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68. Jigoku Sensei Nube (manga) (15.5 points)
Nominated by: Raka_Putra (2/5 remaining)

Importance: 4.5
Fear: 6
Snake: 5

Jigoku Sensei Nube is a decent manga that's filled with glorious moments of body horror in between dull characters and romantic moments. See, Jigoku is mostly a comedy manga before it's a horror one, and while some of the character designs are horrific, they lost a little impact for me when wedged between the goofy antics of the classroom and beyond. The manga is mostly made of short vignettes with longer arcs down the line, and I do enjoy this format. There are definite points where the manga works, for sure, and I can absolutely see some of the more gruesome moments shaking people to the core. One of my favorite volumes was Mystery of the Cannibalistic Mona Lisa, which shows the absolutely terrifying Mona Lisa painting coming to life in a way that feels very Junji Ito inspired. It just always wasn't my cup of tea, with some goofy panels taking me out of the story sometimes. Some arcs towards the end also tend to be more action anime inspired rather than horror.

In addition to the manga, there was an anime produced, three films, three OVAs, and even some video games. Though a decently sized franchise, surprisingly Jigoku Sensei Nube has never recieved any official releases in the west, with the exception of an appearance in the video game, J-Stars Victory VS.
I've decided to put my fears behind me. I'm not going back.
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