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User Info: ZeldaTPLink

1 month ago#1
New thread, and new game, as I'm finally done with the anime nobody really liked.

We now play Danganronpa V3, because I'm itching to do some gaming again (been playing World of Goo on phone but it's a different kind of animal).

Previous archived threads can be found here:


Let us begin.

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

1 month ago#2
What's up with the road aesthetic?

I just watched a trailer for the game I'm about to play, in the game. Okay.

There wasn't an opening this time. Not yet, at least. Also this game doesn't go on full screen for some reason.

The hero, who is a girl this time, forgot who she is. Just a normal day in DR Land.

Wait no she remembers. Okay.

"Nice to meet... me". Huh...

Going out of a locker is a weird new way to start a game in this series. I like it because it opens more possibilities for a backstory, without having to resort to a simulation twist like DR2 did.

A dude fell out of a nearby locker. I wouldn't trust him if I were you, Kaede. The last "second main" in this series turned out to be a psycho.

Kaede has showed more personality in 5 minutes than Makoto did in about half the first game.

Shoved into a car. Okay. That's different from "agreed to stay in a shelter".

Giant robots are attacking us. And the whole school is covered in grass. Because.

This game does not work as well with my controller than the previous one. For starters, it doesn't let me more the camera with the control stick. I have to used the direction pads, which is awkward because I'm already using my left finger to move.

We enter the gym and meet the rest of the cast.

Ok, besides the dwarf who wears a mask, nobody is too weird. No Fat Byakuyas this time, I mean. Actually this cast looks very vanilla compared to the previous two.

First task: count the students. There are 16 total. Phew.

I'm hearing some very nice sounding pieces of voice acting.

Green hair boy is creepy as f*** and should be executed asap. That's that I'd say in-universe, at least. As a player, I have a feeling this is gonna be a good character.

It seems he knows about killing games and has a clue of what is going on. Well, if this game is after DR3 and not involve a memory erasure plot, some people should know about them by now.

And so, we hear a voice we are well used to. The best version of the voice, not the one who says "pupupupupu".

Did Monokuma just get grammar nazi'd? Whoever did that is my new favorite character.

I... I love the Monokubs.

Rise and shine, ursine.

Oh ok so the Monokuma sounding one was actually Monotaro. I'll learn those names soon enough. I gotta say though, they seem like a huge improvement over Monomi.

So the kids forgot they have talents. Of course there's a memory erasure plot.

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

1 month ago#3
The Monokubs seem based on the past DR characters. Red one is Gundham. Yellow is Byakuya. Blue is either Nekomaru or Ibuki. Green is maybe... Chihiro? Pink is probably Chiaki, since she's asleep.

The cast receives clothers, and now they look like a proper insane DR cast again.

A weird light appears. Words and DNA helixes fly around. And we are back to the locket, but now with proper Ultimate clothes. If the previous sentence made sense, you are playing Danganronpa.

Hmm is it just me or that kid from the start is wearing the exact same clothes as he was before? Kaede and everyone else changed, but he didn't.

They don't seem to remember being forced into cars this time. It's like all the game so far was the mastermind screwing up with the plan and having to start over properly. Lmao.

Kaede talked about some symphony. And she has musical notes in her hair. I'm guessing Ultimate Pianist, or Ultimate Classic Musician. And the boy should be Ultimate Baseball Player from his clothers, but... we already had Leon?

Monokubs are happy Kaede doesn't know about them this time. Okay, this makes sense, their plan worked, except where would have someone in this universe had heard about Monokubs? They didn't feature in DR1-3's killing games.

"So long, bear well". I'm gonna die.

So we have a government program for gathering ultimates. You'd think after DR3 people would have learned this is a horrible idea by now. That's assuming Makoto and co. aren't outside trying to stop this or something.

Oh, kid is the Ultimate Detective. Okay. Weird clothers, looks like a teenage Sherlock Holmes of sorts.

He just happened to solve one case. Interesting. That's a change from Kyoko and her clan of detectives.

Yeah, Kaede is a Pianist. First time the main character has a normal-ass sounding Ultimate talent. Not stuff like "won a lottery" or "had magic brain surgery".

Her backstory is a pretty normal Ultimate one, too. She was really good at piano. No problem.

