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Hiyoko had one really good put down in Chapter 2 when she called Peko a "toilet clogging b****."

Other than that, she was pretty insufferable, but she's good decent FTEs though.
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User Info: The Popo

The Popo
1 month ago#42
And here I’ve just been wondering if a new post would ever be made. Didn’t realize there was a new topic. All caught up!

Wasn’t gonna post it just yet until TC got to a point in the game where I’d be confident the song had played yet, but going back to how we were every now and then discussing music in the last topic, this is one of my favorite songs in the series:

Live action Hungry Hungry Hippos though, now that was a sport. ~Aeon Azuran

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

1 month ago#43
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a locked room mystery. It's that time again.

They actually made voice acting for Chiaki chewing a random green goo then spitting it. lol

Something tells me Ibuki helped with the Hiyoko kill. With the blood on her shoes and on the stepladder (which is definitely not a ladder!).

Nagito is really useful when he's not being a freak. He is smart. If he didn't have that crazy inferiority complex, he could be Makoto.

Never underestimate a hamster whose name is Jum-P. The little thing can jump.

Chiaki found a glitch in the game. If two people kill another two people, then the trial is unwinnable, unless they also hold two votings. Monokuma just handwaves it and says "okay then, there is only one killer". Unless one of the victims is also a killer, ofc.

No autopsy, and there is a perfect excuse for it. If there is a case where Mikan kills someone, this one has to be it.

It seems the entire case relies on unveiling the fact Ibuki was killed before Hiyoko, and cracking any alibies based on that. I'll keep watch for anyone who tries to say they have one. The killer is among them.

Fuyu makes me rest easy knowing I will not be dismembered and encased on concrete. Thanks, Fuyu!

Sonia accidentally made Hiyoko go to the music venue. And I bet that's when she caught the killer right in the middle of setting up the Ibuki kill. So she had to be silenced.

Aaaand the suicide video seems to be a fake. Lights went out right before Ibuki could be seen dieing. More fuel on the fake alibi theory.

I'm seeing all the puzzle pieces on the board, but I still can't see what picture they form if they connect. Specifically, whodunnit. The Mikan thing is just based on meta, tbh.

And a hospital gown is missing. Yup, fake video.

"... aaw, bummer. Troll fail". Chiaki is the best girl.

Monokuma just gave me a ticket with a date stamped on it. Besides "proving" I'm a tsundere, he just gave me the best alibi in the game. Which makes me wonder why the killer had to imitate the film, knowing some people might not have seen it which would create a bunch of alibis.

You know, this was a good film. Especially the part about dead Monomis.

I got a thing to confess. The other day I was looking for images of Gundham or something like that, and the "google questions" on the top of the page said "who killed nekomaru?" (I know, I know, you guys told me not to Google, but I have low self control. Based on my usual self I think I'm doing a fabulous job at avoiding spoilers here)

Anyway, I've been expecting Nekomaru's death for quite a while. But instead the game is making a huge curve ball out of it. Monokuma refuses to say if he's dead or alive.

I think he is this game's Mukuro. His cadaver is gonna show up at some point so we'll have to guess who controlled Monokuma to kill him in order to take down the mastermind.

Trial next.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: swirIdude

1 month ago#44
Why do you insist on ruining entire cases for yourself?
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Yeah, don't Google or search anything related to Danganronpa until you're done with the series. We can do that for you if you want an image or sprite or anything.
Agent Triple Zero at your service!
This line reserved for the true greatone, Advokaiser, the 2018 Guru Contest winner.

User Info: hombad46

1 month ago#46
swirIdude posted...
Why do you insist on ruining entire cases for yourself?
"That's Engarde hairflip metal detector tier btw"

User Info: profDEADPOOL

1 month ago#47
>trashy black metal.

Ibuki's music is wonderful, wtf is wrong with you.
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User Info: Raka_Putra

1 month ago#48
:( who killed Nekomaru?
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User Info: Hbthebattle

1 month ago#49
We told you not to google, man

User Info: ZeldaTPLink

1 month ago#50
Yeah I think next time this happens I will just not announce it here.
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