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User Info: Leafeon13N

1 month ago#41
Reiterating I'm excited for more stories.

User Info: HaRRicH

1 month ago#42
So hey, what's better than winning one snake?

Hint: what's the subtitle to that Metal Gear Solid 1 remake?



And in case you don't think I'm having enough fun yet:

O P E R A T I O N O U S T : Nominate SHEIK!

User Info: HaRRicH

1 month ago#43
I went alone today (probably will the rest of these nights too, who knows). Some missions are best done by one man.

The fair was packed yesterday, but Friday and especially today were less populated. I almost directly walked to the front of the line today.

I remembered some of the fun stuff aside from my game while waiting on Stamps and Robert yesterday, so I decided to scout and make sure I knew where a few things are...more information on them as I need them later.

After that, you know where I walked. This game is unfortunately on the far end of the fair and I park further away than their paid parking, so it's a lot of stepping on my end. It's okay though -- I'll work these crowds and I could use the exercise anyway.

I found the game and the crowd was maybe six people there. This was the first time I saw only one of the Bottle Up-pros working by themselves -- this time it was the woman, think her name's Duwana.

Duwana doesn't notice me until some other person wins. This guy spent like thirty dollars to win a prize -- been there bruh, but at least you won. He got a giant blue snake for his son and they both seemed happy once Duwana got "the winner's ladder" back out. I congratulate him and how how long it took him to win -- he said it's taken longer in past years and he's won a prize like this for his son every year the past few years. That's pretty sweet, right? I wish I could temporarily loan him these skills, but he's got love so he'll be fine.

Anyway, the game-runner catches me right behind her after this. She freezes to size me up and go "'Sup?" We are not equally happy about me being here in this moment.

I watch some other people play awhile, then I offer $5 to throw down on here. Duwana gauges the crowd, then looks back and says for me to come back when there's a bigger crowd.

I now believe I am "in" with them. I tell her I'll be back in twenty minutes, then started telling all my friends about this situation where I thought I could have bern banned. I'm laughing about this between games of Toss the Ball in the Bucket -- lost ten bucks there, crap, but whatever. It's fine because I think I'm "in" on Bottle Up now.

I really thought things were fine now, but a new insecurity was looming ahead.
O P E R A T I O N O U S T : Nominate SHEIK!

User Info: MZero11

1 month ago#44
The cliffhanger
MZero, to the extreme
Listen to Advokaiser's bracket, this may be our last chance

User Info: MikeTavish

1 month ago#45
Formerly ff6man.
Advokaiser won the guru! Congrats!
If HaRRicH was murdered I'm starting my investigation with Duwana...
~C~ FD

User Info: ChaosTonyV4

1 month ago#47
Harrich got some carnie strange
Phantom Dust.
"I'll just wait for time to prove me right again." - Vlado

User Info: HaRRicH

1 month ago#48
Twenty-five minutes pass and I return to Bottle Up. There's maybe nine people now...? Should have counted better, but it seemed a little more crowded.

Duwana sees me and immediately calls me up to play. I pay five bucks for two tries and I step up.

Suddenly though, I am approached behind me and just to my right enough for me to see someone is standing uncomfortably close. I turn to see who it is -- it's the other game-runner.

I didn't know he was here so this was a little surprising, and then this was also the first time I've not seen him being excited or personable to be there. He could have just come off of a lunch break, sure, and that's probably what happened to some degree...but like, I tried talking with him a few times to no response.

"Hey, what's going on man?"


"Ya'll getting many players tonight?"


This is pretty different from when he was telling me his life story Friday, or when he was offering free tries after finessing the game with some friends Saturday. Nope -- this time, the guy is just RBF'ing me over my shoulder.out of nowhere. I've been joking that the fair would kick me out eventually or even take me out back for some carnival-based scare-tactics like holding me up with a watergun, but this was a moment where I thought I was about to be told I've stood my last bottle.

With this pressure on me, I messed up the first two times -- welp, time to pay another five dollars. Duwana's busy, so I just tell the guy mean-mugging me I have a ten and ask if I should pay him or her. He nods. Well f***, dude, that doesn't answer my question but okay.

I got it on my third time -- really gotta stop missing it these first two tries and save myself some money. Duwana goes WINNER WINNER WINNER and nobody applauds. Our nearby players have the same enthusiasm these game-runners now have for me. I gave Duwana my ten and ask for the pink snake. She gets "the winner's ladder" back out and brings it down. As she comes back down and gives it to me, I decide to share a thing with her.

"Hey, can I tell you something?"


"I know I probably look like a jerk, but I'm giving these to kids and non-profits."

"I recognized you. You're fine."

And it was that point I wasn't sure if she understood me -- maybe, but I dunno. "I recognized you" makes me think she thought I was trying to disguise myself each night, but "You're fine" makes it sound like she's cool with me returning each night. I'll try not to overthink it, though now it's interesting to see there might be a division in how the two game-runners feel about my daily return. The guy who runs the game then got on his headset and started hosting the game. He sounded excited as he usually did at this point going forward..

I got to the other side of the fair and realized I didn't get change for my ten that I gave Duwana earlier. Eff it -- I got too wrapped up in winning and walked away, I'll take responsibility there. I'm not about to hassle for $5 back now that I walked away and am crushing them on their own game each night, but if they offer me free tries again in the future I may take them up on it and let that even itself out.
O P E R A T I O N O U S T : Nominate SHEIK!
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: HaRRicH

1 month ago#49
I got to thinking that if I'm going to give all these prizes away anyway, I need a way to memorialize the type of run I'm trying to make happen. I'm taking pictures, certainly, but I need something a little more fair-related than that. One of the places I scouted earlier was the caricature-booth, and I figure there's not a better way to record the moment of victory.

I go up to the booth and wait my turn to be drawn. It's easy to feel silly standing in line for fifteen minutes for a caricature with a stuffed animal, but I make this feel better somehow by saying to myself "I know the solution to this feeling! I'll tell the artist to add the other snake I won to the picture! That'll make this much better!"

I eventually get a seat and tell the artist about the two snakes I want. I'm afraid he's going to charge me extra -- pictures with one person are $12 and $6 more for each additional person in the picture, and they charge for actual live animals too -- but the dude was cool and said these snakes wouldn't count as extra. Nice.

He asked me to look like eight inches to his right and make whatever look I wanted, so I smiled until my cheeks hurt. They advertise this as being a five-minute ordeal, but this was more like fifteen minutes -- probably because of the snakes.

I got to talking with my artist -- Don here had an interesting story. He studied to be a graphic designer in Florida and loved the work itself, but he hated the type of work environments around him. He eventually quit to be a barista, then after taking that job a co-worker encouraged him to take a job doing caricatures for people. He did that a few years and now has his own business doing it here when he's not traveling across states for other fairs. He says he makes decent money doing that. I didn't ask for numbers, but this is the second time a person working at the fair spoke highly about their income with me...and, I mean, I know lots of money flows through fairs, but it was never very clear to me the people working the booths and rides received much of that money.

Don also does theatre in town! I knew the two theatres he's worked with but I never saw him perform, so we talk about that and some of the acting classes he's taking. This ended up being a networking opportunity for me and now I may have a place for him in some future shows I produce. Cool!
O P E R A T I O N O U S T : Nominate SHEIK!
Honestly they probably don't mind you winning if there's a crowd, especially if you win easily because it makes it look easier to other fair goers and may encourage them to try more than they would have done otherwise

If it were me running that game, I'd be trying to get you to win to show others how 'easy' it is to win.
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