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Alanna82 posted...
It does kind of remind me of Suikoden 3 with the 3 houses thing where you choose one. (Not a spoiler, this is literally at the beginning of the game) And in Suikoden 3 you choose one of the three main characters.

I could also see hints of Suikoden 2 in the game, depending on what you choose.

Its hard to explain without spoilers. and Yes, Edelgard does look like Chris Lightfellow.

Duly noted.

Grimlyn posted...
A switch without joycons sounds weird but alrighty wooo rakks

It does lol. Whee.

Anyway, things went off without a hitch though I got scared Jarelt would kill steal the enemy boss but thankfully the latter somehow got no damage (parrying?).
Edelgard leveled up and got good gains, including Str. The yellow stoner dude only got like 3 lol. I also leveled up and got like 4 stat ups? OK.

So you can still use a weapon even if it's out of durability but with severe penalty. That's nice to know. And Combat Arts are like using up more durability for slightly better attack. OK that should add another layer of strategy.

And there are more stats here and some are new! Charisma? Looking forward to see what it's all about.

Linked attack reminds me of Awakening only nerfed a bit, which is fair enough.

The boss bandit tries to attack Edelgard but I jumped it to save her and I die whoops. Thanksfully this little tyke Sothis can save scum so I reloaded and wrecked the bandit, yay.
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