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66. The Fiend (15.5 points)
Nominated by: Paulg235 (3/4 remaining)

Importance: 3
Fear: 5.5
Snake: 7

The Fiend is quite possibly the most exciting and unique face in the horror realm of wrestling I've seen yet. The techniques employed by The Fiend turns each match he's involved in into a pop-up horror film, complete with jump scares and musical stinger, an undefeatable aura, unnatural movements, and a signature move that brings most every wrestler down to their knees. The Fiend is simply a terrifying sight to behold in the ring, and I love he incorporates horror tropes into his wrestling. For example, in a recent Hell in a Cell match, The Fiend seemed to be "killed" after being hit with a sledgehammer and buried under a ladder, but even as the match seemed to be over, The Fiend rose again and took out Seth Rollins with his signature move. Now, I know this was a very controversial and much maligned match and I can see why, but I'm just sitting here, from the perspective of a horror fan, and I'm just like, "this is cool". It shows to me how horror has no boundaries and can be pushed in any medium successfully, and in such creative ways.

Off-the-ring, The Fiend alter ego Bray Wyatt hosts a show called Firefly Fun House, a sort of children's show with a twisted angle that's possibly set in the mind of The Fiend. Some episodes include deranged use of a chainsaw and a creepy talking puppet. In another controversial move, Seth Rollins just destroyed the fun house in a way that undermined a lot of the creepy momentum Wyatt was building up. It's a little sad to me to see the wind being taken out of the sails of The Fiend for many wrestling fans, but I still love what I've seen and there's huge potential for The Fiend to make an unforgettable mark on WWE history as the premier way to do horror in wrestling.
I've decided to put my fears behind me. I'm not going back.
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