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User Info: LeonhartFour

1 month ago#31
I made Felix a Mortal Savant and he still wrecked faces, but I missed his high evasion from being an Assassin before that.

pun intended

User Info: TheRock1525

1 month ago#32
Crest origins:

In truth, Crests are derived from the blood of the Nabateans. After plundering the Holy Tomb, slaying Sothis in her sleep and turning her bones and heart—the Crest Stone—into the Sword of the Creator, Nemesis and the Ten Elites slaughtered the Nabateans in Zanado.

As a reward for their efforts, the Ten Elites were given Heroes Relics crafted from the bones and hearts of the slain Nabateans, and gained their Crests from their blood. The exception was Wilhelm I, who betrayed Nemesis for Seiros and was given her Crest after she shared her blood with him. The Crests of the Four Saints are implied to have passed down the same way.

After Seiros slays Nemesis and her forces suppress the Ten Elites, she rewrites the history of Fódlan, and the origin of Crests, into the story commonly propagated today.
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User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
1 month ago#33
It's just weird that she would continue to propagate that system. I feel like Golden Deer paints in a bit more positive light than what the truth would.
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User Info: profDEADPOOL

1 month ago#34
This game is so good
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User Info: SythaWarrior

1 month ago#35
this is definitely conjecture but Have you noticed the Geography of which characters have what Crests? The Empire is pretty much loaded with 4 Saint Crests. Indech, Cichol, Cethleann, Mariul. Meanwhile the Alliance and Kingdom have 10 Elite crests. There is a support with one of the Blue Lions (Pretty sure it's Sylvain.) where he says having a Crest is important to defend the land from monsters. It keeps it liveable. Maybe Serios sent the 10 elites and their bloodlines there to expand the reach of Fodlan. Because it likely wasn't as liveable as the southern region which is stated to have good granaries and is easily defensible from invasion. The Northeast part of Fodlan has monsters and Almyrian attacks. So they sent a lot of the 10(11) elites there. Rewriting the history of it to cover it up doesn't seem too farfetched.

That's just my theory on it.

User Info: Panthera

1 month ago#36
I would say it's as simple as Seiros not wanting to kill off the descendants of the Elites simply because their parents were monsters, so she rewrote history to cover up the dark aspects and help entrench the new ideology of her Church that the goddess was responsible for basically everything ever
I feel like Claude is in no way a hero. Just read his A support with Byleth and he's a foreigner who wants open borders? FOH here with that trash.
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User Info: Shadow Dino

Shadow Dino
1 month ago#38
Annnnd Golden Deer finished!

Last cutscene was pretty cool. Sure, Nemesis and the 10 Elites are a random-ass finale, but I accept this deployment of cool. And EPIC OPERA MUSIC.

Got Claude/Ingrid's paired ending. Was amusing. Also S-Support with Hilda, because why not.

Think that'll be it for me playing Fire Emblem until DLC comes along. Kinda don't feel like burning myself out in the other two routes.
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(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: LapisLazuli

1 month ago#39
That DLC is way too far away.

And TMS won't be out until it's over!

User Info: Dedue

1 month ago#40
I had to Dedue it to 'em.
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