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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 month ago#1
in the kingdom of something or other, some agents of the empire travel to a remote mining town. two of them are actors from the star wars movie. there is also a green haired girl who is wearing a slave hat. this hat lets you know that she is a good guy and only doing bad things against her will.

we spend some time murdering dogs, humans, and a giant snail.

oh, the reason we are here is to look for an esper. hey we found it.

oh, the guy got disintegrated.

oh, the other guy got disintegrated.

green haired girl wakes up, and her name is terra. hey, I know her from the critically acclaimed Save My Final Fantasy Character series. old man removes her slave collar and sets her free. well, he wants her to run away through the mines, which are infested with monsters and bandits. and I guess if she survives she'll be free.

the alternative is stay here and get killed by the angry guards. seems like a fair deal.

I like the music in this game so far.

I've actually played through to the end of the mines before, but nothing past that. also I don't even remember any specific details about what has happened so far. I didn't even remember old man existed, I sort of just vaguely remembered that terra ended up going through the mines on her own.

gonna play some more after dinner.
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User Info: Arti

1 month ago#2
best FF

User Info: SeabassDebeste

1 month ago#3
MariaTaylor posted...
I like the music in this game so far.

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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 month ago#4
terra spends a little bit of time walking through the mines before she is surrounded and falls into a hole. there are a lot of memories that we see in her unconscious state. basically she helped the empire burn a bunch of stuff and kill people.

a guy named locke is apparently friends with old man, and he decides to jump into a hole to save terra.

then some moogle come out to help us play a battle minigame. I definitely remember this part, but this is really the last thing I remember, so yeah. this is about the extent of my final fantasy 6 knowledge. everything after here will be a "blind" playthrough, minus any information I might have absorbed passively by existing on the internet where people discuss video games.

as soon as we leave the cave I realize we're in the same town we were trying to escape from. I spend a little bit of time in the adventuring school.

I was just thinking, you know, it's kind of dumb that we were trying to escape from this town and now we can just walk around here freely. moments later, as I'm trying to actually enter town, some guards show up and chase locke and terra away. well, fair enough.

now we head south to a place called figaro. and grind EXP by fighting some cabbage along the way. using some information I picked up from the adventuring school, I have Terra target all enemies with Fire. this proves to be incredibly effective and I can kill everything on turn 1 consistently.

we end up in a desert and my "bomb everything with fire" strategy helps avoid being overwhelmed by some scorpions. they are more dangerous than the forest enemies but barely give more EXP. with that in mind it might be better to grind in a safer area.

I found the next town but, rather than entering, decided to save on the world map. yet another epic trick I learned from the adventuring school...
Reality seems very harsh

User Info: JonThePenguin

1 month ago#5

User Info: Raka_Putra

1 month ago#6
Into the woods, but mind the past...
Into the woods, but mind the future!

User Info: Maniac64

1 month ago#7
"Hope is allowed to be stupid, unwise, and naive." ~Sir Chris

User Info: Nrrr

1 month ago#8
maria's trick
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User Info: The Popo

The Popo
1 month ago#9
What are you playing it on?
Live action Hungry Hungry Hippos though, now that was a sport. ~Aeon Azuran

User Info: Drakeryn

1 month ago#10
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