a decision. I don't like Gonta suddenly becoming relevant, he has one of the biggest death flags in the cast.

Ooof, Maki is asking the hard questions. Did Shuichi like LIKE Kaede?

Maki's question prevented Shuichui from going to check on Kaito and catching him vomiting blood. Meh.

Wow the bear love story turned into domestick violence very fast. Took like... 10 hours.

Gonta wants to fight Monokuma. Like Sakura in another chapter 4. But he should know this only works is it is done as a distraction for something else. Such as unlocking a door. Monokuma is immortal. You have to beat him at his game. Unless it's DR2, then you have to beat him at... being a super saiyan. Or something.

Kaito is kicking Kokichi's ass. Took long enough. This dude is 3 chapters overdue of a beating.

Miu has a plan. It might be a good one. If they don't kill her first. The last person who tried to use computers to crack the game died before people even realized what they were doing.

I think this is the chapter where Kokichi gets unmasked. We learn what he really is about. Because I doubt he's the mastermind, so Chapter 4 is a good spot to develop this sub-antagonist.

We train huh... magic poses... with Himiko and Gonta. This is kind of sweet, actually.

Hmm... Himiko is Mahiru?

I love how Shuichi has some amazing monologues about how he needs to save everyone... right after free time sequenes. Gotta save people by betting monocoins and playing yu-gi-oh with Kokichi!

The game FINALLY lets me get a free time event with Himiko. I guess it required her to get her character development first? The conversation is pretty much a copy of early game stuff, though.

Free time with Kaito. I hear a crazy story about pirates and boats. Okay.

The Kubs love story is better than Twilight.

I love how the other characters are keeping up with it and commenting on it, too.

Oh hey, Maki backstory. Kaito almost prevented it by asking what is her favorite spaceship, but Shuichi asked the right question.

Damn, it's sad. Reminds me of Assassination Classroom, too. The main student of the class is a natural born assassin, but in the end he ends up becoming a teacher so he can use his skills of analysing and manipulating people for a good cause. Life is not just about talent, it's about choice and opportunity too. And Maki, sadly, didn't have those.

Man, what a good cast.

Kokichi is planning something. I'm hyped. His evil face at the end was amazing, btw. But I still think he's not exactly serious about it.

The kubs' soap opera has a happy ending. Daaaaw.

Miu is absent, and Kokichi's plan seemed to involve her. Oh, boy.

But free time starts again and the two seem normal. I talk to Miu. She gives me glasses that can watch porn anytime. This will revolutionize classrooms and meetings all over the world.

I give Gonta the wrong gift. Meh. Well I was planning on grinding on some free time events eventually (now that we can skip the early parts of the chapter), so I'll just catch up later this week.

Miu came to show off her plan to escape. Let's see how this backfires.

Everyone is in the lab. Even Kokichi. Hmm.

I don't understand what I just watched. Miu crying and begging in black and white. She is very easy to manipulate, though.

Entering a simulation? Really, Miu? I mean it works in theory but it's kind of a lame way out. Never mind how the last time they tried it didn't exactly go smooth.

A virtual world she just happened to find in there, made by someone else. OF COURSE that's safe.
Someone tell her it's not. Tsumugi? Anyone?

Oh, a virtual world made by Monokuma, of all people. Now this is just suicidal.

I lol'd at Monotaro yelling "Father!" at Keebo.

So maybe this simulator is the "first time" Rantaro was talking about?

Ok this is the dumbest trap scene ever. This cast is acting idiotically for no discernible reason. That sucks.

... Neo World Program? Really?

lol those graphics are silly.

Ok so everybody is inside. I guess this virtual world wasn't used as a murder weapon. Yet.

lol Tsumugi has a point. 8-bit graphics are cooler than this lame 2000s MMO style.

So everything in the virtual world is unbreakable. That makes for some interesting murder case conditions.

This "world" is even smaller than most pokemon game cities.

Ok I think this will take a while so I'm continuing another day.
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