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User Info: banshiryuu

3 months ago#41
145th: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Casino Night Zone (2P)
Composer: Masato Nakamura
Score: 57/100 (6.6), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8/14)

Pretty simple and kinda empty feeling as well, but the melody is good so that saves it quite a bit. By far the best utilization of the stereotypical casino sound that has appeared, this song manages to still be pretty fun to listen to.


144th: Sonic CD (JPN/PAL) - Tidal Tempest "G" mix
Composer: Masafumi Ogata
Score: 57/100 (6.6), Sonic CD (JPN/PAL) (27/28)

This song almost feels like the beat for an R&B song or something with the lower-quality drums, and honestly if those arps were lower in volume I could see myself rather enjoying this more with lyrics on top or something. Kinda plain otherwise, the flute stuff seems kinda thrown in there to give it at least something else to work with but it doesn't add much to the song. Overall a pretty chill song.

Also, I should mention that when I listened through and ranked stuff, I used a gamerip of the 2011 version of Sonic CD with the looping music using the unused links from Prototype 712. While I do have thoughts on the utilization of these, I didn't let them influence my placements at all since most people probably don't regularly listen to these versions (I couldn't even find them on YT at all.) Tidal Tempest "G"s links is just the drum loop continued, but for some reason the song fades back into the song when it loops and it sounds kinda nasty. Like I said, didn't influence my placement at all, but it is kinda whack. The YT upload provided just starts up again instead of fading in and it's still jank but it's not bizarre.
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User Info: MycroProcessor

3 months ago#42
Grand Kirby posted...
Yeah, the PC version had different music for certain songs because of licensing issues (probably something to do with the fact that it was re-arranged into MIDI.) Anything song Michael Jackson worked on was replaced.

This isn't actually quite confirmed to be the case, though used to be widely theorized to be the reason for them being replaced. We now know that some stuff that was replaced was definitely /not/ really MJ's work and also now know that some stuff that wasn't replaced is almost definitely MJ's work.

We have much more knowledge on who composed what for this game than 10 years ago but the idea that "these are the specific michael jackson and/or mj sound team ones" is more broken than ever. The only 100% confirmed MJ-as-composer known one is the Credits theme (Michael Jackson + Brad Buxer) which was one of the replaced ones though

Most likely it just came down to not wanting the PC version to have to use songs that heavily focused on using unique sounds from the PCM sample channel (ie vocal samples...which means it coincidentally lined up with MJ's tracks or suspected tracks often of course), which plain unmodified MIDI as a format couldn't conveniently play back. It likely had little to do with MJ's influence or licensing because otherwise the replaced set of tracks would be much different.

User Info: Haste_2

3 months ago#43
Casino Zone is bleh. Tidal Tempest is cool.... 0:19 sounds so ethereal.
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User Info: Cavedweller2000

3 months ago#44
I'm gonna say Chemical Plant Zone from the second game is in the top 10.

That's my guess anyway
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User Info: banshiryuu

3 months ago#45
143rd: Knuckles' Chaotix - Seascape (Marina Madness Zone)
Composer: Junko Shiratsu
Score: 57/100 (6.6), Knuckles' Chaotix (6/8)

A very suave little tune, almost like background music you'd expect to hear while sipping on some fruity drink on a yacht or something. I dunno what kind of madness they thought this song would convey, it's pretty much all chill! The melody is alright but the instrument that plays it is a bit underwhelming; you've got this beefy bass and pretty busy percussion but then this melody is this soft lil' thing, so the balance of the song is kinda off-kilter. Rather nice tune all things considered.


142nd: Sonic CD (JPN/PAL) - Quartz Quadrant "G" mix
Composer: Naofumi Hataya
Score: 57/100 (6.6), Sonic CD (JPN/PAL) (26/28)

Yet another song that'd be perfect for an outing on a boat and--... wait, it's NOT for the water level this time? Well dang. Much like Seascape, cool sound overall but doesn't stick with me much at all. Actually, the strings kinda get on my nerves towards the end of the loop sometimes, but when that happens it's pretty short-lived so it's not that big a deal.

User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
3 months ago#46
You literally put two of my favorite Sonic songs ever in that one post.
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User Info: banshiryuu

3 months ago#47
Ah dang, despite them being "this low" I can definitely see how those two specifically together would appeal to others more than me! Now that we're out of the bottom 30, which were the ones I either disliked or just didn't really care for at all, the 6.6~6.9 range is all stuff that I would say I at least do like! This range covers for 145th all the way to 71st and only eight values for the adjusted points system (57 to 64) so I wouldn't take it as a totally bad thing if favorites begin to drop already.

User Info: foolm0r0n

3 months ago#48
banshiryuu posted...
153rd: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Hill Top Zone

this one sounds like bubsy
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User Info: banshiryuu

3 months ago#49
141st: Sonic CD (USA) - Palmtree Panic "G" mix
Composer: Spencer Nilsen, David Young
Score: 57/100 (6.6), Sonic CD (USA) (19/21)

Man, this almost feels like it should be a past track! That lead is like the epitome of "safari landscape in prehistoric times" but it's instead for... tropical sunshine island... in the future. Waaaay oohhhhh. If I squint hard enough with my ears maybe I can hear the tropics in there. If only I had some sort of "original song" to compare it to...


140th: Sonic CD (USA) - Palmtree Panic
Composer: Spencer Nilsen, David Young
Score: 57/100 (6.6), Sonic CD (USA) (18/21)

Oh okay there it is! Now that we go back into a past a bit (to the now from the future hmmmm) now I understand how this is supposed to sound like tropical sunshine island! We've gone from sounding like Land Before Time background music to Surf's Up background music instead. Somehow despite this however, it has the same general energy as the Good Future mix; the way oh vocals in that one pumped more life into the song than I had really realized, a role similarly filled by the lead in this one. Guitar solo at 1:04 is pretty dang cool. Good song(s), just not suited to my tastes very much.

User Info: banshiryuu

3 months ago#50
139th & 138th: Sonic & Knuckles Collection - IceCap Zone Act 1 and IceCap Zone Act 2
Composer: Jun Senoue, Shigeaki Irie, Masaaki Nishizawa, Goro Takahashi
Score: 57/100 (6.6), Sonic & Knuckles Collection (5/6) & Sonic & Knuckles Collection (4/6)

Two in one here because I... literally can't tell what the difference is! From my analysis it seems like Act 2 is very slightly slower and that's about it. One of the YouTube comments somewhere said there is more percussion/the percussion is louder in Act 2 but it doesn't even seem like that to me... maybe in the General MIDI version? Who knows. Anyway, since I can't tell I'll just lump these together anyway.

Very cool take on an ice theme! Rather than something that sounds like its for a frigid ice-laden landscape, this theme is more suited for skiing down a big ol' hill on a bright, sunny day. Or, at least the backing does, cause the melody is kinda slow and brings it down to pizza-french-fry-ing down a mountain instead. I find myself enjoying the song a lot more when the melody isn't there. But still, it's a cool (haha) song.


137th: Sonic CD (JPN/PAL) - Collision Chaos "P" mix
Composer: Masafumi Ogata
Score: 57/100 (6.6), Sonic CD (JPN/PAL) (25/28)

Funky little tune here. Some really cool samples, especially in the middle section around 0:34. When it goes into just full on chromatic rave hits I actually find it really, really funny and like it for how ridiculous it is, but the rest of the song feels like its holding back somewhat. It wants to use and do all these funny things but it's slower than it needs to be to maximize on that to me.
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