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Which house is the best? - Results (25 votes)
The Red Lion
44% (11 votes)
The Yellow Deer
24% (6 votes)
The Blue Falcon
32% (8 votes)
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(spoilers as I go on)

...I swear to finish Fallout 4 sooner or later!

So I told the dillos about this, but a local game store franchise here has the 'certified pre-owned' category of consoles (a.k.a. second hand without issue, checked by the store, and with a warranty). So I got this Switch + Pro Controller (no Joycons unfortunately) for 2.999.999 Indonesian Rupiah, or about $200. I also bought the game for about $50 new.

All I know about the game are:
1. There's a school system of sorts in the first half and in the second half you just build an army like normal
2. There are three houses. The Red House is led by a Kyoko Kirigiri/Chris Lightfellow kinda girl, the Blue one by Takumi Aldini, and the Yellow one by a stoner.
3. You can recruit characters during the school mode (including hijacking people from the other house if you're sly enough) and in the second half when you're in the army proper
4. The support/relationship system is much deeper than Radiant Dawn
5. My friend described it as a current gen Suikoden spiritual survivor, and we're both big Suikoden fans.

I don't mind general tips but please refrain from spoilers, I want to figure out most of the game by myself for the first run. Oh, and for context I've finished FE 6, 7, 8, RD, and Awakening. My favorite is Awakening.

Into the woods, but mind the past...
Into the woods, but mind the future!