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  3. STAR. WARS. TRAILER. (caps)

User Info: JonThePenguin

3 weeks ago#1

User Info: ninkendo

3 weeks ago#2
Already have my tickets

User Info: neonreaper

3 weeks ago#3
Didn’t see porgs :(
Donny: Are they gonna hurt us, Walter?
Walter: No, Donny. These men are cowards.

User Info: TheRock1525

3 weeks ago#4
Carrie Fisher at the end gets me right in the feels.
TheRock ~ I had a name, my father called me Blues.

User Info: swordz9

3 weeks ago#5
I probably want to see this for the opposite reason of most people since the two main stars are so bad I’d prefer faceless Stormtroopers or Ewoks. Just gotta hope the parts that aren’t about them are good I guess.

User Info: ExThaNemesis

3 weeks ago#6
something about the fight on that ocean base gives me hella anxiety.
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User Info: Forceful_Dragon

3 weeks ago#7
Got my IMAX tickets for that thursday night.
~C~ FD

User Info: Bossman_Coolguy

3 weeks ago#8
ggyygygygygygygygy i go
cmon girl, let me rock your world

User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
3 weeks ago#9
There's a rumor that they're still doing reshoots.

This movie is going to be amazing. In some way or the other
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User Info: StealThisSheen

3 weeks ago#10
I'm ready for more Finn and Poe adventures and don't really care about much else
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