We see a flash of Kaede with a memory erasing helmet. Strange how those games have never bothered to show how memory gets erased until now. We just kind of assumed the technology existed.

The game actually shows Kaede on the right side of the screen as she talks to people. I commend the effort to make the protagonist less of an audience surrogate.

You slap things to obtain monocoins instead of checking them and reading through repeat dialogue. This is great. If I learn they got rid of Hangman's Gambit this is already the best gameplay in the series.

User Info: MrSmartGuy

1 month ago#4
Finally, some good f***ing food. /ramsey

ZeldaTPLink posted...
I... I love the Monokubs.

Well, at least somebody finally does.
Xbox GT/PSN name/Nintendo ID: TatteredUniform
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

1 month ago#5
MrSmartGuy posted...
Finally, some good f***ing food. /ramsey

ZeldaTPLink posted...
I... I love the Monokubs.

Well, at least somebody finally does.

Does the fandom hate them? I mean they are annoying, but that's on par with the course.

Maybe they don't age well or something?

User Info: MrSmartGuy

1 month ago#6
They just get on everyone's nerves. I kinda liked them to start, too, but they get old reeeeeal fast.
Xbox GT/PSN name/Nintendo ID: TatteredUniform

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

1 month ago#7
There's a music room right in the beginning, but it's locked. The cruelty displayed by those bears has no bounds. This is almost as evil as revealing the dojo only after Sakura died.

Oh so the grammar nazi is the yellow bear. Okay.

"I'll get to play as much piano as I want when I finally escape this place". Kaede, dear, knowing this series, you'll be lucky if pianos still exist on the outside world.

We see an airhead blue hair girl. I'm about to guess Mathematician, instead we get Cosplayer. Because we totally needed a second Hifumi.

I like how real she is, though. "I was ignoring you guys so you'd go away". lol.

Kaede: "you have this strange, sexy aura about you". You mean she's probably a pervert. Because this series was totally short of them.

Actually it's Kaede who is the pervert. Oh, boy.

It's kind of weird to enter the girl's bathroom in these games.

Hey it's Green Nagito.

He forgot his talent. That's the passport to protagonism in this series.

We meet what looks like the offspring of Mondo from DR1 and Penelope Pitstop. And she's the Ultimate Inventor. Because.

So much to swallow. Biker vibe. Big ego. Hyoko tendencies. Mahiru tendencies too. Has "are you a f***ing virgin" as a dubbed line. I feel like I'll either completely love or hate this character before Chapter 1 is over.

She makes great inventions, but she only wants to get some sleep. lol.

Now she is looking for a way to get high. I didn't expect to spend this much text on a character but the info keeps coming. Holy s***.

Detective is sensitive about his hat. Daaaaw.

Kaede is wondering about the dining hall and I'm wondering why there's a witch here.

Ultimate Mage. Well if her powers work at least 31% of the time that's impressive for this series standards.

Nope, she's a magician. But she thinks magic is real. That's amusing if not kind of sad.

Ultimate Aikido Master. That's weirdly specific. Kind of hard to get a read on this girl, too.

Two boys who seem like the came out from Beyblade are... clashing. Or something.

Ultimate... Robot. I can't even. It used to be like Nekomaru turning into a robot was something out of fantasy, now it's a normal character trait. Lmao.

What is an Ultimate Supreme Leader? A dictator? A coach? A Byakuya wannabe? All of them?

"I see how being a robot might be enough for being called the Ultimate Robot". Well put, Kaede, well put.

So the kid claims to be the leader of an evil secret organization. He's also an a******. I'm getting some serious Hiyoko vibes here.

I'd love to meet the entire cast today, but I have to go to bed. See you some time later this week.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: tcaz2

1 month ago#8
The prologue of DRV3 is quite long yes

User Info: captaincanadian

1 month ago#9
I enjoyed the monokubs the whole way through tbh

User Info: benjamin3740

1 month ago#10
I don't feel like it's a spoiler to say this... since it was made clear in the pre-release of this game, and I want to set your expectations. This is a new universe of danganronpa. Danganronpa 3 was the end of the Hope's Peak storyline. Hence why this is V3. They didn't want to be tied down to that expanding story arc anymore
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