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  3. Oh hey i'm being sued

User Info: Jakyl25

1 month ago#11
And yes, even if you just ran away from all of this and ignored their attempts to get the money from you, all that’s gonna happen us your credit score will be negatively impacted
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User Info: Uglyface2

1 month ago#12
If it helps, debtors prisons haven't been around in a very long time.

User Info: Xiahou Shake

Xiahou Shake
1 month ago#13
Yeah jail time over something like this isn't a thing. The amount is so (relatively, for them) small too that even them serving you is most likely just a matter of procedure for them.
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Can you call them and say you thought you paid it 3 or 4 years ago and never received any notification? Maybe you can compromise on the interest accrued and submit a payment to them and this will just go away.

Check your credit score records, if possible (it's free with Credit Karma), to see if this comes up anywhere. I've never missed a single payment and can use that as evidence if something dumb like this happens...
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 month ago#15
as others have said

1. there is no risk of jail
2. just try calling them and talking to them directly. tell them you never got any notices. it's possible they will accept just the final payment and not any of the fees, because they know they won't get ANY money otherwise.

3. if they are difficult about it, just ignore them. your credit will be negatively impacted but oh well. if you can't pay, you can't pay.
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User Info: pjbasis

1 month ago#16
I have two credit cards with 2000 dollars debt on them. While I am paying minimums for now, Im considering just cutting them loose and just dealing with the bad credit.

Cause that's all that would happen

User Info: RPGlord95

1 month ago#17
1200 seems like a petty amount to sue over
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User Info: Brayze_II

1 month ago#18
you sure it's the credit card company and not a third party they sold the debt to? That happens to old debt sometimes.
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User Info: MysticBrohan

1 month ago#19
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User Info: IfGodCouldDie

1 month ago#20
In all honesty, this is only an issue if plan on buying a house or financing a car within the next 7 years and like people have said contacting the credit card company will likely lead to them working something out with you. If it does go to court they have to prove they have made multiple and consistent attempts to contact you over it and odds are they won't be able to prove they have.
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  3. Oh hey i'm being sued
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