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User Info: WickIebee

3 weeks ago#211
To actually make note of it for Yankees fans that don't know. The rivalry is in the family as just a hatred of overly successful teams since we're Mariners fans (you know, officially only MLB team without a pennant and longest playoff drought in all four major sports). However, there is one reason said hatred had to be quiet for most of my life. I'm actually related to a Yankees legend. Not a retired number legend, but a man who was honored this entire year by the Yankees.

And I mean that I'm related, my dad was cousins with him. He was at my High School graduation party and my mom actually was texting his wife a lot towards the end of last year while he was bedridden.
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WickIebee posted...
As pointed out by Red an hour and a half ago in the Discord chat...

First decade without the yankees in the world series since the 1910s

For a list of that, Yankees pennants:
1920s- 6
1930s- 5
1940s- 5
1950s- 8
1960s- 5
1970s- 2
1980s- 1
1990s- 3
2000s- 4 (last in 2009)
2010s- 0

Also 1900s and 1910s are also 0, but that's self explanatory.

This decade officially the greatest timeline.
What did they win between ‘78 and ‘96?
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User Info: KCF0107

3 weeks ago#213
Wikipedia says one pennant (1981)
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User Info: red13n

3 weeks ago#214
oh hey MLB picked up on my decade stat.

Also a bunch of articles are incorrectly attributing this as a century long streak.

This is incorrect as the streak begins in 1920 and ends in 2009.

The streak was only 90 years.

(I see one article calling it a century, and one article being more specifically wrong calling it 100 years)
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User Info: red13n

3 weeks ago#215
Basically, not only did the Yankees break the streak, they broke the streak with a chance to make it a true 100 year streak.
"First thing that crosses my mind: I didn't get any GameFAQs Karma yesterday." Math Murderer after getting his appendix removed.

User Info: RaidenGarai

3 weeks ago#216
I don’t know what’s worse, having that heartbreak of your team losing when you’ve been there so many times and know what winning is like, or being a lifelong fan of a team like the Brewers, who went to one World Series back in 1982, shortly before you were born.

I’d think it’d be the team that knows success.

On the bright side Yankees fans, with that payroll your window never closes. Ours is over as soon as Yelich leaves. He loves Milwaukee, but I don’t know if he loves it enough to stay for a lot less than he’d make from one of the teams that has a lot more money to spend.
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User Info: neonreaper

3 weeks ago#217
oh no what happen
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User Info: RaidenGarai

3 weeks ago#218
The NL must have been hurting for reliever of the year candidates if Hader is a finalist.
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User Info: SmartMuffin

3 weeks ago#219
Man, so glad I ended up springing for those tickets. Incredible atmosphere last night, never been to a sporting event that was so tense and pressure-filled.

When Osuna gave up that HR everyone was so defeated. I was 100% sure we were losing. And then when Tuve hit that blast, from my angle it just looked so high I was assuming it was just a routine pop-up to center. When it bounced off the sign it like, took me a couple seconds to truly comprehend and believe what I just saw and start celebrating.

The Yankees probably outplayed us overall in this series and maybe deserved to win. But they are also the ONE team in all of sports that I cannot even remotely comprehend feeling sorry for. f*** off, go write Cole a check and hope for better luck next year.
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The Yankees lost this series because they couldn't hit. I mean the Astros' pitchers deserve credit too, specifically Cole. But the offense is supposed to be this team's strength. The Astros lineup wasn't much better, but they did manage to get clutch hits even from the guys who had an awful series at the plate. If they don't figure out how to hit in the postseason next October, they're still not winning, even if they have a rotation of Cole, deGrom, and Scherzer.

That said, they should still go sign Cole.
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