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User Info: Strife2

4 weeks ago#11
Holy balls. Spurgeon signed 7x53 (7.57; higher than Parise/Suter).

Where did the Wild hide that money?
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User Info: LadyVyxx

4 weeks ago#12
Well at least we are set for another year of hope and a crushing round 1 playoff exit as is tradition

I cant even be mad we won the NBA chip just a few short months ago I'm still riding high from that
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Not Dave

Not Dave
4 weeks ago#13

User Info: rammtay

4 weeks ago#14
So when is Mcdavid going to request a trade?


User Info: ertyu0078

4 weeks ago#15
The devils finished in last place last year I dought they can do any better

User Info: rammtay

4 weeks ago#16
I think the Devils will make the playoffs this year. probably 8th..

User Info: davidponte

3 weeks ago#17
All the RFAs waited for Marner to sign his contract to set the market, and then all sign reasonable deals after Marner gets overpaid.

What was the point of all that?
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User Info: MartinFF7

3 weeks ago#18
I mean, Patrik Laine still hasn't signed from what I understand...

The Sens locked down Chabot at least, 8 years / $64 million. So that's nice. I wonder if it has a no move clause though...

User Info: 3DSRage

3 weeks ago#19
8x8 for chabot is huge for cheap-ass sens. Could be the start of a pivotal year for sens

User Info: davidponte

3 weeks ago#20
Got tickets to Blues @ Leafs on October 7th for what is a very reasonable $180 a ticket.

It'll be my first game since Matthews' rookie season, should be a good time.
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