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Missed opportunity for him to be called Stanley Stanley

User Info: MegamanX

3 weeks ago#72
Week 12
So the Ravens are well bad. Tom Bombadil is the only offense this team has, though apologies I busted his knee up a bit.

But thats ok cause, the Ravens sacked Wentz and ended his season. 36 weeks meaning he'll be ready for training camp next year. #Fragile

Carson Wentz ends his season with 2400 yards, 25TDs, 12INTs, and 140 rushing yards for 1TD

By far his worst career year since his rookie year

Eagles QB Carson Wentz out for the year
Bucs WR Deric Duncan will miss 2 games (This guys a 96 ovr in his third year??? wtf???)


Current Standings

#1 Chargers 9-2
#2 Bengals 7-4
#3 Jaguars 7-4
#4 Bills 6-5
#5 Colts 7-4
#6 Texans 6-5
Titans 6-5
Jets 6-5
Chiefs 6-5
Browns 5-5-1
Steelers 5-5-1
Broncos 5-6
*Danger Zone*
Dolphins 4-7
Raiders 3-8
Ravens 2-9
Patriots 2-9

3 Teams are now out. The East is falling apart and the Souths on the rise

#1 Seahawks 9-1-1
#2 Giants 9-2
#3 Lions 6-5
#4 Panthers 6-5
#5 Eagles 8-3
#6 Cardinals 7-4
Rams 6-4-1
Vikings 5-5-1
Redskins 5-5-1
49ers 4-6-1
*Danger Zone*
Bucs 4-7
Falcons 4-7
Saints 4-7
Packers 3-7-1
Cowboys 3-8
Bears 3-8

NFC seems kinda set except my Eagles future is really up in the air here.
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User Info: MZero11

3 weeks ago#73
Can I demand a trade?
MZero, to the extreme
Listen to Advokaiser's bracket, this may be our last chance

User Info: MegamanX

3 weeks ago#74
MZero11 posted...
Can I demand a trade?

You are likely there for life
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User Info: Lolo_Guru

3 weeks ago#75
MegamanX posted...
LOLO Guru now leads NFC in sacks

Helping the rams stay afloat, one sack at a time. ;)

User Info: MegamanX

3 weeks ago#76
Week 13
No surprise here, played the seahawks and with a backup QB we got crushed.

Bengals CB William Jackson 6 Weeks
Saints HB Alvin Kamara 4 weeks
Vikings SS Xevabis Beavis with a foot fracture (Can come back for Conf Championship only)

NFC Off Player of the Week Packers QB @StealThisSheen 22/32 for 224 Yards, 4TD

Current Standings

#1 Chargers 9-3
#2 Jaguars 8-4
#3 Bengals 7-5
#4 Bills 7-5
#5 Texans 7-5
#6 Colts 7-5
Titans 7-5
Browns 6-5-1
Steelers 6-5-1
Jets 6-6
Chiefs 6-6
*Danger Zone*
Dolphins 5-7
Broncos 5-7
Raiders 4-8
Ravens 3-9
Patriots 2-10

There are 7 teams up there really in it but no one can seal the deal.

#1 Seahawks 10-1-1
#2 Giants 9-3
#3 Lions 7-5
#4 Panthers 6-6
#5 Eagles 8-4
#6 Cardinals 8-4
Rams 6-5-1
*Danger Zone*
49ers 5-6-1
Vikings 5-6-1
Redskins 5-6-1
Bucs 5-7
Packers 4-7-1
Cowboys 4-8
Falcons 4-8
Saints 4-8
Bears 3-9

NFC is a bit more clear cut. We have a group of bubble teams that are a loss from falling out of it.
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User Info: StealThisSheen

3 weeks ago#77
The SEProcess hanging on another week!
Seplito Nash, Smelling Like the Vault since 1996
Step FOUR! Get Paid!

User Info: MegamanX

3 weeks ago#78
I ran the next week this morning

We lost a b8 player for the season *suspense*
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User Info: KCF0107

3 weeks ago#79
KCF0107 posted...
#1 overall pick to potentially the playoffs.

I jinxed it
KCF can't actually be a real person but he is - greengravy

User Info: MegamanX

3 weeks ago#80
OK maybe I fever dreamed it. Bengals K Benji broke his leg...but now the injury isnt there? I dont understand madden somedays

Week 14
I'm gonna tell you about the Washington Redskins. A team needing to win to stay alive for the playoffs who could pick on me, a team wounded and falling. Instead they ran the ball 40 times across 3 different running backs for a total of 90 yards combined.

Yes 2.2 yards a carry, what was this team doing? I have 0 clue, also they targeted MIKE MANIAC one time for a single reception of 8 yards. They only threw 5 times.

Falcons QB Jim Bowman out for the year
Falcons Backup QB Wes Cutler also out for the year

All the fake people love that my HB Tyler Reid had an 80 yard TD
Falcons somehow destroyed the Chiefs using their 3rd string QB
Sir Chris outduels Jukkie in heated matchup

Current Standings

#1 Chargers 10-3 (AFC West Champ)
#2 Bengals 8-5
#3 Jaguars 8-5
#4 Bills 7-6
#5 Titans 8-5
#6 Texans 7-6
Colts 7-6
Jets 7-6
Browns 6-6-1
Steelers 6-6-1
*Danger Zone*
Broncos 6-7
Chiefs 6-7
Dolphins 5-8
Raiders 5-8
Patriots 3-10
Ravens 3-10

This is the Chargers 4th straight AFC West win
Bengals win this week they lock up playoffs
A Bengals win and appropiate losses should eliminate the Browns/Steelers

#1 Seahawks 11-1-1 (Playoff Locked)
#2 Giants 10-3 (Playoff Locked)
#3 Lions 8-5
#4 Panthers 6-7
#5 Eagles 9-4
#6 Cardinals 9-4
*Danger Zone*
Rams 6-6-1
Vikings 6-6-1
Bucs 6-7
49ers 5-7-1
Redskins 5-7-1
Falcons 5-8
Packers 4-8-1
Cowboys 4-9
Saints 4-9
Bears 4-9

This is the Giants 4th straight playoff appearance
This will be playoff appearance #5 for Seattle
The NFC Playoff picture is pretty much locked minus the NFC South
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