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User Info: PrinceKaro

1 month ago#11
Congrats to Advokaiser on being really good at predicting stuff

User Info: scarletspeed7

1 month ago#12
Tag, expecting ringwraiths to rock the mid-70s.
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User Info: Shonen_Bat

1 month ago#13
Hello again.

User Info: Gatarix

1 month ago#14
You put your RESOLVE HAT back on, which conveniently is the same hat as your NORMAL HAT.

User Info: MetalmindStats

1 month ago#15
Hype! Tag.
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User Info: Johnbobb

1 month ago#16
also tag
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User Info: Snake5555555555

1 month ago#17
99. Cult of Chucky (7 points)
Nominated by: BetrayedTangy (4/5 remaining)

Importance: 1.5
Fear: 4.5
Snake: 1

Oh god, do I hate this movie with a passion! No exaggeration, this is one of my least favorite horror movies of the decade, and I have no clue why this got the praise that it did. It's especially a shame, coming off the heels of my favorite Chucky film, Curse of Chucky, a relatively straight-forward but absolutely satisfying slasher that dumped all the convoluted nonsense of prior films for the most part to craft a small story that showcased Chucky's brutality wonderfully. Cult takes a huge s*** all over that and instead makes things even more confusing and nonsensical than they were when this new series started. I'd say the positives start and end with its setting. I do enjoy the clean, minimalist look of the mental institution quite a bit, adding a stark contrast to the carnage-soaked climax of the film.

On the other hand, we have the most cliched mental institution stereotypes imaginable, on both the doctors and patients sides. Legacy characters don't fare well either. Chucky is fine as usual, but he goes back to that boring, "Chucky isn't real nonsense" that is just such a drag to sit through. Andy suffers horribly though, at one moment prepared and confident to face the new Chucky threat, and the next a bumbling fool with an idiotic plan that leaves him locked up in the institution. Great going there! Next, this is a slasher film with only one memorable death I can think of and it isn't even that great or imaginative from both a genre perspective and in its own series. By the end of the film, there's like a million god damn Chuckys roaming around now and couldn't have one lick of insight into what the hell I had even witnessed with a really rushed ending.

Look, I appreciate the fact that Don Mancini has a vision for his Child's Play series that he continues to expand on after all these years with the same cast and crew keeping things pretty consistent and with little to no studio interference. Most series, especially horror, with this many installments tend to become bottom of the barrel crap everyone tends to ignore. To Cult's credit, people loved the film and it is even getting a follow-up TV series due to start next year. Yet, it's a bit hard for me personally to take this seriously now when this year's remake blew Cult of Chucky absolutely out of the water, and then some! Unfortunately, when it comes to my personal preference, Cult of Chucky would be better left at the bottom of the bargain bin where it belongs.
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User Info: BetrayedTangy

1 month ago#18
Haha was curious to see how this would fare. I definitely think in terms of being a good horror film it fails. But I had a ton of fun watching it. To me it felt like all the actors were having a blast in their roles and I absolutely love how Chucky just trolls them the whole time.

Also nice to see the new Child's Play has the Snake seal of approval, I'll have to check it out since I missed it in theaters
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User Info: Snake5555555555

1 month ago#19
I will definitely concede that fun was sure had! That's why even though I didn't like Cult, I found myself agreeing with the cast/crew that the announced remake was definitely cutting in on their series and their future plans.

Still, the remake definitely proved itself and it is a really creative take on the original rather than being a bland straight-forward remake, like some others I can think such as Poltergeist or Carrie.
I've decided to put my fears behind me. I'm not going back.
https://i.imgtc.ws/2Q88rI4.gif - https://i.gifer.com/E07R.gif
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