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User Info: Shadow Dino

Shadow Dino
4 weeks ago#21
Welp, here comes the s***show.

The upshot for the MCU is that we're probably some time away from a big Avengers esque team up movie, so there's still an opportunity for Sony and Disney to return to the negotiating table.
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User Info: HashtagSEP

4 weeks ago#22
Mac Arrowny posted...
Kinda sad how people are actually on Disney's side here when Sony just wanted to keep the same deal as the first two movies.

Yeah but that's a horrible deal for Disney after what the MCU has done for the Spiderman franchise.

Like, Disney's probably asking for too much, but just going with the same deal as before would be stupid.
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User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
4 weeks ago#23
It's a bit hard to feel sorry for Sony since they bring absolutely nothing else to the table besides owning the movie rights, which is only because 90s Marvel was run by incompetent monkeys.
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User Info: Grimlyn

4 weeks ago#24
who'd ready for Spidey in the Venonverse
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User Info: XIII_rocks

4 weeks ago#25
Spiderverse did big things for Spiderman too though

I do agree there's a good chance they come back to this and hash it out.
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User Info: SwiftyDC

4 weeks ago#26
At this point it feels like Sony is holding Spider-Man hostage and asking for a ransom.

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User Info: Jakyl25

4 weeks ago#27
It would be hilarious if Feige came out and said no, now that kid in Iron Man 2 was NOT Peter Parker
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User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
4 weeks ago#28
Eh, the other thing Marvel gets is to use Spidey in their own movies. I don't think Sony got a cut of CW or IW or anything.
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User Info: iiicon

4 weeks ago#29
Grimlyn posted...
which is completely ludicrous

I don't think it is. They had no reason to renegotiate. This deal was going to expire eventually, might as well have it expire on Sony's terms to they can set up other movies from 3 & 4.
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User Info: HashtagSEP

4 weeks ago#30
XIII_rocks posted...
Spiderverse did big things for Spiderman too though

To be fair, how much it moves the needle for the live action movies is questionable. It only made like, a third of what FFH did, so the live action movies definitely bring in much more money.
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