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User Info: davidponte

4 weeks ago#1
Mitch Marner is a Toronto Maple Leaf.

6 year deal, still waiting on the money. If its over 10.5 I riot.

Over/under 3.5 days for every other RFA to sign now?
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User Info: NBIceman

4 weeks ago#2
it's gonna be over 10.5
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User Info: davidponte

4 weeks ago#3
10.8 mil AAV.

I both hate and love to see it
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User Info: MartinFF7

4 weeks ago#4
Jesus has it been 3 months already... still riding high on Blues win / Marchand tears.

Hmmm.... funny how he turned down 11 aav + more on performance bonuses on a 7 year deal, just so he could get one fewer year. But I guess that 7th year will be like 15 mill+ the way things are going so can't blame him.

Now I'm afraid to see how far over the cap the Leafs are.

User Info: davidponte

4 weeks ago#5
The Leafs are fine for now. This year they're good. The top 9 is set for multiple years.

Next year they'll have to let one of Muzzin/Barrie go and give their combined money to one of them. By then their top D prospects will be ready, if they aren't already. Sandin/Liljegren might make the team out of camp.

They are absolutely f***ed 3+ years from now though when guys like Rielly and Dermott need new contracts.
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User Info: MartinFF7

4 weeks ago#6
Yeah but ideally the cap will have gone up high single-digits by then? maybe even 10 mill?

Really it's more like "hey win the cup in the next 3 seasons"

I'm going to Vegas next month and now I'm wondering if I should tempt fate with a "Leafs win cup" bet. I still don't believe in their goaltending though, but damn this team's even better than it was last year???

User Info: Shadow Dino

Shadow Dino
4 weeks ago#7
We'll see a cap bump once Seattle expands into the league.
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User Info: TheKnightOfNee

4 weeks ago#8
tag for hockey
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User Info: ertyu0078

4 weeks ago#9
Gees the devils were terrible last year

User Info: 3DSRage

4 weeks ago#10
Betting on Devils is a good idea this year or next! Was really hoping to see Marner go elsewhere somehow...I hate Toronto, but Marner is one of my faves!
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