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User Info: MZero11

4 weeks ago#31
Maniac64 posted...
My best friend actually used a symphony recording playing FFX

A+ best friend choice
MZero, to the extreme
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User Info: VeryInsane

4 weeks ago#32
I went with a suit, albeit it was mainly because the wedding was a bit last minute due to some complications of sorts
Warning: I'm literally VeryInsane.

User Info: Ryokles

4 weeks ago#33
neonreaper posted...
Two must-haves for me: open bar and a good DJ/playlist. Probably third is the cake. My ex and I had three tiered cake, each one a different flavor. The photographer was a quirky newbie so it wasn't super expensive and we had all of the usual photos and some fun ones too. That was before everyone had an amazing camera in their pockets.

Oh man the cake is huge. We got this crazy awesome one with four different layers and everyone still tells me how great it was. That and the food! Family style/buffet are super awesome alternatives to a plated dinner that can cost less. We had family style and people loooved it. Oh and don’t forget to eat! I ended up spending too much time greeting guests and barely touched my food. So sad
Dude I've always been crazy. Now I'm just focused - Extha

User Info: Maniac64

4 weeks ago#34
We definitely made sure to eat.

And family style/buffet is definitely my preferred!
"Hope is allowed to be stupid, unwise, and naive." ~Sir Chris

User Info: v_charon

3 weeks ago#35
We've started to check out the catering options. I know she had her heart set on a certain type of theme but I don't think we're going to find a service that offers that specific thing.
Truly smilin'

User Info: Llarian

3 weeks ago#36
Raka_Putra posted...
I don't know if wedding favors/souvenirs are common in the US of A, but as a guest I like those that are useful instead of purely decorative like a mini notebook or comb. But after Googling, something like hot cocoa packet is cute.

Our venue tacked on cookies with a monogram/initial of our family name as part of the dessert bar, which is edible. Best way to go if you can't settle on a useful item, and a lot of American wedding guests just leave favors behind.
Let's not forget we are so strong, so bloody strong

User Info: Llarian

3 weeks ago#37

GenesisSaga posted...
This is our day, we should be able to put whatever we want on the playlist regardless of how "traditional" or "appropriate" it is!

Whiskey_Nick posted...
Like I could have added a pile of video game music but only 8 people of the 100 would have liked it. So don't go to crazy on Disney etc, unless thats the feel of the room I guess.

For dinner/bgm, we created a selection of instrumental music or adaptations from anime and video games [e.g., Smooth McGroove, Walt Ribeiro, HarpTwins]. The result was that most people enjoyed but didn't recognize the music. The table and a half that did were laughing when they recognized the different tracks.
Let's not forget we are so strong, so bloody strong

User Info: Ryokles

3 weeks ago#38
We gave out koozies as our wedding favor. People loved them
Dude I've always been crazy. Now I'm just focused - Extha

User Info: GenesisSaga

2 weeks ago#39
Like beer koozies? That's awesome, Ryokles. I dunno, I might not have wedding favors. Depends on how much budget we have left over after the absolutely essential stuff. Not everyone bothers with favors.
"If you never spread your wings, how can you know whether or not you are truly meant to fly?" - ME!!

User Info: SaveEstelle

2 weeks ago#40
This is so effin' rad, Gen. <3
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