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User Info: ChaosTonyV4

4 months ago#31
I don't remember what server I was on, but I was a tank in the level 30 range.
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User Info: trdl23

4 months ago#32
ExTha, if you've played MMOs before, which role do you like -- Tank, melee damage, ranged damage, or healing?

Barring that, just pick whichever one you like from classic final fantasy jobs.

Gladiator --> Paladin (sword and board; "thankfully my shield will protect me")
Marauder --> Warrior (battleaxe'em a question)

Melee DPS:
Pugilist --> Monk (everybody was kung fu fightan')
Lancer --> Dragoon (lances and jumps, with a nice dash of edgelord)
Rogue --> Ninja (50% more daggers and 100% less hand jiving than Naruto)

Ranged DPS:
Archer --> Bard (bow and arrow; sadly, no smacking people with lutes)
Thaumaturge --> Black Mage (you cast the spells that make the people fall down)
Arcanist --> Summoner (Why dps yourself when you can outsource it?)

Arcanist --> Scholar (Summoners who get sick of their teammates being idiots and dying all the time)
Conjurer --> White Mage (Both act and look like a special snowflake! Big fat heals though)

These are the classes --> jobs that you'll have initial access to before getting to level 50, which then provides a few more options to pick up if you are ready for a change. A couple of notes:

-I think you need to hit level 15 in another class before you can start as a rogue?
-Arcanist does branch into two different jobs. Because of the weird way EXP works in this game, EXP you get as a summoner will also translate to leveling up scholar, and vice versa! This is the only instance in the game where this happens though.

Don't feel married to whatever you pick first if you don't like it. Changing your class is as easy as equipping a weapon of another class, once you have access to it. Each class and job does have its own unique questline and side story, of varying quality. I main Monk and have been pretty happy with mine. Dark Knight is widely regarded as the best, but that isn't open until you get into the first expansion.
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User Info: trdl23

4 months ago#33
I picked up the Sophia mount from the Irregular Tomestones right before the patch hit. It’s friggin awesome. Almost worth grinding Toto-Rak so many times to level up my PLD...
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User Info: Dantezoid

4 months ago#34
I did Toto rak like 100 times for relic weapon light like a year ago

And somehow I still find galvanth the dominator charming
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User Info: trdl23

4 months ago#35
This came up in another topic so I’m going to put it out here:

We have a lot of people who haven’t gotten through ARR content yet, so mark your darn spoilers.

Best to say (Heavensward spoiler), etc. so people know how far they need to be in the story to click it safely.
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User Info: HeroDelTiempo17

4 months ago#36
trdl23 posted...

Arcanist --> Summoner (Why dps yourself when you can outsource it?)

I will say the standard summoner complaint in that it actually is not what you'd expect from the standard FF summoner. The pet management aspect is kinda bad and it's more of a dot class. You have smaller summons that you kinda let poke the enemy as you "charge up" your two bigger summons. But you don't get the big summons for a long time.

Not necessarily bad but not what people expect.
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User Info: HeroDelTiempo17

4 months ago#37
The Nier raid dungeon is really cool but I'm crushed I have to wait 6 months for the second part.

The actual story portion of it was surprisingly light. Usually raid storylines don't get interesting until the second portion but I guess I was hoping for a bit more meat since Yoko Taro is involved.
DPOblivion was far more determined than me.

User Info: red13n

4 months ago#38
The first portion of the alliance raid storyline usually doesn't contain much. Expect a larger introductory quest to the second.
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User Info: SomeKindOfJoke

4 months ago#39
Cleared the new extreme trial. It's ok but there's an absurd amount of downtime that really drags it out.
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User Info: Nrrr

4 months ago#40
80 GNB/ 79 SMN, started the new patch content but didn't get far yet.
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