5 months ago #4
Night one songs:

Songs from UF8:

Merry Halloween: Still not as cute as some of her other songs and not really my thing. Party/Dance music tends to be at an automatic disadvantage with me and this isn't an exception. Probably around a 4 or a 5, so let's just go with 4.5 to start.

Start Signal: Yay, bunny hat girl's back!

If this song has not been played one million times, she will be discontinued radio program.

Views: 57,415

A million views seems like a completely absurd amount to have hoped for, but not even hitting 60k must have been depressing. Song is fun enough, but I'm not really in the mood for something so...bouncy tonight. 6.

Let's skip ahead to poemcore tokyo's first link. Tonight seems like a good time to go for something DARK.

poemcore tokyo song #1: I have no idea what I just watched. So much of it is just spoken words that I have trouble even parsing it as a song, but I really dig the discordant horror vibe the background music has when it's playing. Would probably leave it as an "Unscored, will try to assign a number to this at a later date"--if forced to give it a number, then 8-ish? I enjoyed it, whatever "it" was.

Songs from cakophon:

Bouncing around, let's go for something familiar after that, with the short version of Credits EX.

Credits: Neat! The video is fun, particularly that it inexplicably has subtitles. I prefer the full version, but even in its abridged form it's worth at least a 9.

And let's end the night with one of the Underveil remixes.

ウオの淵源 (Quiet Water Remix): Well taking 30 seconds of peace and making it that loud was certainly a unique take on the song. I think I enjoyed it for the most part? Let's say a 7 for first impressions.
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